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How to Go Viral with Reels on Instagram

January 16, 2023 in Social Media

Are you obsessed with IG reels too? Reels are a short-video feature on Instagram which has something for everyone. This latest trend has swept over entire social media. Entertainment, Educational content, Fashion trends, Travel. You think of something, and you get it there. It’s a new requirement for any brand or creative.

Creating Instagram Reels for your profile might be one of the most effective methods to increase your Instagram followers and engagement. They’re an actual growth hack right now! 

how to viral reels on instagram

While there is no way to ensure that an Instagram Reel will become viral, we have a few suggestions for making viral reels. If you’re having trouble obtaining more views on your Reels, consider these strategies for making reels go viral.

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Create Exceptional Content

Instagram is a very visual platform, and your content must be eye-catching and of excellent quality for people to stop scrolling. So, the simplest method to go viral on Instagram Reels is to create fantastic videos that engage the audience, and reel content should tempt them enough to view them on loop and also share them.

Define your Reel’s content. Instagram’s algorithm selects which posts are shown to which users based on machine learning technology. Who sees your Reel will be influenced by the niche in which it fits. As a result, the larger the public interest, the more likely it will become viral.

how to viral reels on instagram

With millions of creators uploading to Instagram Reels daily, coming up with creative ideas is daunting. Thankfully, you don’t have to start from scratch when preparing your Instagram Reels. 

The most important thing is developing informative and entertaining content with Personalization. You can take any old concept and make it fresh and entertaining by adding Personal touch and creativity.

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The Hook

It is the section of a video that will pique the interest of viewers when you’ve done or said something surprising or thrilling, for example.

Because consumers watch hundreds of Reels every day, you must start your videos with something that will draw them in. Within a few seconds, they need to know if a video is interesting/exciting/shocking enough for them to watch the entire thing.

the hook how to viral reels on instagram

Instagram tracks the amount of time people spend looking at your content and their interactions with it. So you want users to stay for the duration of every video you broadcast, whether it’s Reels, IGTV, feed videos, or anything.

Structure your videos such that the hook comes first, followed by the story.

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Build Momentum By Sharing.

The period after posting a Reel is essential for its development, so do whatever you can to catch the momentum it needs to go viral. The more people who watch your Reel, the more people will see it, so be sure to: Share your Reels on your Stories and feed to gain traction from your existing following.

Share your Reel on other social media platforms and Get viewers to your Instagram profile. Encourage as many people as you can to share your Reel.

build momentum

Posting during an hour when your audience is usually responsive and more likely to watch is also very effective.

Tag everyone who is relevant. If you’re going to feature a brand, be sure you tag them. Tag your favorite meme account if you’re going to submit a comedy reel. The more audience knows about it, the better it is.

Look For The Latest Trends in Reels and Add Personalization to Them.

If you’re trying to go popular on Instagram Reels by catching on the latest trend, keep a check on the points below.

Do your homework: you’ll need to watch a lot of Reels and get to know your target audience well to determine which Reels trends will connect the most with them.


Understand the trend: Re-creating a trend is great, but if your video misses the essence of the content, it will not become viral.

latest trends in reels

Don’t forget to give some Personalization to it. No one wants to watch the same Reel repeatedly. Also, keep in mind that your audience follows you because they enjoy your content. Make your version of the trend that best fits your profile.

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Consider Trending and Relevant Audio for Your Reel.

If Instagram understands that a particular audience is interested in a trend, its algorithm will deliver more of those videos to that audience. The number of times people put a specific track on their movies is one way the platform may detect this. 

latest audio

If a sound or music is utilized repeatedly on numerous Reels, it will be recommended. If you use one of these well-known songs, you have a greater chance of garnering new fans and viewers and, as a consequence, going viral. 

Another great piece of advice is to select audio that relates to the video’s subject.

Ensure Consistency in Your Content Creation

Instagram has emphasized that the success of your Reels is determined by how consistently and frequently you publish. We understand: that no one has time to create 4 to 7 Reels every week. Instead, commit to uploading at least one Reel every week and ensure consistency if you post more.

ensure consistency

Consider generating Reels in bulk to save time in the long term. Don’t quit once you’ve gone viral – it’s the ideal moment to capitalize on your newfound popularity and publish again to ride the wave of success.

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Take Note of Your Stats and Profile

When it comes to your Reels, the stats on your account are crucial. Please keep track of when your audience is most engaged and which Reels acquire the most traction based on the time and day they are posted.

take notes of your stats

It would help if you also used any good Analytics tool to track your hashtag analytics to increase the likelihood of your Reel showing in a hashtag search. If you have a high-Rank Ratio for a single hashtag, you should utilize that hashtag on your Reel to increase your chances of ranking.


Because hashtags are getting so overused in-feed content, your other stuff is becoming to drown in them. Nowadays, getting traffic with hashtags is difficult.

However, it’s a different story on Reels right now. Because there aren’t as many content creators utilizing the feature as frequently as they are putting to the feed, there’s less rivalry among the hashtags. Therefore the results are decent.


This implies there’s a strong possibility you’ll start trending on some huge hashtags associated with your Reels post. However, the hashtags must be relevant and properly selected to suit the sort of Reels you’re posting.

Make use of all 30 hashtags. A limit of 30 hashtags per Reel exists, similar to Instagram posts, and you should utilize them all to increase your reach and chances of your Reel becoming viral.

Make a hashtag ladder: Include hashtags with low, medium, and high competitiveness concerning your Instagram engagement numbers.

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Drive Reels to Your Feed

Use the “Also share to feed” button when sharing your Reel. This will distribute the information to your followers on your standard Profile feed and Reels feed too.

This increases your chances of being visible on the Explore page since your followers’ views will increase the number of views, likes, comments, and shares, all of which are important to the algorithm determining where a post appears on Explore.

how to viral reels on instagram

Because Instagram prioritizes Reels material at present, people who utilize the feature will be given more real space than those who solely use the feed to publish stuff. This implies you’ll be able to reach more folks who aren’t already following you.

Traits That Make a Video Go Viral

Because enough wide range of content goes viral on Instagram Reels, we can’t pinpoint one factor that causes it to become viral. On the other hand, Viral Reels all seem to have the following traits.

video go viral

  1. Value addition: Give your audience something of value, such as vacation ideas, iPhone camera techniques, or cooking hacks. 
  2. Inspiring: Telling a tale about a journey, a change, or an aspirational path.
  3. Relatable: Your content shall be something that your audience can relate to. Reels become relatable when you incorporate well-timed and relevant audio that viewers will want to listen to again or utilize for themselves. 
  4. Time and Quality: Take advantage of a trend at the correct time, and The video, editing, lighting, and sound are all of the highest quality.

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How do you Make a Reel go Viral on Instagram?

To go viral on Instagram by reels, one must make reels on a specific niche and use attention-grabbing viral elements.

How to Fetch More Views on IG Reels?

Captions or texts can help fetch more views as people watch those reels repeatedly.

Do Hashtags Work on Reels?

Hashtags are as effective in reels as on any feed posts or stories to increase the reach, and one can use them either in the caption or in the comment section.

What Makes a Reel Popular?

To popularize your reels, you should use trending music or music that suits your theme, which will help you attract more viewers.

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Because Reels are one of Instagram’s newest features, you will be rewarded for publishing them. If one can go viral on Instagram Reels, they’ll be setting the stage for a significant boost in engagement and growth. Going viral on Reels means that your material reaches more audiences than it would otherwise. 

The views considered viral is totally dependent on your current metrics. As a result, virality is proportional to your present reach. If a Reel has three times or more views than usual, you’re on the correct route to being viral. However, time is equally important.

If your Reel catches pace in just an hour of being posted, you can expect it’ll go viral. But, if it continues to struggle for engagement after that point, it is incapable of taking off.

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