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Best Blogger Outreach Program | All You Need To Know

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What is Blogger Outreach Program?

An article or Content Submission service is an SEO tool or strategy that uses an article directory to make high-quality backlinks. But besides this, this tool has some other benefits. Article submission also works as a guide to the products and services a website is trying to sell.

A blogger outreach program is a strategic approach to collaborate with influential bloggers and website owners to promote your brand, products, or services. It involves building relationships, pitching content or collaborations, and leveraging the blogger’s audience and influence to expand your reach and drive targeted traffic. Our writers and marketing experts ensure that your niche and subject area is researched in detail before writing the content, making the articles informative and beneficial for the readers. Our experienced content writers target the content with top keywords so that not just are the links from articles relevant, and even the article may get rankings and drive traffic to your site.

This article will cover all the aspects of the blogger outreach program so without any further ado, lets get started. 


Benefits of Blogger Outreach Program

  • More targeted traffic

We will ensure that your articles are submitted to the websites which have a lot of traffic. This will draw more targeted traffic to your website.

  • Link Building

We will embed the link of your website in the articles and description, in the right quantity and at the right places. These links will work as one-way links to your site. Hence, your link popularity and visibility will increase without making your articles look spammy.

  • Better Awareness

We will include in-depth information about the products and services you are selling on the website.

This is especially useful for brand which are dealing with products like electronics or a newer good like disability rehabilitation equipment etc. as consumers like to gather information, before making a purchase.

  • Increase in Profits

Our qualified writers will write informative and entertaining articles, explaining the products and services you are selling. This will give confidence to your targeted audience, and they will be more inclined to make a purchase. Hence, you will see a considerable increase in your profits.

 Top Blogger Outreach Tools

The top blogger outreach programs are selected below to expand your blog and sway.

  • BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a well-liked all-in-one outreach platform that enables you to handle everything from locating influencers to contacting to maintaining your campaigns if you try to connect with them. Among its busiest customers are Airbnb, Canva, Glassdoor, Shopify, Indeed, and 99designs.

BuzzStream pricing

BuzzStream costs $24 monthly for one user and up to 1,000 contacts. BuzzStream’s capabilities are standard, while its more expensive subscriptions offer three or more users, team functionality, and up to 300,000 contacts.

  • Snov.io

A straightforward but effective email outreach tool is Snov.io. It enables you to locate emails in various methods, validate emails, including those on your whole email list, and develop outreach programs. More than 250,000 people use it; some have worked for organizations like Uber, Lenovo, LEGO, NYU, SoundCloud, and Ubisoft.

Snov.io pricing

A free everlasting plan from Snov.io includes 50 credits each month and up to 200 contacts. The email finding and email verification tools are both credit-based. With 1,000 credits and up to 5,000 contacts, premium plans start at $39 per month. For annual plans, discounts are provided.

  • Hunter

A 2015 tool for outreach is called Hunter. Despite continuing to offer new features crucial to outreach initiatives, it specializes in finding emails in many ways. Around 1.8 million users, including companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Adobe, have used it.

Hunter pricing

Hunter provides a free everlasting plan with up to 50 requests and campaigns each month. For up to 1,000 requests, premium subscriptions start at €49 per month. Moreover, CSV exports are included, and all annual plans are eligible for 30% savings.

  • Semrush

Semrush is a marketing software program with multiple uses that provides many features.

Its most well-known capabilities are the domain and keyword overviews, which let you conduct in-depth keyword research and competitive and self-research. Additionally, it has capabilities for social media, statistics for advertising, and backlink analysis.

Many people need to be aware that Semrush provides a whole solution for organizing outreach programs, prospecting, sending emails, and monitoring responses.

Semrush pricing

For as little as $119.95 a month, Semrush is accessible, and plans for one year are 16% cheaper. Programs range from one another in terms of the limits they provide for projects, reports per day, projects, keywords to follow, pages to crawl every month, and more.

All of Semrush’s tools are only partially accessible on the cheapest plan. In terms of outreach, this plan allows you to keep an eye on up to 50 social media accounts.

  •  BuzzSumo

You may utilize BuzzSumo, a content marketing platform, to uncover influencers and trending subjects in a few different ways. Publishers, including BuzzFeed, The Telegraph, and HubSpot, have utilized this well-liked technology.

For campaign intelligence, PR professionals utilize this tool.

BuzzSumo Pricing

BuzzSumo provides five different plans, starting at $119 a month. You can also choose to pay in total upfront to save 20%. There are more users, alerts, and monthly searches accessible the higher the plan.

A 30-day free trial of BuzzSumo is available.

  • Mailshake

A link-building campaign-focused outreach tool is called Mailshake. It aids in cold email campaign creation and distribution. You can monitor who has opened, clicked, and responded to your emails, and it assists you in automating the process.

Mailshake pricing

Milkshake has two plans: sales engagement and email outreach. With a discount for buying an annual subscription, Email Outreach costs $59 a month per user. At $99 per month per person, you can access all capabilities with the Sales Engagement plan.

Although the company doesn’t provide free trials, it does have a 30-day refund policy.

  •  Awario

You may track brand mentions across many platforms using the social media monitoring application Awario. In terms of outreach, you can keep an eye on numerous keywords associated with your niche to locate top influencers and guest blogging chances.

Awario pricing

Awario is accessible for just $39 per month. This package includes up to 3 subjects to track, 30,000 mentions each month, and one team member.