Performance Marketing

Our clients see 230% Increase in ROI With Our Sevices

Data-driven strategies to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), generating high-quality leads and boosting sales.

Why Choose Cannibals Media?

Whether you’re a local business or an established brand, our marketing solutions will help you achieve sustained growth, increase in sales and leads.

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230+ Clients Worldwide

200% Higher ROAS

Optimize your ad spend with our expert strategies. Trusted by businesses across various industries for delivering results.

Performance Marketing Services

Google PPC Campaigns

Identify and target high-performing keywords to reach your ideal audience.

Social Media Advertising

Leverage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more to expand your reach.

Audience Targeting

Utilize precise targeting to connect with potential customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We use high-CRO landing pages and A/B testing to find the most effective combinations.

Data-Driven Insights

Use analytics to make informed decisions and improve performance.

Simple Pricing

Hire our expert SEO team and focus on specific SEO projects with clear goals.


Startup Plan 🚀

Ideal for small businesses and startups

Comprehensive keyword research and strategy.

Targeted PPC campaigns on Google Ads.

Social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


Pro Plan 🧠

Ideal for businesses seeking improved lead generation

Full-scale PPC campaigns across multiple platforms.

Conversion rate optimization.

Bi-weekly performance reports.


Growth 💪

Ideal for companies with high competition

Advanced keyword research and competitive analysis.

Multi-platform PPC campaigns (Google, Facebook, Instagram)

Conversion rate optimization and A/B testing.

What do our clients say?

Reviews From Business Owners Like You!

dr ishwar bohra

Dr. Ishwar Bohra

BLK-Max Hospital, Delhi

Rahul and his team’s Facebook lead generation for our CSR Weightloss campaign was outstanding. We saw a significant increase in qualified leads, enhancing our community outreach effectively.

Dr. Anjali Verma

Ex-V.P., Chandigarh

With Cannibals Media’s Facebook ads, our bariartic surgery campaign attracted high-quality leads, improving patient engagement. Their expertise made a significant impact.

boh tjarks

Mayank Sharma

CEO, Giganodes Host

Their Google Ads expertise boosted our website traffic and sales. Their precise targeting and management significantly enhanced our online presence.

What are Performance Marketing Services?

Performance marketing services focus on delivering measurable results like clicks, leads, and sales through strategic advertising. At Cannibals Media, we specialize in data-driven PPC campaigns, social media ads, and advanced analytics to ensure every marketing effort maximizes ROI and directly impacts your business growth.

Who Uses Performance Marketing?

Businesses of all sizes use performance marketing to achieve specific goals. At Cannibals Media, we serve diverse clients—from startups to large enterprises, including e-commerce and service providers—aiming to boost traffic, generate leads, and increase sales through targeted, measurable campaigns.

What are Some Examples of Performance Marketing?

Examples of performance marketing include tailored PPC campaigns on Google Ads, targeted social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and effective affiliate marketing strategies. We also use retargeting ads to re-engage potential customers who have previously interacted with your brand.

Is Performance Marketing the Same as SEO?

No, performance marketing and SEO are different. Performance marketing involves paid strategies like PPC and social media ads for immediate results. SEO focuses on optimizing your website to improve organic search rankings, driving long-term, unpaid traffic. Both are essential for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.