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Ahrefs Review 2023 – Tools For SEO Ninjas & Marketers

March 16, 2023 in Tools

One of the top SEO tools available is Ahrefs. Accessing an extensive database of backlinks, keywords, and other SEO-related information will assist you in discovering, analyzing, and maintaining your rankings. Any campaign or strategy for digital marketing must include Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is a SaaS-based SEO package that enables you to check the domain ranking, keyword ranking, backlink profile, site structure, and more for any website (including those of your competitors).

Ahrefs Review

Ahrefs has recently included all the elements a contemporary digital marketer needs to carry out different SEO actions.


What is Ahrefs & Why You Should be Using it?

  • Keyword analysis (We’ll get into more detail shortly)
  • Identify search volume from any website
  • Tool for backlink profiling
  • Link internal audit
  • Site SEO analysis (cloud-based)
  • The device for rejecting


Here are some basic terms you need to know before using Ahrefs.

Ahrefs rating

Ahrefs offers its ranking system based on the quality of a website’s backlink profile, known as Ahrefs Rank. You may view the Domain Rank and URL Rank of any domain and web page in addition to the Ahrefs Rank.

Domain Rating (DR)

A domain name’s backlink profile is evaluated using Domain Rating, an exclusive Ahrefs statistic, which rates each domain name on a log scale from 0 to 100. DR is quantified on a log scale from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest value.

URL Rating (UR)

For individual pages, UR is comparable to DR. It’s interesting to note that they consider both internal and external backlinks to determine the grade. When computing UR, they respect the “Nofollow” characteristic and take the damping factor into account as well.

Ahrefs Review: Important Features & Tools

Site Explorer

New metrics in Overview 2.0

By adding a new area for Paid keywords and Pages in the metrics block itself, Overview 2.0 has slightly strengthened.

ahrefs review
New metrics in Overview 2.0

The history chart, a bit further down the report, now displays both the value of organic traffic and the cost of purchased traffic.

Toggle these metrics on and off in the chart by clicking on them.

new metrics
New metrics overview 2.0

New: Site structure report

Site structure is available if you have subscribed to a new Advanced plan or higher.

It will be a significant issue. Without having to crawl the website, Site Structure displays any website’s structure in a tree format. You will also see some top-level metrics for each path in addition to that. 

Use this analysis to rapidly evaluate which website areas generate the most organic traffic, paid traffic, or referring domains.

Site structure report
Site Structure Report

ahrefs review

Customize the report to fit your requirements.

New: Paid keywords 2.0

The Paid keywords report has been updated, and another exciting report debut.

To make it easier for you to sort through your data, we enhanced the filters and introduced a date picker so you can compare changes between two dates.

In Site Explorer 1.0, these Position and Keyword filters weren’t present.

We also have three new features for you, so that’s not all.

paid keywords
Paid Keywords

The first handy new micro chart shows the distribution of paid vs. organic clicks.

Monday is promoting their website, monday.com. Hovering our cursor over the graph will show us that bought clicks accounted for 56% of all clicks, while organic clicks accounted for 43%.

paid keywords
Paid keywords

By selecting the plus icon next to each term, you can add keywords directly to your lists in Rank Tracker and Keywords Explorer.

selecting the plus icon
Selecting the Plus icon

Finally, we’ve added a new history chart for ad positions.

Click on this hamburger icon to find out which landing sites have historically been promoted for a given keyword and how that has changed over time. You can better comprehend the PPC competition for that keyword by doing this.

click on this hamburger icon
Click on the Hamburger icon

You can also see actual ad copy each time if you hover over these bars, allowing you to monitor the evolution of the advertisement itself.

actual ad copy
Actual Ad Copy

Keywords Explorer

Ads positions history chart

The Keywords Explorer app now includes a historical chart of advertisement locations similar to the one we showed above.

ad position history chart
Ad Position History Chart

To see it, type your keyword and scroll down.


Keyword database updates

We spent a lot of time and money enhancing our keyword data last year.

As a result, we improved our search volume estimates by combining information from several sources and striking the correct balance between them. Additionally, we increased the frequency of database updates and added monthly search volume numbers for each keyword, along with a CSV export option.

new filters in mentions alerts
New filters in Mentions Alerts

They added 500M new keywords this March, with over 40M said in the US alone. Trends in monthly search volume are now accessible until January ’22.

New filters in Mentions Alerts

When you open your Alerts, the following helpful new criteria are available in Mentions: Domain rating, Website traffic, Word count, and Exclude subdomains.

Ahrefs WordPress Plugin

The Ahrefs WordPress Plugin is now prepared for public release!

This plugin can automate your content audits and increase natural traffic to your WordPress website.

ahrefs review
Ahrefs WordPress Plugin

According to Ahrefs, GA, and GSC statistics, the plugin routinely audits your blog and displays how each article performs for a selected target term. Then it makes recommendations for how you might raise their performance.

Ahrefs Review – Pricing

Change #1: Access to features

Old pricing

Almost all features were open to everyone. Whichever plan you were on made no difference. People spending 10 times more had little access to extras.

New pricing

Depending on their package, everyone has access to different features. More options are available as your budget increases.

Change #2. Feature usage

Old pricing

Everyone had to estimate how many and how much of the team would utilize Ahrefs. Even if they hardly utilized Ahrefs, it costs $30 per user each month. If you anticipated that your overall usage would change from month to month, you also had to select a more expensive plan than was necessary. And to top it off, each tool had different monthly report restrictions. This meant that in order to avoid paying for consumption that was unnecessary, you had to utilize each tool equally.

New pricing

Everyone on Ahrefs is free to invite more users. You won’t pay any extra for those who use it infrequently. You will pay $20 per month for those who utilize it moderately. Furthermore, heavy users will run you $50 each month (Learn more about user types here). The fact that usage varies from month to month is irrelevant because you only pay more for higher usage. You can use your credits in any tool you like because report restrictions are now only applicable to users, not tools.

Change #3. Exports

Old pricing

Each tool had a different export cap. If you used one tool more frequently than the others, you might find yourself paying for export rows in the tools you didn’t use while running out of the ones you used.

New pricing

No longer are export restrictions based on tools. Your exported rows can be used with any tool.

Benefits of these changes

More stability

We experienced a lot of abuse as a result of the old plans’ configuration. In actuality, a small subset of a few hundred culprit accounts accounted for half of the load on our system. Scrapers were sending tens of requests every second, while group buys were selling a single account to hundreds of users.

More features

We had to devote a lot of work to finding abusers, blocking accounts, and dealing with fraud and chargebacks because our programs were so vulnerable to misuse. These were significant losses in time and money that could have been used to enhance Ahrefs.

Increased exclusivity

Group buys won’t be able to continue operating at a profit while offering Ahrefs accounts for low dirt prices. This means that our clients will face less competition. You will actually be at a competitive advantage if you have access to Ahrefs’ data.

More adaptability

If you request more reports than what is allowed under your plan, you will be automatically charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. You have a lot of versatility with this. Data is purchased as needed.

Comparing Ahrefs’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Listed below are Ahrefs’ benefits and drawbacks.

Ahrefs benefits and drawbacks


The following is a list of Ahrefs benefits:

  • Its utilization is straightforward
  • most comprehensive links database
  • Ten search engines, including Amazon and YouTube, effectively
  • various SEO-enhancing techniques
  • allows you to interact with a lot of sites
  • internal and external broken link analysis
  • Soon, more functions will include.
  • Leaders in the SEO sector rely on


Following are the Ahrefs cons:

  • not a free trial
  • There are few new price structures.
  • Oriented more towards businesses and agencies

Ahrefs Alternatives

Let’s now consider Ahrefs’ substitutes.

Ahrefs Alternative


Another well-known tool for improving SEO is SEMRush. Furthermore, it uses for thorough PPC or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) analysis. In contrast to Ahrefs, it does not offer a robust content explorer, click analysis, or backlink analysis.

Since SEMRush’s rank tracker is updated more frequently, it offers up-to-date information. It is substantially more expensive than Ahrefs in terms of price, and users can choose SEMRush if they like current data in exchange for a small fee.


You can find content themes pertinent to your area using the freemium SEO tool Ubersuggest. Neil Patel’s offering is to make sophisticated SEO tools more affordable for regular customers. And its beginning price is half that of Ahrefs.

Ubersuggest does not offer term recommendations for Bing, YouTube, Amazon, or other search engines. Ubersuggest lags below Ahrefs competition analysis and link tracking, respectively.


Serpstat offers keyword research, domain analysis, keyword clustering, and many SEO features. It is a less expensive alternative to Ahrefs, and also, you can start for nothing to see the features.

Serpstat helps find data for Google and Yandex alone, unlike Ahrefs, which works for ten search engines. In addition, Serpstat is comparable to Ahrefs in terms of metrics, keyword data, and fundamental backlink analysis.

Due to its generous tool access in cost-effective plans, it is nevertheless an excellent tool for small teams.

Ahrefs Overview

Ahrefs is an effective and well-known content marketing tool that helps increase your sites’ exposure and organic reach through search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, YouTube, etc.

Ahrefs overview

Ahrefs’ SEO toolkit’s main page. It’s essentially a “swiss army knife” SEO tool with many capabilities that can help you improve your SEO to perform better on search engines by improving the health of your site, creating organic keyword ideas, locating backlinks chances, researching rivals, tracking ranks, and more.

The keyword explorer tool’s main application is for finding keywords or phrases that people use to search on Google (or other search engines) related to your company. Because it contains a keyword database with billions of entries, it can provide reports and detailed information about the search terms connected to your company.

In addition to the list of keywords, it offers comprehensive information on keyword difficulty, search traffic, anticipated clicks, etc. You can use these subjects to provide insightful analyses and valuable content optimized for search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find good keywords with Ahrefs?

Keyword research is when people use keywords to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines. The knowledge about these actual search terms can help inform content strategy or marketing strategy overall.

How to Choose Effective Keywords?

Make a list of important, relevant topics based on what you know about your business. Focus on Highly Relevant, Low Competition Keywords.

How accurate is Ahrefs?

They use their own bot and their own index based on information from a trillion website connections. SERPs analysis is pretty accurate.

Summing Up

You can anticipate a tonne of new features from Ahrefs in the upcoming days because of how quickly they produce new parts.

Another aspect of Ahrefs that gets a lot of attention is its user interface.

Additionally, this SEO package is user-friendly, as you’ll discover it as soon as you begin experimenting with it.

You can best sign up for an Ahrefs trial, start a new project, and include your website to handle SEO auditing’s laborious tasks.

 Once that’s finished, begin repairing a few issues with your website, such as:

  • The most of links on broken pages
  • Then, distribute the link weight to other significant pages on your site from the pages with the greatest UR.
  • To generate fresh content ideas, use content gaps.
  • To locate link opportunities, use the link crossing tool.
  • To make the fixes mentioned above, use the site audit feature.
  • competitor research

Ahrefs is a new SEO solution you should consider.

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