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The tune of Airtel India has been widely hummed by Indians ever since its introduction. Recently reintroduced, the Airtel tagline “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hain” is targeting at the youth to promote their latest product features. This marketing and advertising strategy by Airtel has been successful and is an example of their excellence in…


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airtel's marketing strategy

airtel’s marketing strategy

The tune of Airtel India has been widely hummed by Indians ever since its introduction. Recently reintroduced, the Airtel tagline “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hain” is targeting at the youth to promote their latest product features. This marketing and advertising strategy by Airtel has been successful and is an example of their excellence in the field.

Learn about Airtel’s marketing strategies that effectively use social media, digital marketing, and campaigns to reach their target audience. Discover how Airtel utilizes the four Ps of the Marketing Mix – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion – in their marketing approach. Additionally, Airtel relies on market and customer analysis to inform its marketing strategies.

Continue reading the in-depth study of Airtel’s Marketing Strategy & Advertising to gain insight into a successful marketing world.

Airtel’s Marketing Strategy – Target Audience

A target audience is a particular client segment that a firm specifically targets and directs its product and service marketing efforts toward. It is based on demographics, including age, location, gender, degree of income, and career.

target audience

By deploying various ads, Airtel primarily targets people in the 15 to 25 age range and seniors.

Additionally, it is directed at a large group of young, urban, low-income social people. Airtel’s clientele ranges widely from elites to non-elites, and it offers all of them access to its business and financial plans.

Airtel’s Social Media Marketing

Jio has significantly more Instagram followers than Airtel and its rivals regarding social media presence.

The social media presence of Airtel has improved, and with 500 million Facebook users, its fan base is expanding.

social media

Even on Twitter, where @Airtel Presence has 2.5 million followers, it makes sure to read every tweet mentioning Airtel in its context and respond to their questions.

While the business needs to improve, its engagement rate is something. Their engagement on Facebook is shown in the graph above.

Airtel is doing a respectable job on YouTube, with more than 400 videos and about 20 million views, but Jio wins the contest in subscriber numbers, 887k to 2.63 million.

Let’s delve more deeply into Airtels digital marketing and campaigning approach.

Airtel’s Campaigns & Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing tactics for the Airtel campaign:

  • While taglines like “one-touch Internet” are appealing to Gen X and older generations, Gen Z has found significant success with jingles like “Har Ek buddy Jaruri Hota hai” and “Jo Tera hai, Wo Mera hai.”
  • Using slogans like “Sab Kuch Karo, Fir Sahi Chuno,” Airtel has run numerous campaigns with this theme.
  • Famous persons like Sachin Tendulkar, A R Rahman, and Vidya Balan have also supported the businesses in the past, which has helped to promote a favorable perception among the public.

Bharti’s new “pen to Question” campaign from Airtel emphasizes the company’s goal to respond to every customer’s question, learn promptly from mistakes, and prevent a recurrence. Airtel now has the top position on the ad diagnostics index.


Additionally, Airtel’s banking system was introduced in 2017. The first payment bank in India, Airtel Payments Bank, aims to quickly and efficiently provide digital banking services to the unbanked via their mobile devices to achieve the government’s vision of a digital India and financial inclusion.

This is limited to Airtel customers alone, though.

About Bharti Airtel

The corporate headquarters of the international telecom service company Airtel are located in New Delhi, India. In 1995, Sunil Bharti Mittal launched Bharti Airtel. Airtel was the brand used when Bharti Cellular Limited first started providing services out of Delhi. This company grew over time to become India’s top mobile network operator and the fourth-largest network provider overall in terms of customer base. Currently operating in 20 nations in Asia and Africa, Airtel is present worldwide.

bharti airtel

The innovative business practices of Airtel include outsourcing all non-essential functions to outside companies, such as network planning and IT services, and concentrating only on its core functions of finance, sales, and marketing.

The 4Ps of the Airtel Marketing Mix and Airtel Marketing Strategy

Using the 4Ps of the marketing mix, the Airtel marketing strategy analyzes the brand (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). The invention of new products, new pricing schemes, new promotional plans, etc., is just a few of the many marketing tactics at your disposal. Airtels marketing mix informs these business initiatives, contributing to the company’s commercial success.

The marketing strategy of Airtel aids in establishing the company as a formidable player in its industry and realizing its stated aims and objectives.

Here it will examine Airtel’s product, price, promotion, and distribution methods, sometimes known as its “marketing strategy and mix“.

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Merchandise and Advertisements of Airtel

A wide variety of services related to telecommunications are available from Airtel. An overview of products of Airtel offerings from their marketing mix is provided below:

On-the-Go Support Mobile Services

Airtel’s clients can take advantage of both phone and data services. Presently, Airtel boasts more than 358 million subscribers in India, making it its largest telecom company. In India, Airtel was the pioneer in offering 4G service. Airtel also offers a selection of low-priced packages for both voice and broadband services.

airtel mobile services

There are several ways to categorize Airtel’s mobile service:

  • A prepaid service, as distinct from a postpaid one. Such services include recharge offers, roaming packs, blackberry packs, family share packs, handset packs, and share packs.
  • Postpaid services are available after a plan has been purchased, such as paying a bill, customizing a plan, using a roaming plan, or taking advantage of a promotional offer.
  • Additional features like 2G, 3G, and 4G internet, voice mail, Do Not Disturb (DND), and Hello songs are also available.

Televised Entertainment and News

In 87 different cities in India, Airtel offers broadband Internet access. They provide 4G internet service for households, broadband internet connections, Dongles, and routers for 3G and 4G networks.

Internet-delivered TV (DTV)

The image quality of more than 540 HD channels is unmatched by any other provider, and Airtel TV has it all. Users may also record shows for subsequent viewing using the Airtel Digital TV box.

Concerning Airtel

Data center, network integration, and tower infrastructure service are just a few of the IT offerings available to businesses, governments, and carriers from Airtel.

Pricing and Revenue Management at Airtel

Airtel has slashed prices to compete with Reliance Jio, Vodafone, etc.

The Telecom Regulation Authority of India supervises telecom operators’ pricing tactics to maintain fairness. Airtels marketing strategy approach centers on competitive pricing, notwithstanding regulations.

airtel net packs

Airtel users can customize and pay per pack (e.g., MyPlan service to customers to choose their plan and pay the price accordingly). Airtel’s combo offerings retain customers and boost revenue. Its cheap bandwidth attracts many customers.

Airtel’s fundamental product—calls, internet, SMS, and value-added services—is underpricing competition with Reliance Jio. To attract and retain telecom clients, the corporation offers low-cost services.

Space and Distribution Plan for Airtel

Airtel’s placement strategy is dependent on its distributors and retailers. Its network reaches 20 countries, and its extensive distribution network reaches unreachable locations. 

Airtel uses multiple mediums to reach its target population. It partners with convenience stores, grocery stores, pawn shops, and more to reach more clients. It launched “Project leap” in 2015 to touch 5 lakh rural locations.

project leap

Airtel wants to invest $60 billion over three years to expand its network and cover all of India.

You can contact Airtel’s 24 customer support employees via their website or phone.

Ad and marketing plan for Airtel

Trusted telecom brand Airtel advertises on TV, in print, and online. Airtels marketing strategy includes 360-degree branding.

Shahrukh Khan, AR Rehman, Sachin Tendulkar, and Vidya Balan promote Airtel. “Har Ek friend Zaroori Hota hai” and “Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera hai” targeted young people and improved brand recognition.

airtel ad

For community engagement and brand development, Airtel sponsors cricket competitions, the Grand Prix, and the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Airtel uses social media marketing and client-answering data well. Airtel’s PR encompasses education and girl-child initiatives.

Airtel’s Analysis of the Market for Marketing Purposes

Airtel faces tough competition from small and local competitors like Uninor, and Aircel, who operate in only a few telecom circles and are all working hard to retain consumers and raise ARPU (Average return per user). Also, the corporation faces intense competition from firms like VI that want to take the industry by storm.

Connectivity, data, and value-added services will drive the telecom sector.

Airtel Marketing Strategy Incorporating Customer Analysis

All three A, B, and C customer categories have unique requirements, but the middle-class B segment, the most rapidly expanding section, is the primary focus.


They have staff specifically devoted to serving their business’s and elite clientele’s needs. Airtel caters to both business and consumer markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the Airtel marketing strategy?

Customer Profile for Airtel: Across their many marketing initiatives, Airtel focuses on reaching people between the ages of 15 and 25 and the elderly. Its primary demographic comprises youthful, urban, social, and low-income people. Airtel’s clientele spans the socioeconomic spectrum, from the wealthy to the middle class.

What about the Airtel advertising strategy?

Introducing new items, boosting sales conversion rates, obtaining social media subscribers, addressing a target market, and engaging existing consumers are all part of a company’s advertising strategy, which aims to increase brand awareness and sales.

What can be the best way to self-study marketing?

Get your credentials verified online. Learning the ropes of marketing starts with mastering the basics. Books, blogs, YouTube videos, Ted Talks, lectures, workshops, and more provide excellent resources for mastering these and related skills. (The web is an incredible resource for education).

What are the top four methods of advertising?

Product, pricing, place, and promotion are referred to as the ‘four Ps’. They are a part of the ‘marketing mix’, a collection of methods and approaches to achieve airtels marketing strategy and goals.


Airtel can win over consumers from all walks of life because of its advertising initiatives. In addition to its domestic interests, the company is involved in foreign trade in Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the Channel Islands. By 2023, they hope to have satellite broadband services available in India.

When an organization like Airtel expands globally, it always encounters controversy. It’s been in the spotlight for supporting social causes, most recently the victims of the flooding in Kerala, and its efforts to address privacy concerns. Airtel has persisted through it all, showing a rise in net profit and an expansion margin from year to year.

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