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Top 16 Competitors of ITC in the FMCG segment

December 16, 2022 in Editor Picks

ITC is one of the most diversified conglomerates and multi-business industries in India. Further, its business operations are divided into five categories. Hotels, Fast-moving consumer goods, paperboards & packaging, information & technology, and agriculture are the five segments of ITC. And it is the largest value creator of the consumer goods industry in India. Sunfeast, Aashirwad, Dark Fantasy, Kitchens of India, and more are some brands established under ITC’s FMCG segment. In this article, we have discussed almost all the toughest competitors of ITC.

The comprehensive model of the multinational company in India consists of categorization of the products, pricing strategy, and promotional strategies that have made it the most successful multi-business venture in India by staying ahead of the competitors of ITC.


What is the FMCG segment of ITC?

FMCG, or Fast moving consumer goods segment of ITC, has gained a significant position in the consumer goods market of India. Further, the competitors of ITC’s FMCG have made them diversify their marketing and promotional strategies to stay an edge over their competitors

fmcg segment of itc

There are many competitors in all the segments of ITC. Of them, 16 are in the FMCG segment of ITC. About which we will learn in detail. 

16 competitors of ITC in the FMCG segment

The 16 competitors of ITC in its FMCG segment are as follows:

HUL (Hindustan Unilever Ltd)

Hindustan Unilever Ltd, or HUL, is a significant ITC’s FMCG segment’s competitors. With a legacy of over 80 years, HUL is one of the most popular FMCGs in India, with a rich heritage. Almost all households in India consist of FMCG products that come under HUL. Hindustan Unilever aims to create a better future and make people feel good about their products. 

hindustan unilever ltd

The strength of the company is its keen interest in innovation. Further, it makes Hindustan Unilever one of the top competitors of ITC.

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P&G is an Ohio-based multinational consumer goods company that exports its product to around 180 countries and territories, India being one among them. From grooming products to feminine and family care, there are different varieties of products developed and exported by P&G. The brand value and the research and development opportunities in America have made P&G one of the most valuable and tough competitors of ITC


Who doesn’t know Nestle? The chocolates and frozen foods of the company are famous around the globe. Industry based in Switzerland, Nestle develops and produces around 200 local and global products in 191 countries, including India.

nestle competitors of itc

Since Nestle’s research and development center is the largest in the world, they can create a broad portfolio of products under the Brand Nestle. This, in turn, has made the most successful competitors of ITC


Godrej is an Indian consumer goods production and development company based in Mumbai, India. They manufacture products like hair colorants, toiletries, liquid detergents, and more. Godrej has about 1.1 billion customership worldwide. Further, across various businesses. Moreover, the company is also known for its keen focus on innovation. Furthermore, keeping in mind the same, they have expanded their portfolio by producing new products. Hence, Godrej’s solid market position in various categories of products has made them the most popular competitor of ITC. 

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Godfrey Philips

Godfrey Philips Pvt Ltd is the lead company that comes under Modi enterprises. Even though it is one of India’s most popular cigarette manufacturers, Godfrey Philips has expanded their portfolio by introducing products beyond cigarettes and tobacco, like mouth fresheners and other confectionary products like Pan Masala. The tailor-made services and extensive product portfolio has made Godfrey Philips the competitor of ITC. 


Another popular competitor of ITC is Danone, a Paris-based food-producing company. From Yogurt to Ice creams, they provide hypoallergenic products and nutritional supplements around the globe. Further, they also provide oral and tube-feeding supplements for babies who require nutritional treatment.

danone competitors of itc

Thus, it is due to the production of different products under various consumer categories that have made Danone one of the best competitors of ITC. 


Coca-cola is one of the top companies in the global beverage industry. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, it is the producer of concentrated syrups and beverages. Further, it is the top producer of aerated drinks and ready-to-drink beverages like coffee and juices. Diet coke, Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite, and more are the top carbonated soft drinks that most of us prefer to have. Financial solid position, marketing strategies, and attractive consumer-friendly ads have made Coca-cola one of the finest competitors of ITC. 


Colgate has become like a family member in global households since our childhood. But ever wondered how it has become one of the top competitors of ITC? Based in New York, the company supplies various healthcare, personal care, and other everyday household products to around 200 countries, including India. Further, they are the leading Oral care and hygienic product supplier and manufacturer worldwide. With a solid financial position and excellent market share, Colgate has become the top competitor to ITC. 

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One of the leading Indian ayurvedic medicine and natural consumer products manufacturers, Dabur is another top competitor of ITC. Healthcare, personal care, digestive care, skin care, etc., are some of the focus areas of production of Dabur.


Moreover, their products have had a strong presence in the global market. Brand value and quality of the products make Dabur the most popular competitor of ITC. 


The next popular competitor of ITC is Marico. It is a consumer company based in Mumbai, India. Over the years, Marico has created various hair care products and edible oils. The success of its hair care product, “Parachute,” was the turning point in the history of Marico. Further, becoming the top household product in India. The rapid growth and unique marketing strategy made Marico the most outstanding competitor of ITC. 


Top skincare and beauty brand L’oreal is another famous consumer product company and one of the competitors of ITC. They produce and develop innovative and unique consumer products through different retail outlets. Further, they have sold many products in 120 countries around the globe. L’oreal cosmetic and personal care products are top regarding quality cosmetic innovation. Moreover, their global presence and the quality of their products have made them the competition of ITC. 

Tata group

Tata group or Tata sons is another FMCG competitor of ITC. It is a multinational conglomerate based in Mumbai. Moreover, Tata group is the most prominent multinational FMCG in India, providing products in around 150 countries around the globe. Further, they have operations in about 100 countries across six continents.

tata group

From Tata steel to aerospace & defense equipment, Tata group has covered all the critical areas of human requirements and needs. The wealthy business history of 154 years makes Tata group the most formidable competitor of ITC. 

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Nirma Ltd

Another FMCG competitor of ITC is Nirma Ltd. With over 300 million consumers across India, Nirma Ltd is India’s most preferred and leading FMCGs. The value for money for a better living makes Nirma Ltd the most successful competitor of ITC. Moreover, they also focus on producing products and services for daily needs. 


Emami is India’s leading FMCGs and a competitor to ITC. They manufacture and produce personal care and health care products, developing and exporting around 300 different products. And it has become the most popular multinational company in India. With substantial financial investment and diverse beauty and healthcare products under their roof, Emami group is one of the top competitors of ITC. 


The next popular competitor of ITC is Britannia. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Britannia is the oldest FMCG company in India. From Biscuits to Yogurt, it offers various FMCG products.

britannia competitors of itc

The brand value and revenue earned have made it the most popular competitor of ITC.


Parle is an Indian FMCG company based in Mumbai. It has around 70% share of global biscuits. And it is the best-selling food processing brand in the world. Its top product, Parle-G, became the most successful biscuit brand. Its successful financial investments and market share have made it the most formidable competitor of ITC. 

Questions to Consider

Who are the top competitors of ITC in the FMGC segment?

Hindustan Unilever, Godrej, Loreal, Britannia, etc., are some of the top ITC competitors in the FMGC category.

What are the FMCG brands under ITC?

Sunfeast, Aashirwaad, Dark Fantasy, etc., are some of the FMCG brands under ITC.

What is the position of ITC in terms of FMCG?

ITC stands in the second position, the first being Hindustan Unilever.

Where is ITC based at?

ITC is based in Kolkata, India.


Overall, these are the 16 top competitors of ITC in the FMGC segment. Further, no matter how many FMCGs are becoming competitors of ITC, they will always strive to maintain their position as a leading multi-business conglomerate. Moreover, its other four segments, Hotels, paperboards & packages, IT, and agriculture, have become outstanding contributors to its revenue. Finally, ITC is the second most successful FMCG-producing company in India. 

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