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9 Best Music Marketing Companies

January 16, 2023 in Marketing

Do you want any musical facts? An average person listens for 2 hours and 38 minutes daily, or around 19 hours weekly. Amazing, huh? People value music so highly in their lives. For this reason, you need audio and music to market or advertise any brand, and you can use music marketing for advertising your business or for helping an artist promote their song. The top music marketing companies that will help artists build their music brands are listed in this article.

music marketing

Here are some top options for musicians seeking to publicize their music.

Before diving into the article, let’s define: what is music marketing.

No matter who you are, whether a novice or a seasoned artist, you should be knowledgeable about music marketing. Music marketing uses many strategies, such as advertising the music through social media platforms or music streaming sites like Spotify, to bring in more listeners or fans if the artist is well-known.

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Best Music Marketing Companies

Here is the list of the best music marketing companies:

Indie Music Academy

Price: $297 – 10,000 (guaranteed streams)

The Indie Music Academy is a beautiful place to start if you’re new to the music business and want to have your music recognized. Instead of squandering time and money looking for managers, you may invest your money in them to achieve outstanding results because they help different artists’ songs reach a more extensive fan base. They lay the cornerstone for a profession in music that you can pursue full-time.

indie music academy

 They’ll provide you with several methods to assist you in launching your music career, such as using Spotify or TikTok music promotion to reach more fans.

Omari MC

A trustworthy company that can handle and market your music is Omari MC. Many artists have benefited from Omari Music Agency’s potential to market their music through various advertising campaigns, which has helped them increase their fan base. 


They have consistently rated among the top groups in Google’s top results for “greatest music promo.” Over 18,557 artists have trusted them. They advertise their artists’ music through various social media platforms, including Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Independent Music Promotion

An independent music promotion agency is your best option if you are an independent artist trying to decide which music marketing campaign firm is appropriate for you. They provide independent artists with full-service music, helping them to attract labels’ interest, get licensing, and attract new listeners. That also involves obtaining it from the media.

You Grow 

A trustable environment where a creative person can connect with passionate artists. They offer exceptional services for the development of artists’ careers. They advertise the music of different artists on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok.

you grow

Additionally, they offer Spotify marketing services that will get your songs added to the most popular playlists.

Playlist Promotion

If you want someone to promote the music genre-wise, or more specifically if you want a firm like the one that specializes in custom Spotify playlists, playlist promotion marketing is on your side. Playlist Promotion promotes a playlist of almost 3,000 songs, all of which are from different genres. They deliver quality promotions for the expansion of the music business, and they also provide radio and YouTube promotions.

Cyber PR

Plan: 4-week campaign; $1,600

cyber pr

As a strategic business, Cyper PR is dedicated to the growth of artists. They mentor the artist and offer support with social media, offering advice on how to launch an art business, for example. They also offer many free seminars and musical resources to assist musicians in learning the fundamentals. Cyper PR is the best option if you are an aspiring musician.

Shorefire Media

Shorefire Media is a PR firm representing musicians, talent, business, culture, and many other things. They aim to develop your music career by making your music heard by everyone, and they provide effective campaigns to make the most substantial impact on the audience.

shorefire media


They also represented the winners of the prestigious Emmys, Grammys, and Tony Awards. 

Two Story Media 

The main goal of two-story Media is to connect with people who are aware of your artistic talent. They provide long-term marketing techniques to assist you in creating a relevant community and increasing the accessibility of your music to a larger audience. And support each artist’s pursuit of unique outcomes. They advertise via a variety of platforms, including Spotify streams and TikTok.

Behind the Curtains Media 

They offer their artists complete assistance to publicize and promote the song. They collaborate with musicians and encourage them to put out more music. Furthermore, they have a recording facility where they record songs, albums, advertisements, and TV shows.

behind the curtain media

They collaborate with various levels of artists, whether they are emerging or seasoned. And advance your musical career. They stay current on industry trends to assist music releases with their marketing strategy and promotion.

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What is the best music promotion service?

Indie Music Academy is one of the best music promotion services. You may invest your money in them to achieve outstanding results because they help different artists' songs reach a more extensive fan base. They lay the cornerstone for a profession in music that you can pursue full-time.

How should you promote your music?

There are several ways to market your music using a variety of social media platforms. You can also look for help from top-tier music marketing businesses, which will increase the visibility of your music and advance your career.

Is hiring a music marketer worth it?

Managing your music promotion can be challenging and expensive when you work as an independent artist. They will assist you in identifying your goals and developing a fanbase for yourself via music marketing companies so that the general public notices you.

Where can I post my music to get noticed?

Leverage all available digital channels and promote your music on sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. You can also use hashtags related to the music. Share or post your music on various streaming services, including Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.


Those mentioned above are some of the best music marketing companies you can work with to advance your musical career. You can select the best option based on your needs and preferences. Many musicians rely on this type of music marketing to promote their songs. You need marketing in the music industry to draw in the present audience because marketing has seen several alterations and evolutions.

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