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How to get Digital Marketing experience? 

January 3, 2023 in Marketing

Among the most in-demand skill sets nowadays is digital marketing. But you may be thinking about how to get digital marketing experience. The path to becoming a digital marketer is varied. However, before specializing, many digital marketers work in traditional marketing positions. In reality, many individuals work in various diverse professions before entering the digital marketing field, like influencers, web admins, and copywriters.

Best practices for Digital Marketing experience

Here is a list of the top practices to gain expertise in digital marketing to get you started. We hope you will discover anything that motivates you to develop your digital marketing portfolio.

Enroll in a course on digital marketing online

An online course is a great way to increase your knowledge of digital marketing. Start developing the abilities necessary to succeed in an entry-level marketing position.

online digital marketing course

The most effective digital marketing courses demonstrate the most recent advertising strategies. A thorough procedure for producing tangible outcomes from your marketing initiatives is shared in courses.

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Provide friends and family with digital marketing services

Providing your services to relatives and friends may be helpful when you need to obtain expertise in digital marketing. You could be aware of a business owner underutilizing their digital platforms. While assisting you in gaining practical knowledge of digital marketing, advertising might provide that person enormous advantages.

Finding the appropriate friend or family member is crucial in this case. You have three options for payment: a flat project price, a percentage of any earnings you make, or working for free.

Work online as a freelance marketer

You may register and interact with businesses that want your skills in various online marketplaces. Delivering digital advertising or marketing materials on a contract basis for genuine companies is what a freelance marketer does.

freelance marketer

You may begin your freelance business by going to any of the top online freelance markets. Once your registration is completed, you can start bidding on jobs listed by actual businesses and be paid for your digital marketing efforts.

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Get online and launch a simple business

In 2023, it will be simpler to launch an internet business. Only three requirements must be met before you can begin:

  • A technique for marketing that increases revenue and exposure.
  • A thing you can sell, a service.
  • An online storefront or landing site where purchases and payments can be made.

Decide what you can sell first before doing anything else. Anything that you regularly deliver and can be sold for money is a possibility. Surprisingly quickly, you can create a landing page once you have a product. You might employ a Freelancer to assist you. You may practice SEO techniques while advertising your landing page to increase sales.

Boost your online presence

There are two enormous advantages to self-promotion online; they go seamlessly together. First, developing your brand will provide you with practical experience in digital marketing. 

boost your online presence

Second, you’ll create a web presence that serves as a real-time demonstration of your expertise in digital marketing. You may access your brand’s website from anywhere with an internet connection.

A website where you may publish content, and host landing pages is required. You may get experience creating SEO content for natural search. You may set up company social media accounts and develop a specialized audience in your expertise.

Submit an internship application for digital marketing

If you find the perfect digital marketing internship, you may discover digital marketing in a work environment.

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to participate in numerous ways in digital marketing campaigns. However, how you do so will mostly depend on your internship location.

Create mock campaigns to get experience

Creating imitation campaigns is a quick and inexpensive technique to start honing your digital marketing talents without incurring the usual costs. Mock campaigns are also fantastic since you can include them in your portfolio.

Creating a mock campaign is a beautiful method to show off your marketing expertise, creativity, and understanding. You may be as specific as you like to showcase your abilities.

And also, create a service and a promotion that will spark your imagination to make your mock campaign. You might either pick an item on the market or create your own.

Assist a local small business by providing local SEO services

Millions of companies in North America are underusing local SEO.

local seo services

By approaching these companies with the offer of Local SEO services, you might get significant expertise in managing customer relationships and digital marketing.

Get a degree in digital marketing from a university

A degree in digital marketing offers both formal education and the chance to work in the industry. Some universities offer marketing degree programs with a specialization in digital platforms.

Although acquiring official credentials is an extra advantage of attending college, for several reasons, it might not be the most significant approach to gaining expertise in digital marketing.

Attending classes takes time and money, so you should be careful to pick ones that emphasize acquiring real-world experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With no prior experience, is it Possible to Become a Digital Marketer?

Yes! But like with any job, the road will be smoother if you possess some past expertise and knowledge in digital marketing. Many tools and paths are available, even if you're just beginning.

Is learning digital marketing challenging?

Digital marketing demands a foundational set of technical abilities and a larger list of professional qualities that could take years to acquire. However, the basics are possible to enter the sector and start working as a Digital Marketer.

Which Methods Are the Best for Acquiring Real Digital Marketing Experience?

Gaining real-world experience in digital marketing may be done in several ways, including creating a straightforward online business, providing family and friends with digital marketing services, and taking a course in digital marketing online.

What Does Digital Market Professional Earn?

Various elements will affect your prospective income as a digital marketer. These variables include your geographic area, size of your business, position within the organization, and experience over the years. As a result, compensation for digital marketers might differ significantly depending on where they fall in the pay scale.


Digital marketing is an excellent field to start a career in. Globally, there is a growing need for digital marketing experts, and the pay is competitive. To complete this task, you can work as a freelancer or employee at a digital marketing firm.

Developing your expertise should be your priority if you are just starting. Digital marketing comprises several fields, and if you want to work at the top of the wage scale, you need to be an expert in every one of them.

Implementing your website as a practice platform is the most remarkable approach to learning digital marketing. Start writing material for your blog, and study SEO thoroughly before moving on to Facebook marketing and Google Ads.

In digital marketing, you are ultimately in charge of your fate. You can pick up the necessary skills and work on them until successful. So why do you still wait?

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