How to Pitch to Hotels as a Blogger: 5 Best Ways


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You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve ever wondered how to pitch to hotels as a blogger. Creating the perfect pitch can seem impossible, but there are certain ways by which you can win the situation. The moment is now to up your game and find those perfect partnerships.

For bloggers, working with hotels can be very advantageous. It allows them to develop intriguing and captivating content, widen their audience, and build fruitful collaborations. From the beginning, we’ll demonstrate how to leave a lasting impression on hotels. We’ll discuss creating a welcoming environment, writing an engaging introduction, and infusing your blogging voice. After all, first impressions do matter.

Bloggers, however, need to know the value of a convincing presentation if they hope to secure collaborations. A persuasive proposal can draw hotels’ attention, highlight the blogger’s distinctive value, and illustrate how the partnership may be profitable for both parties. Continue reading to learn more about how to pitch hotels as a blogger.

Top 5 Ways to Pitch to Hotels as a Blogger

Best ways how to pitch hotels as a blogger are mentioned below:

Creating an Attractive Introduction

A compelling introduction is essential when pitching to hotels and is one of the primary answers to how to pitch hotels as a blogger. It’s essential to grab their attention quickly and leave a lasting impression.

attractive introduction

Successful pitches often begin with careful preparation. First, appreciate the hotel’s stellar reputation and other distinguishing features. Demonstrate a genuine interest in what they offer, highlighting how working together can benefit both parties.

Use a captivating beginning that piques their interest to really wow the hotel. A compelling narrative or thought-provoking inquiry that would resonate with the hotel’s ideal clientele might do the trick. Make sure your introduction to your blog has some of your unique voice and character.

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Learning about the Hotel

Do your homework after knowing how to pitch hotels as a blogger and before contacting a hotel in hopes of proposing. Determine first who you want to stay at the hotel. Find out about their regular customers and what they like. With this information, you can better match your pitch with their target market and demonstrate how your content would appeal to that market.

learning about the hotel

Studying the hotel’s brand and objective is the next step. Knowing about the hotel will help you frame your pitch to complement your brand naturally.

Finally, take a look at the hotel’s current advertising campaigns. Investigate any active initiatives, social media approaches, or content focuses they may have. With this knowledge, you can make a more convincing case for collaboration by suggesting projects complimenting their ongoing work.

Adapting Your Proposal to the Hotel’s Requirements

Successful pitches consider the particular needs and preferences of the target hotel’s guests. It is one of the main things to know about how to reach out to hotels as an influencer. Be sure to emphasize how your words will aid the hotel in achieving its goals.

hotel's requirements

To persuade them to hire you, show them how your services may increase their web presence, attract a specific audience, or increase brand awareness. Make a point of highlighting the benefits you can bring to their marketing initiatives.

Adapt your presentation to the desired appearance of the hotel. To understand who they are, look at their voice, brand colors, and logo. To appeal to their customers, ensure your pitch has the same tone and vibe as their brand.

Putting Your Knowledge and Skills on Display

When pitching hotels, showcasing your successes as a travel blogger is critical. It establishes your dependability and aids in building trust. Show off your knowledge and experience as a blogger. Mention any accolades, successes, or awards you’ve received for your blog. It will strengthen your case and aid in closing the purchase.

knowledge and skills

Include any experience you may have had working in the hospitality industry. Show you market trends, customer preferences, and the challenges hotels confront in the digital era. Doing this promotes you as a knowledgeable team member who can provide insightful information.

List some of your most successful joint ventures or collaborations with other businesses. Concentrate on the outcomes you obtained and your content’s beneficial impact on their online presence. It proves your prior accomplishment and gives the hotel confidence in hiring you.

Crafting a Superb Proposal for Cooperative Work

If you want to work with a hotel, you must produce a compelling proposal highlighting the benefits of influencer hotel collaboration.

Get the ball rolling by listing how the hotel profits from cooperating with you. You can increase your brand’s visibility, connect with a more engaged audience, develop engaging new content, and make some money. Show how your cooperation will help them realize their objectives.


Give a concrete hotel collaboration email template for cooperation that align with the hotel’s aims and demographic. Your suggestions include:

  • Creating engaging blog posts on their facilities.
  • Emphasizing the area’s tourist attractions.
  • Launching a social media campaign to draw attention to their special deals.

Demonstrate how your content may raise their online profile by tailoring your ideas to their brand.

Being specific about the results you expect to achieve from working together is essential. To prove you are serious about delivering high-quality content, you should be as specific as possible when specifying the deliverables’ amount, quality, and format.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you write a hotel for collaboration?

Personalization and focusing on win-win benefits are essential when contacting hotels about potential partnerships. Exhibit your knowledge, suggest collaboration avenues that align with their goals, and keep your message short and polished. Give your information and show your appreciation for their time.

How do I invite bloggers to my hotel?

When inviting bloggers to your hotel, sending them an invitation that will pique their interest is crucial. Look for bloggers whose opinions and passions reflect the audience that your brand is trying to reach. Contact them and explain why collaborating with your hotel would benefit both parties. Emphasize the exclusive features, services, and activities that can only be enjoyed by staying at your institution. Facilitate the blogger’s response and trip planning by being genuine, professional, and offering all necessary details.

How do you write a collaboration blog post with hotels?

When writing a blog post in collaboration with a hotel, it is essential to have a clear objective and conduct in-depth research on the establishment. Consider the pacing of your post and the terminology you’ll employ to describe the situation. Use first-person accounts and photos of a high caliber. Promote the blog post on social media, offer readers helpful content, and be transparent and open about sponsorships.

How to get free hotel stays as an influencer?

Influencers often receive free trips thanks to partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations with various travel-related firms. They gain the attention of these businesses by publishing helpful content and praising their products (hotels, restaurants, etc.), which in turn may result in compensation (such as free services or discounted rates) in exchange for advertising.


As a blogger knowing how to pitch hotels as a blogger is important. You must do your homework, create a convincing presentation, and pitch it to hotels. You may boost your chances of partnering with hotels and making beneficial connections by crafting a compelling pitch, conducting significant research, tailoring it to the hotel’s requirements, highlighting your skills and experience, and submitting an enticing collaboration proposal.

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