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9 Best Website Builders for SEO

January 27, 2023 in Search Engines

Building a website is not a fun task. Several online website builders are exclusively available for building websites. A website builder is someone or a tool that creates websites to improve the online presence of a web store or business, as the name suggests.

Building a website was difficult years ago, requiring familiarity with numerous coding or programming languages and a lot of effort and work. Nevertheless, there are currently many online possibilities for choosing website builders that will showcase your SEO quality and boost your company’s visibility.

This article will focus on the top website builders for SEO in 2023.

What is a website builder?

A website builder, a programming tool, aids internet businesses in creating websites to increase their visibility, as was previously said. 


Rating: 4/5

One of the best solutions for creating expert websites with a free tier is Weebly. Several tailored features they provide for their clients enable you to set a higher standard for your website. For optimal growth, they provide practical tools and advice for small enterprises. Additionally, they provide strong e-commerce tools and methods for running marketing campaigns to attract new clients. This helps you to boost your SEO quality and increase your visibility.


Weebly is the best option if you are the type of person who has no experience building websites for online businesses.



Plan: 1-month free trial

The GoDaddy service platform is among the biggest in the world. Their mission is to enable business owners everywhere to attract customers and grow their enterprises. Godaddy is the best option for purchasing a domain name, establishing your company online, and bringing in consumers. Their SEO service is the best affordable choice; they provide up-to-date techniques to customize your website.


They also advise their entrepreneurs on the best ways to start a business if their internet business is still in its beginnings.


Rating: 4.7/5

Plan:14-day free trial 

With the help of Squarespace, you can create a professionally designed website using a variety of online templates. They provide innovative ideas to make your company stand out. Their goal is to boost your company’s internet visibility by using a variety of personalized themes, images, text, and other elements. They will assist you in improving the content of your website to improve the quality of SEO.


Regardless of your level of experience, they enhance your business’ visibility.

Wix.com: Free Website Builder

Rating: 9.8/10

Plan: Free

Over 200 million people use Wix globally. Whether you are an entrepreneur, designer, developer, photographer, or restaurant owner, they offer a wide variety of website ideas. They provide specialized tools to operate and develop your company and have well-designed features to improve your website’s SEO.


They provide additional tools and features to improve connectedness and engagement between you and customers. The Wix Logo Maker even allows you to create and establish your logo.

IONOS Web Solutions

Rating: 3/5

Plan: 30-Day Free Trial

IONOS is a European web hosting and cloud computing partner serving small and medium-sized businesses. They are IaaS experts with a diverse portfolio in the digital space, and IONOS manages around 12 million domains and 8 million consumer contracts.


With the help of IONOS, you can take your initial steps as the business progresses and succeed. They provide various services to improve online performance and communication, such as back-office processes, container cluster orchestration, and many others.



Plan: Free trial ( basic plan costs $29 per month)

This e-commerce platform is well-known. They offer a variety of tools that also help you analyze digital marketing initiatives and build a website for your offline or online store. They provide free store templates to personalize your website with different colors and fonts. 


Shopify is a reputable website builder that aids numerous small businesses in acquiring their domain and marketing their products globally, primarily via social media.

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Plan: Free

A popular free, open-source internet tool for building and hosting websites for SEO. It has a high level of expert trust. People often use WordPress to publish blogs since it is user-friendly. You can choose from 60 styles that match your functionality based on your content. 


Additionally, it is mobile-friendly, and there are opportunities for customization, including block editors (drag-and-drop elements).

Zyro by Hostinger 

Rating: 8.9/10

Plan: Free 1-year Domain Service

Zyro is among the most effective website builders for SEO, and a wide selection of website templates is available.


They offer a drag-and-drop editor option and more than 100 customizable features. They provide free domain service for a year.



Plan: $199 

Web.com provides an extensive product line to its clients to increase the product’s online visibility. They also offer personalized support for building websites for SEO.


Depending on the needs, they offer various solutions and features, like templates and images, to create a professional website.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the FAQs on the best website builder for SEO.

Which page website builder is best for SEO?

Wix will be one of the top-ranked website builders in 2023.

Is WordPress, the best website builder for SEO?

Yes, it is because it is user-friendly for building the website. WordPress allows users to modify URLs and create clean, SEO-friendly websites for their online stores.

Is it better to use Shopify or WordPress for SEO?

If you want high-quality SEO, then WordPress is the best option. You have several SEO options that you can use to optimize the website and increase the SEO quality.

Is there anything better than WordPress?

If you are looking for an alternative to WordPress, Wix is one of the most popular website builders for SEO.


There are numerous options for the best website builders available online, but depending on your needs, you can choose the best among them to build your website to improve the SEO quality. 

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