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Free & Premium Stock Photo Websites For Businesses (15 Best)

December 16, 2022 in Editor Picks

The reason to have good images on your platform is the ability of people to memorize faster through images. But if images create a heavy impact over each business impressionist, every image the website users must have is of high-grade quality. So, where are these images to be found? To answer your question, we have created the best guide for the top stock photo websites for your business for free.

Top 15 Free & Premium Stock Photo Websites for Businesses

Photos are one of the most viewed parts of a blog or a website because they help the viewers in memorizing details about the services provided on them. Studies show that people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. There’s research that suggests that 65% of people are visual learners, therefore,  Netizens want the flow of top-to-down with the sleek design of understandable information.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash website comes at the top of our list of the best stock photo websites due to its terms and conditions. Because there are none. According to the team Unsplash, they feature the best images on their homepage. Ten royalty-free photos are uploaded every ten days and believe us.


As for Unsplash, it clutters out the cheesy images and delivers breathtaking images. Furthermore, Users can choose from the library containing 300,000 images for your icon, logo, or website images. As for the images, they are under the Unsplash license, but users can use them, crop them, edit or modify them, and distribute them without permission. 

2. StockSnap

StockSnap is a platform that was created to release the frustration of finding good-quality images online. With its initials, the platform became a major name for free stock images, also with their search tool, you can find the best images you want for your use. 

In addition to this, StockSnap adds beautiful canvas photos and pictures every week, and the homepage provides the user to choose between their top categories. Also, Here at SnapStock, all these images are free to use under a simple CC0 license, which lets you recreate the photos the way you want without attribution. 

3. Kaboompics

On our list, Kaboompics is a rookie, however, the growth is similar to a pro. From landscapes, wall canvas to home decor and fashion, Kaboompics has it all for you. You choose quality images from the categorized flow of the page, styled in one single flow and, every photo on the site has a separate colour palette with free graphics to use.

Karolina, an entrepreneur from Poland, started the page after following her passion for photography and graphic & web designing. It has a vast majority of titles in the library. Today, Kaboompics offer some of the best quality images for commercial and non-commercial usage. 

4. ISO Republic

ISO Republic is a daughter site that offers free stock images for PR management and marketing companies. The platform is owned by an independent site that is run by a small group of contributors. The platform uploads their best images per week. Also, you can sign up for the newsletter to get the images directly. 

At ISO Republic, the provision of the best CC0 licensed images for top quality is the main goal. As founders have kept the design smart and minimalistic, users can triangulate images with more ease. The convenient search bar helps you to find perfect images for you instantly.

5. Pexels

Pexels is one of the most commonly used stock image platforms on the internet. The photos are nicely tagged, easy to navigate, and are CC0 licensed. Pexels was founded in 2014 and run by Bruno Joseph, Ingo Joseph, and Daniel Frese. The main goal behind Pexels is to deliver free images for creators, designers, artists, and programmers.

pexels image

The company is still going strong with its motto of “Empowering Creators.” The site offers 40,000 free digital stock images, which you can discover with beautifully designed search bar results.

6. New Old Stocks

If you want the lost long photos of the vintage era, then New Old Stock is a pit stop for you. New Old Stock is an archived collection of antique photos taken by government agencies. These photos could be from the public domain or discovered in estate sales. Users can scroll for hours on the site without getting vibes of boredom.

The site offers free images to new users for commercial and non-commercial use. Here, most of the images are free of copyright or source fee. However, users are advised to look out for the terms and conditions offered by the original provider, just in case.

7. Pixabay

Next on our list of the best stock photo websites comes Pixabay. Founded by Hans Braxmeier and Simon Steinberger in November 2010, Pixabay is an interactive online community, supporting 20 different languages. Furthermore, here at Pixabay, the photos are free of attribution, well most of them and, if you require attributes for their licensed use, you can contact their original provider directly. 

From thousands of fresh new concepts, Pixabay filters top-rated and high-quality images every week also, the site offers a smooth and simple search toolbar and easy-to-navigate options, delivering a variety of trendy marketing digital images. You can download the photo in any possible quality for your smartphone, PC, and iOS device compatibility.

8. Life Of Pix

If you have never heard Life of Pix, then you must have only generic images presented to you. Life of Pix was founded by The Leeroy Advertising Agency, located in Montreal for the general public in the city. As traffic across the site increased, services covered the better parts of the globe. The platform is known for its strict rules against low-key images. 

Subsequently, the terms have made it easier to get only the best of the best! Also, Life of Vids is the same venture as the company that features the best short videos, GIFs, and animations. Both Life of Pix and Life of Vids are completely free, offering ‘No Copyright’ restrictions.

9. Burst

Burst is another great platform that was introduced by Shopify as a marketing tool. But when the company saw the site’s potential, it was made available for public use. Burst is a digital library of photos and quality snapshots, including dozens of categories in their vast library. 

Here at Burst, the images are directed, distributed, and offered to new businesses, developers, bloggers, websites, and more. All of the images are free for commercial use without any attribution, however, you can attach a link to the photographer’s page for their growth and appreciation.

10. Foodies Feed

Foodies are everywhere. They are taking down Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and all of the social media. On average, 27% of Internet users on Instagram share food content. This means food fans connect to Instagram on an average of 18 times a day. And that calls for new food engagements every day. 

Foodies Feed realized the marketing industry and branding sector. So keeping one particular niche, Foodies Feed was founded and made to our list of best stock photo websites. Food businesses, bloggers, and websites who crave high-quality food content in high resolution without any attribution; this is their starting point.

11. Pixa Ocean

Pixa Ocean is one of the latest sites that deliver quality stock photos for your business templates, blog home page, and banners. A large collection of some of the wide categories, including landscapes, beauty, abstract, and more than 20 titles of royalty-free images. 

Founded in 2016 by a simple idea of sharing travelling photography, the principle is still being worked upon. Users who travel frequently can upload their raw photographs, which are checked and approved by the server and, if approved, your images could become a part of something bigger you can imagine only.

12. Splitshire

It lives to their tagline of “Giving life to images that could have been lost in oblivion.” Splitshire represents sharing images with every individual for their development and growth and, now thousands of high-quality digital images are live on many named platforms.

The site offers free stock images for both commercial and non-commercial use. As of now, Splitshire has 2,000,000 downloads and over 6,000,000 website page views and as for the editing part, the website offers a great deal of search and edit freedom to the users. 

13. Free Nature Stock

Free Nature stock was founded by Adrian Pelletier. He had one aim: to deliver raw and organic nature photos and, his love for travelling got her the idea of Free Nature Stock. Free Nature Stock lets you download images, videos, vectors, graphics, and animations of nature’s beauty.

The platform is designed for nature lovers who want to show their love and interest in travelling , also Every week, hundreds of photographs are uploaded for business models and developers. Also, the company promotes a travel blog to help you pave the way for your perfect business. 

14. Free JPG

FreeJPG managed to get on our list because of its editing tools and web design features. The website provides a large number of free HD stock photos. Furthermore, the images you will see are uploaded by members of the public. The website provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring photographers and videographers.

In addition to its editing tool feature, Free JPG lets you download quality images according to different categories and contexts also, you can use the photos on your brand name, and if you are starting a new business or startup, you can further check FreeJPG out and will surely don’t feel like leaving it for a while.

15. Snapwire

Snapwire offers plenty of buildings and landscape photos for users, and the images can be downloaded from a prominent library of stock images. The platform adds new photos every seven days. Therefore, you can never feel lost with the old content.

Snapwire lets you download free, high-quality stock images without attribution and, recently, the site introduced ‘Social Media Trends,’ which offers trending image categories on its platform. How cool is that!

The Takeaways

So, here are the top 15 stock photo websites that offer high-quality images. There are leading websites such as iStock, Shutterstock, DepositPhotos, etc, and, for such purposes, their pricing is also premium.  Therefore, here, we are trying to mention all the amazing websites that are either free or easily affordable and, do let us know if you’re aware of any other amazing websites in the comment section below.



What is Stock Photography?

Stock photographs are images that are royalty-free and can be used for commercial purposes. Businesses and professionals can purchase the right to use images for their Flyers, Websites, Social Media, and much more.

Are Images on Stock Photos Sites Really Free?

How Can I Use Images From Stock Photo Sites?

The images are published under a creative commons license, therefore it gives you permission to use the images and videos in either a personal or professional capacity, in practically limitless ways.


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