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How to start a business on Instagram? (25+ Best Instagram business ideas)

January 16, 2023 in Social Media

These days online shopping and digital marketing are the most trending and growing business setups, which are easily opted for by everyone. Due to this trend, social media is becoming one of the most essential platforms for brands and marketers, especially Instagram. In this era, Instagram plays an essential role in connecting brands and their followers, and some Instagram business ideas can be very helpful in this case.

The online audience is used to ads and content related to different pages. Customers must see the value of products and services before exploring further. Users take action, such as visiting a site, shopping, or searching online, after liking a post on Instagram.

If you have never thought of starting an Instagram business, it’s the perfect time to work on it. Since many Instagram business ideas can be started by only using Instagram, here are some that can be used to create some profitable business platforms on Instagram that are also profitable.

Instagram is more accessible and less time-consuming than other sites. Hence, it can be one of the best options for starting an Instagram business these days.

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How to create a business account on Instagram?

Simply create an Instagram account by downloading the app and linking it with your Facebook for additional benefits.
Complete your profile and switch your account from a personal to a business account. After this, a new graph icon appears on top of your Instagram app.

This insights page lets you keep track of promotions and engagement stats.

After this, you can edit your username, bio, and profile picture related to your business. Try to have a logo that attracts the audience.
Try to invite more and several friends, which helps in marketing and growing your services.

27 Best Instagram business ideas in 2023

Here are some of the best Instagram business ideas that can help you start a business on Instagram. Some of them are the most profitable Instagram business ideas.

Product reviewer

One of the unique ways to start your Instagram business is to share your reviews of specific products and influence others to use such products, which helps in social media marketing because everyone, before using any kind of product or service, prefers to know about its review from others.

Product Reviewer

Social commerce sellers

You can directly sell your products on Instagram by posting photos and mentioning their details. Later, you can contact your followers who are interested in it. This is one of the most common ways of earning through Instagram business ideas.

Digital product seller

If you want to sell ebooks and printables, Instagram can help you reach customers who show interest in your service.


Photographer in different fields helps you to grow and showcase your talent among people. You can go for portrait photography, product photography, food photography, and many more. Through this, you can earn a considerable commission from owners of such services. This is one of the most attractive Instagram Business ideas.


Printed product seller

If you are a designer and have some unique images, you can print them on t-shirts, mugs, pillows, etc., which can be further used for promoting your products; this is a trending Instagram business idea these days.

Food channel

If you are a foodie, you can simply use this talent to earn directly from Instagram. Just go out and share your favorite dishes and restaurants with people and later work with those food brands.

Food Channel

Fashion blogger

You can share your variety of outfits and work with those brands as an influencer. This helps grow considerably since people are influenced excellently through these accounts.

Fashion Blogger

DIY experts

One of the easiest ways is to post your tutorials and DIY projects so your followers can learn new techniques. Later, collaborate with different brands and sponsor different project kits to enhance your business.

DIY Experts

Food blogger

Working as an influencer with different food brands can take you to great heights. If you are not selling anything, you can simply share recipes for various dishes, which can earn a huge audience.

Food Blogger

Travel blogger

You can work with different airlines and hotels and help them in increasing their brand name. This is fun because you get to explore different places and earn a good amount of money.

Travel Blogger

Lifestyle blogger

You can approach different brands, which can help you grow your Instagram content and later maintain a track of followers.

Lifestyle Blogger

Makeup artist

And now one of the most profitable business ideas on Instagram. Here you can showcase your work which helps you contact your followers, who can later book your services.

Makeup Artist

Graphic designer

To earn through Instagram, you can post your graphic design work, and clients can directly contact you to procure your services. You can also post interesting examples of your more specific and offer your infographic design work to your clients.

Graphic Designer


These days we are living around an animated aura. This helps your specialization in animations for videos and posting your work on Instagram, and this helps you to contact different brands and services.

Brand ambassador

There are several ways in which you can post about a specific brand. If you grow a significant following, it might help you earn a great bag of money or get some perks.

Brand Ambassador

Public speaker

If you possess the talent for speaking, then you can share your expertise, thoughts, and advice with people through Instagram by offering examples of your talk through Instagram live. This Instagram business idea can give you a name as well as fame.

Public Speaker

Live event promoter

You can rely heavily on Instagram if you want to become an event promoter by promoting events live on Instagram. This is a great platform to earn big money. This one is not a well-known Instagram business idea but has a good scope in the future.

Meme maker

Since memes are an essential part of Instagram, if you are creative and possess a eat sense of humor, you are coming to the right place. Instagram also pays those who successfully create a buzz among people related to a specific brand or service, which grabs a good number of customers.

Photo editing app

If you can create an app, then you can do such work, including creating photos and video editing features for other users through Instagram. You can earn well in this field but need to be creative.

Instagram contest services

One of the most popular methods of advertising a brand or a product is to conduct a contest. If you are capable enough, conduct contests and giveaways, which help you interact with different brands and services, which give you a handsome amount.

Fitness coach

If you are an expert in the fitness field, use this talent to earn money by simply using video features and going for tutorials and coaching classes. Customers can interact with you, and you can further increase your business by providing other services, like diet charts.

Fitness Coach

Online course creator

You can create some kind of online courses and related study material that users can buy to learn some subject. You can even conduct workshops, give away lectures, and promote your offerings to students, which is very helpful in earning a good amount.

Lettering service

If you are skilled in calligraphy and designing, then you can use this as a tool to dig for money. You can simply display your work through photos and allow people to see it. Later on, those who wish to use your services can contact you.

Lettering Service

Real estate

Since it’s a million-dollar industry that hires many people, you can use your page to promote properties by posting pictures of rooms and houses you want to sell and adding details.

Real Estate

Second-hand good services

You can even go for reselling some second-hand goods. You can post them on Instagram, mention the required details, and then promote them effectively to earn and even let people place bids on your goods.

Sell shout-out

In this, you are paid by your followers for promoting their products and services by simply mentioning them in your post and stories. In this case, you need many followers on Instagram, and you can even use a ShoutCart for such shout-outs.

Network marketing

This is basically affiliated with marketing. Through this, you can sell products of different brands and earn a small amount of commission too. You can even recruit people and make earnings through their commission. This way, you can set up your small organization, which can continue your business on Instagram.

Network Marketing

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How to set up your store on Instagram?

After a long list of Instagram business ideas, there is one more way of earning through Instagram. You can set up your store on Instagram, where you have followers, but they are not your buyers yet. To do so, you have created an Instagram shop that is more accessible to social-driven customers.

These days, users are bored of listening to details about products and are prone to know stories about products. This is one of the significant factors that can help you establish an unsuspected Instagram shop.

The use of hashtags is the most common method to increase your number of buyers. Remember to mention the link to your store in your bio, so buyers know what they want to buy.

Reviews play a very important role in social media marketing, and buyers want to see and know about the products from other buyers so they can put faith in your products and services. So you need to share feedback from your past buyers to earn new buyers.

How to promote your Instagram business/brand?

To increase your marketing, you can benefit from collaborating with us. Cannibals Media offers custom-tailored services for marketing. We help gather customers and grow your name among people through their different marketing strategies. These Instagram business ideas can be more effective if you take the help of Cannibals.

We help you through the different strategies that are mentioned below:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As the name suggests, if you want your brand or product to rule over others, this strategy helps a lot. We at Cannibals help you find eligible customers to maximize your revenue and sales.

  • Social Media Marketing

It is one of the most potent weapons that help businesses reach possibilities and customers. Great marketing helps your business to reach its peak.

  • Influencer Marketing

We promote your products and services by collaborating with different influencers worldwide.

  • Blogger Outreach

We provide you with articles that can find a place in the audience’s heart so that customers are convinced to use your products and services. Our articles are informative, knowledgeable, as well as entertaining at the same time.

Make your Instagram profile more effective through instant optimization.

Use the sections provided in your Instagram business profile. Through this, potential followers will receive information upfront. 

optimize your instagram profile

Use the fields below to optimize your profile:

  • Use your corporate logo as your profile photo. After that, people can recognize your business.
  • Name: Use the same name as your company’s other social media profiles.
  • Username: You can create your username with your company’s name. Please be aware that spaces are not allowed in usernames.
  • Pronouns: This feature is available on every profile. Use it only if you are the public face of your company.
  • Only this URL will be clickable on your Instagram profile. Most companies use their websites or link to their most recent promotional pages, and you can also use the link in the bio tool to link to many pages.
  • Profile: Other Instagram users will notice you when they read your bio. Describe your company’s services. Promote your website, or place your brand’s motto here (or all the above, actually).
  • Page: Add your Facebook business page and your Instagram business profile.
  • Choose the category that most reflects the sector or scope of your brand’s products.
  • Contact options: Connect all your most effective communication channels. Your contact options must include phone, email, and physical address.
  • Include a call-to-action button to your profile. This can be as follows: “Order food”, “Book now”, “Reserve”, or “Get a quote”.
  • Instagram story highlights: Add story highlights to your Instagram profile. Group them into your product categories.

Decide your target market

First, ensure the information you provide will appeal to your target audience. Yet, you must first identify that target audience before you can do it. Look at your current client persona, and analyze the information they share by following them. Look into the brands they follow and examine the information they post.

decide your target audience

After that, use those insights to declare your content strategy. Note which articles, tales, or reels receive the most views, which will help you produce more similar content.

Decide goals and KPIs

 Following are some of the most likely objectives that you can gain from your Instagram presence:

  • Sales
  • Website visitors, Engagement, and Followers
  • material created by users
  • Partnering with influencers

Create and develop Instagram strategy 

Create a fruitful Instagram strategy. For instance, assemble an Instagram store and tag your company’s products in each post. Apply the link sticker to your Instagram stories. Then set a link in the bio page with several links to your website, sales pages, and blog posts. This may help you improve website traffic.

Track Instagram performance and metrics

You have access to incorporated analytics, insights, and all the data. Use this to your benefit to assess your plan’s usefulness. View your most popular posts. The amount of interaction each post receives. Your followers’ information, and more.

track instagram performance and metrics

You may use Sprout Social’s social media analytics dashboard for more detailed information.

Make a calendar for your content and publishing schedule

Set up a social media content calendar and start to schedule your posts. This is the final touch-up of your Instagram strategy.

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Which is the Best Business to Start on Instagram?

There can be multiple options to start from, but the best ones are to start as an influencer, affiliate marketer, photoshoot stylish, videographer, photographer, etc.

What Sells Most on Instagram?

Instagram has a huge beauty, health & fitness, skincare, and clothing market. These products are mostly bought and sold on Instagram.

What Pages get the Most Engagement on Instagram?

Pages with Food blogs, Inspirational quotes, User-generated images, Behind the scenes, and trending content receive the most traffic.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram?

1. Be persistent in posting content.

2. Use relevant hashtags.

3. Keep up with the trend.

4. Include a clear call to action.

Final words

Monthly visit of more than 700 million users on Instagram is a potent weapon that can be used to earn money if well harnessed. If brought into effect, some of the abovementioned Instagram business ideas can help you establish a great platform where you can earn well; other than that; you can even earn your name among people through your services.

It is tough to establish great business ideas in a competitive market today, but Instagram’s business ideas are leading in this situation. It’s all about advertising and marketing, which can lead you to the pinnacle of your Instagram business. Instagram plays a vital role in such kinds of promotions and strategies for increasing the width of your business.

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