How to Get the Perfect Reels Ratio on Instagram?


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As social media platforms continue to evolve, Instagram, one of the most popular platforms, is known for sharing short-form videos through its feature called “Reels.” In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to get the perfect Reels ratio on Instagram, allowing you to create high-quality content that stands out from the crowd.

Create captivating Instagram Reels with the perfect ratio effortlessly. Begin by selecting a 9:16 aspect ratio for vertical videos. Optimize your lighting and use high-quality equipment for crisp visuals. Experiment with different perspectives and compositions to provide variation. Add catchy captions and relevant hashtags for better discoverability. Watch your Reels thrive. 

Discover the secret to achieving the ideal Reels ratio on Instagram with our expert tips. Learn the art of captivating storytelling, effective editing techniques, and strategic use of music to create engaging content that seamlessly integrates with your audience’s feed. Enhance your Reels game effortlessly.

How to Get the Perfect Reels Ratio on Instagram? Answered

Instagram Reels can be defined as short-form videos (up to 60 seconds) that anyone can edit with various creative tools, such as music, filters, and special effects.

They are designed to be easily discoverable and shareable and can be accessed through the Reels tab on a user’s Instagram profile or the Explore page.

what are instagram reels

However, in terms of the Reels ratio on Instagram, it might be helpful to focus on tips and best practices for creating engaging and effective Reels content; here are some possible tips you can include:

Keep it short and sweet 

The Reels are designed to be short and catchy, so keep your content focused on the topic.

Use trending sounds and hashtags

Increase the visibility of your Reels by using popular songs and hashtags.

Add eye-catching visuals 

Use filters, transitions, and special effects to make your Reels more engaging and exciting.

Be honest and tell the truth

Don’t try to be who you are, don’t say weird things. Instead, concentrate on producing content that accurately portrays your personality and brand.

Experiment and have fun

Reels are another growing trend on Instagram, so feel free to experiment with different features to see what your audience finds the best.

How Do They Work?

Reels can be up to sixty seconds long and contain various creative elements, including music, filters, effects, and text overlays.

how do instagram reels work

Open Instagram

On your smartphone, open the Instagram app and select the camera menu.

Access Reels 

To access Reels, open the Instagram app, tap the camera icon, then swipe to the Reels option at the bottom. Camera modes, including Reels, are available at the bottom of the screen.

Create your Reel

Click on the Reels option to access the Reels recording interface. You can record videos now or upload pre-recorded content from your device’s gallery. Add stickers, photos, and cover text to make your Reel more appealing.

Editing and customizing

Record and upload your video clips or use Instagram’s editing tools to trim sequences, adjust speed, and rearrange your clips. Add stickers, images, and cover text to make your Reel more appealing.

Share your Reel 

Once you like your Reel, add a caption, hashtags, and relevant tags to increase its visibility. You can share your Reel on your Instagram feed, your Reels tab, and as you like on the Explore page, where it can reach a wider audience.

Why is a Strong Online Presence on Social Media Important?

Reels are a powerful tool for building strong social media for several reasons:

strong online presence

Higher visibility

Reels allow you to reach more people than your existing followers. They usually appear on the search page, meaning users who don’t follow you can still see your content.


Reels are more attractive. They’re small, visually appealing, and often use music, making them perfect for grabbing and holding your audience’s attention.


Reels are simple to share and can help your content reach a bigger audience. Users can share your Reel to their feeds or stories, increasing the potential for your content to go viral.

Algorithmic favorability

Social media algorithms favor video content, and reels are no exception. By consistently creating high-quality reels, you increase your chances of being recommended to new users and gaining more followers.

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Determining the Perfect Reels Ratio On Instagram

Why is the perfect reel ratio different for every account?

Each account’s perfect reel ratio varies due to user preferences, content quality, engagement levels, and algorithmic adjustments. These factors influence the optimal ratio of reels to other content types, ensuring that the account’s content resonates with its specific audience and maximizes engagement and growth potential.

Considerations to make before deciding the perfect reels ratio

Here are the factors to consider when determining the perfect reels ratio, presented in a point format:


Understanding the demographics, preferences, and behavior of the account’s target audience is crucial in determining the correct ratio of reels. For example, if the audience primarily comprises younger generations, a higher ratio of reels may effectively capture their attention and engagement.



The account’s goals, such as increasing followers, driving sales, or brand awareness, should be considered when deciding on the reel ratio. Different goals may require different ratios of reels versus other types of content, depending on their effectiveness in achieving the desired outcome.



The type and quality of content the account produces also play a significant role in determining the perfect reel ratio. For example, if the account primarily makes visually engaging and informative content, a higher ratio of reels may be appropriate to leverage the platform’s strengths.

However, if the account produces a diverse range of content types, a lower ratio of reels may be sufficient to maintain audience interest and engagement.

content type

Examples of reels ratios for various kinds of accounts

  1. Personal accounts: 1:1 (Ideal for sharing daily moments and personal experiences)
  2. Business accounts: 9:16 (Optimized for product showcases and promotional content)
  3. Travel accounts: 4:5 (Great for capturing landscape shots and travel adventures)
  4. Food accounts: 1:1 (Perfect for showcasing delicious meals and recipes)
  5. Fitness accounts: 16:9 (Suitable for sharing workout routines and fitness tips)
  6. Fashion accounts: 4:3 (Ideal for displaying fashion looks and outfit inspirations)
  7. Art accounts: 1:1 (Great for showcasing artwork and creative process)
  8. DIY accounts: 16:9 (Perfect for sharing step-by-step tutorials and DIY projects)
  9. Pet accounts: 4:5 (Optimized for capturing adorable pet moments and antics)
  10. Music Accounts: 9:16 (prefer to play and post behind-the-scenes images).

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Reels Ratio On Instagram

Here are some tips for getting a better Reels ratio:


  • Provide a balanced mix of content to keep the audience engaged.
  • Experiment with different methods and techniques.
  • Check out the high-quality photos and captivating captions.
  • Include trending topics and hashtags to increase visibility.
  • Analyze your research to discover optimal strategies for your audience.
  • Expand your reach by collaborating with other manufacturers.
  • Establish a regular posting frequency to keep them engaged.

Remember, adaptability and creativity are the keys to mastering the Reels game!


What aspect ratio is best for an Instagram reel?

The recommended aspect ratio for an Instagram reel is 9:16, indicating that the video should be longer than wide.

Can I use a different aspect ratio for Instagram Reels?

Instagram still lets you publish videos with other aspect ratios, despite the Reel’s preferred 9:16 aspect ratio. However, adhering to the suggested ratio guarantees that your content will fit on the screen without cutting or distortion.

How can I create an Instagram reel with the ideal aspect ratio?

To get the perfect aspect ratio for your Instagram Reels, you can either shoot your video vertically using your phone’s camera or use video editing software to crop your footage and resize it to 9:16 before uploading it to the platform.

What happens if I upload a video with the wrong aspect ratio to Instagram Reels?

If you upload a video with an aspect ratio that doesn’t match Instagram Reels’ recommended 9:16 ratio, the platform will automatically crop your video to fit the screen. It might result in parts of your video being cut off or letterboxing appearing around the edges.

Can I change the aspect ratio of an existing video to fit Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can use video editing software or apps to adjust the aspect ratio of an existing video to 9:16. This allows you to repurpose your content specifically for Instagram Reels without compromising its quality or visual appeal.


Achieving the perfect Reels ratio on Instagram requires a delicate balance between content, timing, and engagement. By understanding your target audience, creating visually captivating videos, and strategically optimizing your hashtags, you can increase your chances of gaining organic reach and building a solid presence on the platform.

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