13 Brands that Collaborate with Small Influencers and Bloggers

Are you a small influencer looking for brands to collaborate with in India? Well, look no further! This article will explore 13 brands that collaborate with small influencers and bloggers, providing exciting opportunities to grow your online presence and reach a wider audience.

Here are 13 brands that have collaborated with micro-influencers in the past, such as La Croix, Daniel Wellington, ASOS, Coca-Cola, Sperry, Glossier, Dove, Sephora, Forever 21, Ideal Flatmate, Gillette, Amazon’s Audible, and Banana Republic.

Collaborating with these brands can help small influencers grow their following, gain experience, and build their portfolio. Keep reading as we show tips for collaborating with these brands – from using their designated hashtags, joining their influencer programs, or participating in social media contests. 

Brands that Collaborate with Small Influencers

Influencers are original social media material authors and can engage their audience with various activities. Influencer marketing is a strategy many companies employ to market their goods and services to prospective customers. Here, marketing with a convincing and practical approach is crucial. influencersExperts in a particular field are frequently influencers. It might be anything, including clothing, watches, sneakers, and skincare. Influencers have a large audience, but working with them is pricey. However, micro-influencers are more approachable and reasonably priced.

Paid Collaboration Platforms

Today, the best way to communicate is through social media. Brands and influencers can connect on online collaboration platforms to create campaigns, establish marketing trends, and boost visibility and sales. Such ads can be for various platforms, including Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, remember that having more followers sometimes equates to having a higher success rate.

How Can a Micro Influencer Work With Brands?

When brands search for tiny influencers to work with, it’s critical to be unique to stand out from the competition.

Writing a solid pitch is the one thing that will help you get paid for brand collaborations.

It would help if you had a practical Toolkit to secure paid sponsorships and successfully charge what you’re worth. These packages save you time and provide the necessary resources to pitch and work with companies.

micro influencers

A different thing you can do is to provide some exclusive material for brands on Instagram Stories or in a blog post that they could find interesting. Write testimonials and lessons about things you use and adore.

To stand out, you can also develop a hashtag that businesses may use in posting about you. This will ensure your fans see the material and are more engaged when browsing social media sites like Twitter or Instagram.

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Where Can I Find Brands That Work With Small Influencers?

You might be wondering where to look for brands that work with tiny influencers first.

Comparative Analysis

Start by investigating the sources of the collaborations of your rivals who operate in a related market.


You can look for pertinent hashtags on Instagram to locate brands that work with little-known influencers. Select hashtags related to your niche and browse the recent and top postings lists.

Sites Of Brands

The next step is to visit the websites of various brands and search for a link to apply and submit your work.

Platforms For Leveraging Influencers

Additionally, you may look at influencer marketing tools like Webfluential that assist brands in locating influencers that are appropriate for them.


Some firms may advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for micro-influencers to collaborate with.

Before submitting yourself as a candidate, take the time to complete a profile on these websites, and while you do so, be sure to link your social media accounts so they can see what kind of content and following you have.

Top 13 Brands that Collaborate with Small Influencers

Here is the latest list of the brands that collaborate with Small Influencers. You can directly reach out to them or use the list to filter out similar brands for your campaign:

La Croix

La Croix is a renowned trademark that has visited triumph with micro-influencers. Rather than the standard trade practices utilized by additional liquid regiments, La Croix teamed with the Whole30 nourishment agenda and micro-influencers to showcase their outcomes.


la croix

For a possibility to be featured on their silhouette, LaCroix vigorously urges its supporters to operate engraved hashtags such as #LaCroixlove and #LiveLaCroix. The label even unites with influencers with more infrequent than 1000 followers.

To facilitate influencer associations, LaCroix even ships out coupons for complimentary chances of their beverages to micro-influencers.

The Live LaCroix extract on their site showcases the scope uploaded by micro-influencers across diverse outlets.

How to collaborate with La Croix: La Croix peeks for micro-influencers to portray the trademark by uncovering individuals who have already labeled it on their social media bases. We suggest utilizing the hashtags #LaCroixlove and #LiveLaCroix to get the label’s awareness. 

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington’s approach is explicit: Present influencers a timepiece or other encouragements in trade for a subsidized position on Instagram advertising the trademark.

daniel wellington

Not only this, but they also allow you to get featured in their posts. Their customary #DWPickoftheDay battle challenges influencers to produce innovative scope for a possibility to be reposted on Daniel Wellington’s authorized version.

How to perform with Daniel Wellington: Mark up on their webpage to unite their international representative gathering as an influencer. Joining trademark competitions like #DWPickoftheDay can likewise be a perfect way to get caught by the trademark. 


The ASOS Insiders influencer agenda is a practical component of ASOS’ victory and 3.2 billion dollar income. Asos favors our style and looks professional to facilitate the label’s garments, supplements, and other styling creations.


ASOS Insiders publish pictures of themselves advertising the label’s creation on their forum, along with the yield regulation in the picture caption.

How to operate with Asos: The most helpful mode to acquire seen by the label is by publishing the scope depicting the label with the hashtag #ASSEENONME.


Enterprise managers like Coca-Cola are no outsiders to influencer transactions. Their #Cokeambassador drive has micro-influencers who regularly publish pictures of themselves with a Coke in hand.

coca cola

A contemporary illustration of their influencer-dealing actions is the @cocacolabelgium movement. They cooperated with Instagrammers from the style, expedition, and lifestyle endeavors with less than 100K followers to advance to Belgian customers.

How to operate with Coca-Cola: Most trademarks near monitor engraved hashtags. Most of Coca-Cola’s influencers employ #cokeambassador to describe Coca-Cola. Utilizing this hashtag and rate range can be a perfect method to acquire their trade crew’s lookout.


Sperry, comprehended for its ship shoes, is a famous brand that collaborates with small influencers and concentrates on Instagram to enhance its digital trade design and social branding. 


Their movement involves teaming with diminutive influencers sharing prevalent pictures of Sperry’s outcomes on social media. The delegates acquire the funding that they can utilize to entertain their congregations and audiences.

Sperry again ventured OpenSponsorship, a forum that unites athletes with labels. This venue resulted in drive possibilities for 6,000 athletes symbolizing 160 other dupes.

How to unite with Sperry: They generally prefer influencers from Instagram users who already communicate high-quality pictures of its outgrowths. So, count the trademark’s authorized hashtags #sperry and #sperrystyle to your range. 

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Glossier has launched an influencer agenda in which influencers acquire derivative deals or further non-monetary inducements to publish tapes regarding glossier outcomes they appreciate. 


They’ve built a setting where anyone who frays and wants their cosmetics can be an influencer. The business has a troop of more than 500 emissaries.

How to team with Glossier: An ideal way to obtain Glossier’s engagement is to begin tagging @Glossier in a range that emphasizes their creations.

Amazon’s Audible

Amazon’s Audible teamed on a drive with photog Jesse Driftwood, who had rarer than 100K supporters on Instagram. 

Rather than a deals tip to upgrade Audibly, Jesse communicated his outlook on how employing Audible enabled him to dwell efficacious. The post acquired over 10,000 likes and 300 remarks, with a 30% attention swiftness.

amazon audible

How to partner with Amazon: You can evolve into an Amazon influencer by marking up on their website. 

Banana Republic

The Banana Republic is a notable instance of a trademark teaming with Instagram style and lifestyle micro-influencers. They have conducted 13 such drives, contacting 43.2 million clients.

banana republic

Their drives mostly use Instagram micro-influencers to sporting seasonal apparel cords in various scenes. 

How to function with the Banana Republic: The multiple everyday hashtags operated by their influencers when publicizing ingrained range are #itsbanana, #brmovesyou, #brmakeitmatter, and #brholiday. We advise publicizing the rate range with these hashtags to get seen by the trademark.

Forever 21

To be featured across Forever 21‘s social media, the label encourages clients to publicize images of their famous costumes on their social media feed with #F21xMe. 

In swap for communicating range featuring Forever 21 getups, the Forever 21 Influencer Drive produces influencers at a flat price and garment funding.

forever 21

How to function with Forever 21: Forever 21 is consistently darting for new skills, so email your samples to [email protected] today. Furthermore, hold eyesight on their page and social media for influencer drive reports. 


With over 58k Posts, #SephoraSquad is one of Instagram’s multiple vast social media drives. Sephora founded this movement to pivot fanatics into label representatives. 


They offer micro-influencers entry to the latest Sephora creations to experiment with and inspect online. Sephora utilizes influencer trade regularly drives to hire with a more extensive audience and spotlight business civilization.

How to perform with Sephora: Watch for slots at their authorized Sephora squad website.


Dove is one of those labels that regard unfiltered looks, and it doesn’t consider operating screened photographs to elevate the label but favors ordinary individuals. Therefore, Dove engages nano-influencers (with slighter than 1K supporters) and micro-influencers to broadcast on Instagram.


That is why nano influencers’ suggestions are more potential to summarize to recent clients because you understand they genuinely appreciate the creation. They prefer to employ nano-influencers to expand their grasp of the creations. 

Ideal Flatmate

Ideal Flatmate is a UK-based page that seeks to uncover suitable apartments and room partners for scholars and others. It helps specifically by engaging diminutive influencers to facilitate the trademark. Ideal Flatmate confirms engaging individuals within the identical nook, youthful learner influencers who usually search for secure, cost-effective lodgings. Diminutive influencers comprehend the welfare of their supporters and, thus, what suggestions are most valuable to produce.

ideal flatmate

Accordingly, Ideal Flatmate has produced a wholesome association with multiple small influencers that advertise their benefits to their mark audiences. Targeting your audience provides a more practical effect with more infrequent help.


Gillette is a razor manufacturing enterprise that is one of the largest within its niche. While Gillette is a renowned trademark of its period, it sensed the demand to contact out more to the more youthful era. The razor enterprise is generally male-dominated, so Gillette concentrated its branding on females by engaging female influencers. It employs diminutive influencers and stimulates them to label Gillette on razors in daily life posts.


It operates against leading aesthetic photographs of extra restrooms and facilitates candid, unfiltered pictures. The movement is still operating successfully and is scrutinizing to interest more influencers.


Which are the Brands that Collaborate with Small Influencers?

Some brands collaborate with small influencers on Instagram, like audible, forever 21, Sephora, and much more.

What is the Best Platform for Influencer Marketing?

Viral Nation is a double influencer platform. They focus on finding the right brand for influencers while being an influencer themselves. They work with brands like GoPro, Nestle, McDonald's, and Disney. Viral Nation is always searching Instagram, Youtube, and other platforms for talent.

How do you get Influencer Deals?

As you can see, influencer venues are an excellent spot to uncover label sales, so certainly sign up for some of those if you haven't already. If you enjoy performing with specific trademarks, you may want to unite with the mechanisms that portray them.


In today’s social media transactions, labels are bringing as many advantages to social media as possible. They either promote their outcomes and benefits or engage social media influencers. Many renowned brands collaborate with small influencers. Influencers have credentials to enormous audiences and can convince them towards their offers. Whether micro-influencers with slighter than 10K supporters or well-established influencers with millions of supporters, there will always be labels peeking to cooperate with you.

While you strongly believe that micro-influencers (influencers with around 100K supporters) would get overlooked, labels identify the benefits of engaging micro-influencers. For instance, micro-influencers command way smaller than macro-influencers because their spread is less distant than the notes. Furthermore, since the rarer supporters, the more emotional one can reach their supporters, their employment is more elevated than macro-influencers.

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