Top 7 Creative Instagram Story Ideas to Try


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Know about Ideas on Creative Instagram story. What is the most effective technique to advertise your product while saving time and money? But to entice customers, you must be satisfactorily original and imaginative. That’s why you need Instagram stories since it’s a terrific way to connect with potential customers when they show interest in your goods and interact with them. Your Instagram story’s creativity will determine everything, so you must think of inventive ways to keep your audience interested in advance. The concepts should be enjoyable, unique, and intriguing.

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This article will discuss creating an engaging Instagram story and methods for persuading viewers to engage with your posts.

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7 Best Creative Instagram Story Ideas

Here see 7 creative Instagram story ideas that are fun to create:

Using Fun Stickers

Convert your brand’s content story into an advertisement and post it to your Instagram to promote discounts, sales, or deals for your business or raise brand awareness.


While more brands are uploading videos and images for promotional purposes on Instagram, you can use a variety of stickers to help your content stand out from the rest. 

Conducting Polls

One of the best methods to learn what they enjoy is to conduct exciting polls. Instagram polls often offer two or more choices so that users can vote. To get feedback on the material and help the company understand what customers want, how to adapt it to satisfy their needs, and how to meet their understanding, Instagram polls are posted. Similar to surveys, polls help us identify solutions and client requirements. Instagram polls are your best option if you need clarification on your audience’s preferences or more content. 


The LEGO toy firm is well-known, and kids are their primary market. To expand their target market to include the elderly, who wish to purchase the Lego kit for their grandchildren and adults. The LEGO business used Instagram stories to promote the product with a poll; they exhibited a motorcycle model that will interest bike enthusiasts and seniors.

Post a countdown to launch a product

According to your company’s needs, whether you are laughing at a product, announcing a product sale, or wishing to go Instagram live, you can use the countdown sticker. Countdown stickers help increase customer curiosity, and Instagram reminds your customer if your company is live or sales have started.


This is the best way to excite your audience about your launch events and increase their participation.

Tagging people 

The concept of tagging individuals Let’s look at another customer who bought your products and posted about them on Instagram. By including it in a tag on your website, you can strengthen the authority of their content. Because so many other people start a conversation with the business, it is the finest method to develop trust.

tag people

Your brand becomes more valuable, and there is a significant possibility that they will purchase your goods. You gain social proof from the stories that mention you.

Share your post on the story

Sharing your posts on Instagram stories is the best way to keep up with your most recent updates. Reposting them in stories will help your consumers stand out if you need help coming up with fresh content ideas. 

share post

You can increase followers by tagging the post and including a link to it in your articles. Occasionally, people may miss a regular post. To help people identify your most recent featured posts, use pertinent hashtags.

BTS (Behind the Scene)Videos 

It is one of the creative Instagram story ideas, and you can demonstrate your transparency to your audience by sharing behind-the-scenes videos on your Instagram stories. Interest in your product will rise if you display the manufacturing process.


For instance, if you own a flower store, you can now upload a video showcasing how you gather and beautifully arrange flowers from the garden. Giving customers a sneak will enable them to connect with the brand. After all, we are all humans. Everyone wants to know and is curious about how things are done. So the sneak peek video will give your customer that transparency.

Adding vibrant images

Even though adding photographs to Instagram stories may seem like a dated practice, it still has a strong effect. Let’s say you run a restaurant and want to raise your brand’s visibility. Take a sharp image of the dishes and the menu card, and then share any specials or discounts for the course of dishes. 

vibrant images

This is the conventional method. However, instead of publishing a protracted advertisement or video that will force your readers to skip the parts quickly, utilize this one. It has a more appealing image that attracts more customers.

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How do you make Instagram stories creative?

You may add bright images, run polls, tag users, and use amusing Instagram stickers. To increase followers on your page, you can change the background color, choose fonts that look better on it, and utilize a variety of Instagram stickers.

What are the most engaging Instagram stories?

One of the best methods to learn what they enjoy is to conduct exciting polls. Instagram polls often offer two or more choices so that users can vote. To get feedback on the material and help the company understand what customers want, how to adapt it to satisfy their needs, and how to meet their understanding.

What is the best way to engage on Instagram?

The most effective technique to interact with your followers is to post a Q&A section. You can respond to their inquiries or host an Instagram Live to engage with them in a real-time conversation.

What grabs attention on Instagram?

Be unique, maintain your uniqueness, have an outstanding photographic style, post consistently, use the tools, and craft engaging captions are just a few simple things you can do to get more people to notice your page.


Similar to this, there are various features on Instagram that you can use to make your own Instagram stories. It doesn’t matter. All that is required is an interactive session with clients, such as a poll, or you can engage your audience with entertaining and engaging material if you have it. Remember that your promotion should entertain the audience rather than compel them to watch it. That is the first step in getting your audience to converse with you.

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