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How To Make Money On Instagram? 10 Easy Strategies

November 11, 2022 in Social Media

Over the years, Instagram has dramatically evolved from a photo and video sharing platform to a powerful tool for influencers, celebrities, and regular users who want to know how to make money on Instagram.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users. Today, Instagrammers are trendsetters; audiences follow them and are influenced by them. But, with the right information and strategy, you can also make money on Instagram, regardless of your followers’ number.

Here is all you need to know.


How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On Instagram?

The topmost requirement to earn money on Instagram is to build a fanbase

Do you know what matters more than the number of followers?

It is the engagement and activeness of your followers. If someone has fake followers or inactive, unenthusiastic followers, it is not going to count.

make money from instagram
Make Money From Instagram

The minimum amount of followers varies with the different niches you choose. You can earn money with even 1000 followers or with one million-plus followers. Views likes, and comments alone can’t help you out. What counts is registration, signups, and sales of the products and services you promote.

How To Increase Your Followers? 

Having a broad fan-base doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in most cases unless you try to buy fake followers, which is unethical and illegal. So you need both hard and smart work to increase your number of followers. 

Here are some strategies to increase your followers.

Decide Niche And Target Audience

  • Choose your niche wisely and decide your target audience.
  • Don’t confuse them by posting a gaming tutorial and a makeup video alternatively.
target audience
Target Audience
  • Instead of influencers who work for different niches, Micro-influencers working for a specific niche are likely to get faster popularity and success.

Suitable Bio-Description

Create a simple, creative, and detailed bio. 

  • It should contain all the necessary information like your work areas, achievements, contact details, or work samples.
  • Don’t use any relevant information.
  • Post photos, videos, and stories regularly.

Interact With Followers

Take time and interact with your followers as much as you can. 

Reply to their comments. Use stickers and conduct polls or ask me for sessions to keep them entertained. Hold regular contests, giveaways, and provide them personalized promo codes. 

interact with followers
Interact With Followers

Respond to their inquiries as soon as possible.

  • Use relevant hashtags. 
  • Tag the brands you wear or use in your photos. 
  • Share relatable posts and high-quality images. No one will come back to your account if you post poor-quality photos.

How To Make Money On Instagram?

Steps below show how to make money on Instagram. :


When we hear the word influencer, the first thing that comes to mind is paid partnerships, promotions, and sponsored posts.


Influencers make money by promoting any product, service, etc. Brands collaborate with influencers to promote their products. 

Active and engaging audiences who respond play a crucial role in any influencer’s success. This is one way how to make money on Instagram.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you don’t just promote the products or services, but you also ensure the sales.

You recommend any product, website, or service and Post your unique link or promo code that provides any discount.

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

This way, merchants track sales made using your link, and you get a commission for every sale.

Brand Ambassador

If your work is good enough and you have gained several followers, brands may hire you to promote themselves regularly. You can also pitch them directly.

brand ambassador
Brand Ambassador

Tell them about your skills, experiences, followers, approach, and methods to promote their brands effectively.

Selling Digital Products

If you are a photography enthusiast, you can sell photos clicked by you from various genres like wildlife, nature, food, etc. 

You can make your hobby a way to make money on Instagram. 

All you need is a good camera, a photo editing app, and basic knowledge of photo editing tools. This is a creative way on how to make money on Instagram.

Selling Quotes

If you have a Flair for writing, write quotes or captions for various pages.

Many business organizations hire content writers to write articles or descriptions for their Instagram accounts or pages.

Reach out to pages, offer them your photos. There are many online publishing firms where you can sell the licenses of your photos. In addition, they can put your pictures on phone covers, diaries.

Opening Online Store

If you have an artistic and creative bone in your body, you can create and sell sketches, artwork, paintings, embroidered cushion covers, bedsheets, earrings, customized merchandise, etc. 

sell online
Sell Online

Make your account look shoppable by filling it with bright colors, artworks, and products. Then, change your account into a business account. Take orders, frame the paintings, and deliver them.


Blogging is one of the most popular answers to the question of how to make money on Instagram.

There are various fashion bloggers, recipe bloggers, or gaming bloggers who earn a fortune for themselves. 

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Food Blogging

Create new and easy recipes and post them. Make sure you don’t follow others; give the recipe your touch.

Also, include creative photos of your cooked dishes. Moreover, if you are doing a good job, various food brands can collaborate with you.

food blogging
Food Blogging

Food styling and photography is an area that is gaining popularity these days. Many restaurants hire food bloggers to create photos for their menus, social media accounts, or websites.

Travel Blogging

So, if you are a wanderer and travel a lot, you can use that as your niche.

Post locations of various tourist places you have visited, provide recommendations, post beautiful scenic pictures, share your experiences.

start travel blogging
Start Travel Blogging

Later on, you can use your account to promote tour and travel packages for various agencies or authorize them to use your pictures or experiences.

Fashion Blogging

It is one of the first and most popular ways to make money on Instagram. Many models and fashion influencers have risen to fame using Instagram.

Get started by building audiences, posting makeup tutorials, dressing hacks, etc. Tag the brands you are wearing or using.

be a fashion blogger
Be A Fashion Blogger

Use relevant hashtags to attract the crowd. For example, collaborate with other influencers or makeup brands like Nykaa, Sugar, etc., do things like one-brand makeup.

Once you gain followers, brands will start to notice; they will send you free merchandise in exchange for your promotion. 


Do Instagram Users get Paid?

Instagram provides a platform for its users to get paid by affiliated marketing, IGTV ads, shopping, branded content, and even by sponsored content and becoming a consultant.

How many Followers are Required to Start Earning on Instagram?

With only 1000s or above genuine followers who are constantly engaged with your content, you can make good money on Instagram.

How do Beginners Make Money on Instagram?

Beginners can start earning by :

Becoming an influencer and advertising different brand products

Promoting affiliated offers

Starting an Instagram Shop

Creating Quality content

Becoming an Instagram consultant or coach.


So, whichever way you choose to make money on Instagram, work on it. Use your connections, ask your friends to promote your page. Now, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, Have patience, stay focused!

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