Rare Beauty SWOT Analysis: Deconstructing the Marketing Strategy

Rare Beauty SWOT Analysis

Have you ever wondered how the Disney Star/Music Sensation Selena Gomez runs her makeup line– Rare Beauty? You have reached the correct destination! Here is a Rare Beauty SWOT analysis.

Rare Beauty has a lot added to its strengths and weaknesses. Its marketing strategy is one of them. The Rare Beauty marketing strategy includes social media, promotion parties, the founder attending the launch events in various places, etc. 

Please keep reading to learn more about the Rare Beauty SWOT analysis and Deconstructing its Marketing Strategy. If you are a newly launched brand, you should go through this to prepare yourself because Rare Beauty will surely be one of your competition companies.

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Rare Beauty SWOT Analysis: STRENGTHS

Most of the strengths are used as Rare Beauty’s marketing strategy–

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Popular Founder

Rare Beauty skyrocketed to success because of its founder– Selena Gomez. Many people buy products from her makeup line thanks to Selena’s popularity and influence on her fans.

Rare Beauty Selena Gomez

Social Media Influence

Selena Gomez’s social media presence is immaculate, especially given that she is very popular and has a massive following on Instagram. Rare Beauty has accounts on Instagram and TikTok– the biggest social media platforms.

These social media platforms post videos and pictures of the products to attract more people to the brand and try it out. They repost videos of people testing it out and giving reviews for the audience.

Multiple Influencers (PR)

Every company has a team that sends out PR packages to influencers to try out for free so that they can post a video on their account telling their followers about it and reaching a wider audience.

These reviews depend on the influencer’s posting and how they like the product. People viewing these influencers are more likely to be potential buyers at Rare Beauty, which makes it a strategy for marketing.

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Hosted By Sephora

Sephora is one of the biggest make-up-selling brands– having a decent amount of makeup companies selling their products through them. Rare Beauty was launched at Sephora stores in different places.

 Hosted By Sephora

People trust Sephora to sell the best quality makeup products, and any brand coming into the Sephora stores quickly increases sales after the launch and is loved by the rare beauty target market.

Easy Advertisement

The Rare Beauty advertisement is easy for the company because of Selena Gomez’s circle and connections. Since every brand’s success has a part played by celebrities, it is easy for Rare Beauty to get stars to advertise the beauty brand.

Rare Beauty SWOT Analysis: WEAKNESSES

Buying Options

Since the beauty brand is relatively new, the buying options are limited. You can only purchase authentic Rare Beauty products by visiting the Sephora store or their website and Rare Beauty’s official website.

Not Globally Expanded

Rare Beauty has yet to have its official store; it depends on Sephora and its website for sales. Not many Sephora stores spread worldwide, making it less accessible to those who want to purchase it, keeping potential customers back.

Rare beauty website

The Product Prices

Some people may be unhappy with the price of the products of Rare Beauty, which may be the reason for diminished sales. Even if they love the product, it might be a one-time purchase because of its cost.

It will cost the customers even more if they need the products shipped from a different country, not to mention the additional taxes.

Rare Beauty SWOT Analysis: OPPORTUNITIES

Collaborating With Different Makeup Brands Or Celebrities

There are no collaborations between Rare Beauty and anyone else as of yet. Collaborating with other beauty brands can help Rare Beauty’s marketing reach a bigger audience, some of which follow the founder/influencer and will buy the products made in collaborations.

Only Murderers in the Building X Rare Beauty

Add More Products To the Line

Rare Beauty has a decent amount of products in its line, but people are always looking for more. What they need could be a product that rare beauty has to offer. This will satisfy customer needs and further get them to advertise the product, attracting more customers.

Launching New Stores

Brand or product-specific stores are significant in the retail industry. Rare Beauty can launch its store selling its products independently without relying on Sephora.

Rare Beauty SWOT Analysis: THREATS

Tough Competition

Florence by Mills, Fenty Beauty, Rhode, Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, etc., threaten Rare Beauty. These brands were launched way before Rare Beauty and held quite a good reputation in the beauty industry. This puts Rare Beauty in a position to stand out among the rest.

competitive brands


Keeping Up With The Trends

It is hard to develop a new product continually, but the company has to if it wants to outshine brands with similar products as Rare Beauty. Rare Beauty must improve its game if another company launches a new product or a better version of a past product.

The brand must develop newer and better products that meet the trends and satisfy the customer’s needs.

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Which beauty brand is better– Rare Beauty or Kylie Cosmetics?

Kylie Cosmetics was launched in 2014, but Rare Beauty is relatively new, and compared to Kylie Cosmetics, Rare Beauty has gained quite the popularity for its products faster than Kylie Cosmetics.

Is Rare Beauty successful?

Rare Beauty's sales have only risen, given its popularity, thanks to its founder– Selena Gomez. According to statistics, in 2022, the beauty brand sold 3.1 million units.

Who is the CEO of Rare Beauty?

We know who the founder is but not the CEO of the beauty brand– Chris Hobson is the CEO and the President of Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez.

What beauty brands are Rare Beauty's competitors?

Fenty Beauty, Rhode, Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, Pareto Beauty, Clinique, Dior and so many more. The beauty product industry has many people, and it takes time to navigate it.


We reviewed all the strengths that add to Rare Beauty’s marketing strategy. We explored the weaknesses that add to the downfall of the brand. What the brand could do to improve its marketing and reach and the threats it faces in the industry.

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