Dior’s Marketing Strategy: Full Breakdown

Dior is a name you have most certainly heard. Have you wondered– how does did Dior make the money? Or What is the Dior marketing strategy? You have reached the right place for the answers. This article will give you the full breakdown of Dior marketing. Dior uses the following ways for its marketing strategy:…


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Dior Marketing Strategy

Dior marketing strategy

Dior is a name you have most certainly heard. Have you wondered– how does did Dior make the money? Or What is the Dior marketing strategy? You have reached the right place for the answers. This article will give you the full breakdown of Dior marketing.

Dior uses the following ways for its marketing strategy:

  1. Dior’s Target Market
  2. Dior Marketing by Advertising
  3. Marketing Campaigns
  4. Fashion Shows/Runway Shows
  5. Dior Marketing By Promotions– Social media, promotions, collaborations

Continue reading to learn more about the Dior marketing strategy– how the company goes about its success in the fashion industry, especially among the elite people inclined to own luxury items.

About Christian Dior (Dior)

As the name hints, the company was named after the founder– Christian Ernest Dior. He is a French fashion designer, and Dior came into the world in 1946. The first fashion collection for Spring-Summer debuted in February of 1947.

Christian Dior

The name of the collection, “New Look,” was explicitly picked to show a break from the past and a way towards a bright new future, connecting the brand with hope and change since this took place after the Second World War.

Since then, Dior has become popular even after the Christian’s sudden passing in 1957. Today, Dior is one of the world’s leading fashion houses, having top celebrities as their brand ambassadors.

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A Breakdown of Dior’s Marketing Strategy

Here is a complete breakdown of the marketing strategy of Dior. We are looking at what Dior uses to get the marketing sector of the fashion house successfully running.

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Dior’s Target Market

Dior’s target audience is various people who enjoy clothes that have an essence of luxury and classic style. They include rich people who can purchase Dior’s expensive products and fashion lovers who are passionate about the designs.

Dior's Target Market

The target audience also includes people of all ages because the company offers a wide range of items, from new trends for younger customers to classic styles for older ones.

Dior’s Marketing by Advertising

The advertisement strategy for Dior is recognized for its looks and attractiveness. The design house works with outstanding professional photographers and filmmakers to produce aesthetically pleasing advertisements resembling mini-movies.

The pictures or videos used for Dior advertising are edited to go easy on the eyes and are aesthetically pleasing. They also choose celebrities who will represent Dior as its brand ambassador and are the brand’s face.

Some of these celebrities choose to wear a particular brand to extravagant events such as the Met Gala. Now, since the Met Gala happens once every year, the stars ask the designers of Dior to custom-make outfits for them.

Given the celebrity’s popularity, they draw attention to what they’re wearing and hence advertise the skills of the designers in Dior.

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Marketing Campaigns

This type of advertisement conveys stories. They sometimes talk about history, such as the famous “New Look” style, as mentioned in the beginning. At other times, they address essential topics like feminism, environmental issues, and more.

ready-to-wear campaign

Stories like these help people feel more connected to Dior rather than just buying products from the house. Some examples are– The ready-to-wear campaign, the art of the color campaign, the pret a port campaign, and more.

Fashion Shows/Runway Shows

We all know Dior’s fashion shows are essential for their marketing strategy. These events allow Dior to show off their clothing lines or newly launched accessories. Every runway show is carefully planned according to a theme, and everything is cleverly matched.

runway show

Dior invites celebrities and fashion experts to attend these events. They do this so that the people asked can post about attending an exclusive event on their social media.

This is exposed to their vast following and spreading the word about the brand’s new drop. The celebrities that attend the fashion shows also act as an advertisement for Dior, attracting their fans to the brand.

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Dior Marketing By Promotions

We discussed this in the previous subtopic– one of Dior’s ways of marketing using social media. Not only social media, Dior has multiple ways they use promotion as a marketing strategy.

They promote offers allowing you to buy Dior items at cheaper rates while keeping the brand looking different. We also know that Dior collaborates with famous artists, designers, and influencers to produce exclusive products, some of which are available for you to buy for a limited period.

Dior promotion

By doing this, customers like you feel the sense of getting your hands on the items before they are gone. These collaborators, usually celebrities, bring much attention to Dior online.

Not only does Dior use these modern ways of promoting their products to interested people, but this house of fashion also uses the traditional method– fine print. Yes, this fashion brand also uses the newspaper to spread the word about a new product.

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How does Dior advertise their products?

Dior uses marketing strategies, as discussed in this article. These include social media, fashion shows, and collaborating or partnerships with famous artists. Dior also uses interactive promotions– an event with a celebrity promoting a product.

What is Dior's competitive advantage?

The brand name the fashion house has and the popularity within which it strives is an advantage Dior has over other fashion houses. These houses in competition with Dior also offer something similar, but if they don’t have Dior’s fanbase, then they are at a disadvantage.

Who is Dior's main ambassador?

All the K-pop fans know this– it is Park Jimin from the famous Korean boyband, BTS. They are also known as Bangtan Seonyodan or simply the Bangtan Boys. Park Jimin is now the global ambassador for Dior.

What other celebrities represent Dior?

Here is a list of celebrities that represent Dior– Park Jimin, Kim Jisoo, Bella Hadid, Carla Brun, Isabella Adjani, Eva Green, Jude Law, and so many more.


This article has covered the marketing strategies that Dior uses. We have covered marketing strategies ranging from Runway shows to Online promotions and marketing campaigns.

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