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How to Increase Twitter Followers: Organic Ways in 2023

January 3, 2023 in Social Media

Social networking sites have got us all hooked on the internet. And when everyone is spending more time on the internet, what better place is there than social networking sites to market yourself or your brand? Twitter is one social networking site that allows you to engage with people directly and form deeper connections.

increase twitter followers
Increase Twitter followers

You must be wondering how to engage more people, you need more followers, and doing that is a task! If you are looking for ways to get more followers or Increase Twitter Followers read on for some ways you can do that:

1) Get Creative With Your Bio

Although it might not seem very relevant to you, your Twitter bio is the first thing a person sees when they visit your page. That is what defines you, and people judge your profile based on that. So as they say the first impression is the last impression, you have to make your follow-worthy. Mention your interests and passion in the bio so that like-minded people can follow you.

2) Keep Your Profile Updated

Always keep your Twitter profile up to date with profile picture updated and useful content pinned to the top so that whenever anyone looks at your profile, they don’t see your profile as an inactive account.

3) Write Retweet Worthy Tweets

If you write a tweet that one of your current followers likes and they retweet, your audience widens. More people can then view your tweet and follow you for more tweets on that topic. So make sure the things you tweet are engaging as well as spread worthy.

4) Ask For Retweets

Sometimes people might not retweet your tweet even when they like it but simply asking them to retweet, it can help you more retweets on your latest tweet

5) Follow People

Start following people with the same interest as yours. When you follow more people, some of them will follow you back because people always want to connect with people having the same interest as theirs.

6) Tweet Regularly

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but you need to tweet at least once or twice a day. People who visit your profile and decide to follow you by seeing whether or not you’re regular with your tweeting and since no one wants to follow an inactive profile, it is better to tweet regularly to get more people to follow you.

7) Try Engaging With People

Try to engage in conversations with other users on Twitter. Not only will you have deeper and more meaningful conversations, but people will look at the conversations you are having, and if it interests them, they might visit your profile and follow you too.

8) Use Twitter Analytics

You can use Twitter analytics to see which post of yours or the content you got the best engagement with. Following that, you can create similar content that can help you get more followers on board. And try to know at what time most of your followers are retweeting you and try to tweet at that time so that you can engage other followers through those tweets too.

9) Reply To Tweets By Famous People

It might not get you a reply from them, but people looking at their tweets will see the replies under that tweet and might give a look at your profile too if your replies are interesting.

10) Share Useful Resource

Try sharing useful resources on your Twitter profile. It might not be your original content but something of relevance to other users. People will always follow someone who shares useful content to get that on their feed regularly.

11) Find Followers Through Keywords

You can try looking for people having similar interests as yours by simply typing keywords. And when you are on their profile, follow them and reply to their tweets that interest you. This will increase the chances of them following you back.

12) Mention Your Twitter Username Everywhere

When you are posting on some other networking site, don’t shy away from mentioning your Twitter username. If you have higher audience engagement on Facebook or Instagram, but the link to your Twitter profile there so that people following you on that site can be redirected to Twitter too.

13) Conduct Twitter Exclusive Contests

Supporting the earlier point, if you have more engagement on other sites, conduct contests that will be held exclusively on your Twitter profile, and all the details and announcements will be done on the same. This will attract people to your Twitter profile and follow you.

14) Use Hashtags

Use hashtags trending at any point in time. Those hashtags will make your tweet reach people who are not following you but following that hashtag.

use hashtags

Hashtags will increase the visibility of your tweet and make it reach people following the same interest as yours.

15) Jump into other’s Conversation

Twitter is a social networking site, and no one would mind if you put in your opinion, too on an ongoing topic. But try this only when you have a valuable opinion or insight to give, not just for the sake of getting followers.

Better content and wider engagement will make your Twitter profile a follow-worthy profile. If you share stuff that an audience wants, more people would want to be a part of that audience. Getting followers doesn’t seem as hard a task after reading these tips to get more followers, right? So get to tweeting and let the world follow you!



What does my Twitter profile need to increase followers?

Make sure all important details such as name, bio,etc are all filled up. Include hashtags in your bio too.

How can I engage with my Twitter followers?

Engagement leads to increased reach and visibility; Reply to tweets from accounts you follow to increase engagement.

How often should I tweet to increase Twitter followers?

Studies recommend tweeting 5-15 times in a day.

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