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How to Create A Social Media Calendar That Works

August 6, 2022 in Social Media

A Social Media Calendar will help you schedule your upcoming weeks or months. As the name suggests, you can plan your social media content and articles so that you won’t miss anything.

It would save energy and assist you to control and check multiple tactics also and see if your community resonates additionally. Also, it helps you to strategically observe worldwide global moments that are relevant to you/your brand’s audience.

You can rack it up with news reports every single day, searching for suggestions and activities, preparing a provisional social media calendar as early as possible. This article would explain how to create a Social Media Calendar and how you can use it as per your requirements.

What is the need to use a social media content calendar?

Catch up to Essential days

The primary value of every calendar is always the clearest: It helps you to chart essential dates. It allows you to identify sales openings and schedule crucial activities, trips, or social media promotions in advance. For example, if you own a bookstore, you can plan additional preparations or advertising by recognizing that the day of National Booklovers is on August 9.

Keep on the topic and hold up to date

A social media calendar is a useful idea to maintain a list of what you are posting, as long as you require important scheduling dates to surface.

It helps you to see what you continue to replicate and when it is time to develop new ideas. Your calendar can say whether the information is old or not, so you can see whether it’s time to switch to new ones.

Manage your time

Although it may sound time-intensive to maintain a social media calendar, in reality, it’s the other way around. You can arrange your posts in advance so you won’t necessarily have to be on alert while your scheduled social posts are marked so available.

Who knows, maybe even you will go on holiday. A calendar with essential dates and activities is critical for enhancing time management.

Keep calm

One of the most significant difficulties of social media marketing is to hold users engaged in tracking and interacting with your posts. A perfect way to keep users amused and participate consistently is to write daily.

This tells your followers that you are dedicated to your company, but faithful to it as well. In social media, there is nothing more appealing than someone who is genuinely invested in their company and is excited about what they are doing.

Looking forward to increase your followers? Read our guide here.

Test a Balance

Like in other forms of communication, there is always a delicate balance between having fun with your followers or prospective buyers and educating them about your products. You’ll have the opportunity to match the things with the things your followers like to see right through a social media content calendar.

This can involve user-generated content, image, business news, or experiences. A helpful concept is the law of 80/20: 80% of the content should be informative, helpful, or amusing, and 20% to market the company.

Promoting Coordination

A shared calendar of content in social media would encourage everybody among team members or stakeholders to be on the same page. Using a calendar on a website like Google drive makes it easier for team members to discuss preparation activities. When someone goes for the next two weeks, everyone knows when to update, so you don’t need to skip a beat.

Planning a year puts staff leaders and business money under scrutiny. Your highest performing research is more likely to be written. Last-minute updates appear to be swept around the company as well. When you drag everyone into things without warning, the hours and schedules of other departments are affected too. It is always a battle to keep everything back on track

Prevent Mistakes

Not all Social media sites are similar and can be viewed accordingly. You will prepare and organize daily content in advance for every social media site with a calendar of social media content to stop getting messed up.

You should now be able to continue to schedule yours automatically because you appreciate the advantages of getting a social media content calendar. Here are a few tips and strategies on how to build a calendar that works for you.

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar?

Evaluate your plan for Social Media

You will evaluate your latest plan and activities before you complete your social media calendar. Study in detail what services and channels you use and how successful the services are on each site. Concentrate your energies on the platform where the audience is most involved. Is there a common development platform?

social media calendar

Monday.com builds a team collaboration platform to link individuals and current resources to workforce processes in every organization across all sizes and in all sectors. If the content is not active with a platform, to see why and what you would do else. Does it fit well in a certain form of content? Or can you update users who are busy or not busy at a given time? Conduct a close review of the results of your content.

Find out who your audience is

You may know who you are, but do you recognize the wider demographics from which the website is being posted? What do and what will they do for each platform? For example, by using Instagram, people can use Twitter for more technical purposes. Likewise, consumers of Snapchat may be younger than consumers of Twitter.

The right quality is essential for the right public. Once you schedule the social media content calendar and organize the articles appropriately, make sure you consider the different populations.

Design the content

You should start preparing the content for each site after you recognize with which social media site you are involved in. You will determine which definitions are more valuable to you.

Examples including photos, blog entries, videos, Instagram accounts, etc. are often categorized into mediums. And you can define the content by definition that is selected, created by users, funded, etc.

This routine may cost some time, but for sure, it would be worth it. Your content is put in various groups so that you can control what information is more relevant to your audience. Bear in mind the 80/20 concept stated above and choose your content proportion.

Download a template and fill in your content

There are a number of prototype calendars accessible for social media content. Device how much your calendar information requires and choose the one which suits your needs. Once you have your sample, start filling in your design. Make sure every week or month you have a mechanism in motion to do so.

When you work with a squad, try to communicate the schedule with all the partners and staff leaders- even though they don’t deal with it directly. They need no editorial privileges, so they will let us realize what social media is going to do while preparing content.

Schedule your content

You eventually entered the portion that will save you time after all this effort. Enable the schedule to prepare the content in advance so that you don’t have to post fresh content every hour to be 24/7.

Who can use a calendar for Social Media Content?

Someone who produces social content will make a calendar, whether it’s for an organization, media firm, or a serious blog.

  1. Publicity Teams: There are multiple moving pieces of marketing, like social content. The organization of teams and the awareness of social media content is vital for all participating in a project.
  2. Micro Companies: Staying scheduled with a calendar makes time management and continuity far simpler. This is significant for small companies where there is scarcity for resources.
  3. Advisors: Managing all the customers coordinated in your own calendar will help to come out of the confusion of handling multiple accounts.
  4. Advertising Firms: It would require promotion on social media if you produce editorial content. Hold it all together on your calendar.
  5. Bloggers/Influencers: You don’t have time to waste inefficient resources if your blog is your company. Make sure that any post on your calendar is advertised.

Resources to Build a Social Media Content Calendar Yourself

You can build and maintain your social media Calendar using a number of resources. A few of them are given below.


Excel is currently the most common social media calendar platform for creating as well as for handling. It is flexible and can be built in whatever form you want.

Google Sheets

You can build a social media calendar that meets your needs with Google sheets. It is really simple to use and to communicate with other team leaders who can both update and adjust it on the calendar.

google sheets



Evernote is a common software that helps you to prepare and arrange content and memorandum. A few people realize that there are preparation and planning models to fit your requirements as well. The platform also offers weekly, monthly, yearly, and hourly reports that make it easier to monitor how content is shared on social media when blog content and other team-wide goals are generated.

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