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Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 to look out for

August 8, 2019 in Editor Picks

The rise of digital marketing in today’s world is happening rapidly at a fast rate. Even if one may not know about the current events happening around them, they are informed through social media before it appears on newspapers the next day. Surprisingly, this is how far the reach of social media is spreading like a virus. People are getting engaged on digital media more than ever, and since we can see the drastic change in the increase of digital media in a decade, we cannot overlook the digital marketing trends that have been taking place.

8 Best Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

1. Social Marketing

It would be a shocker if this did not top the list. With people using the internet more than ever and not only Gen Y but the older generations getting hooked to social media, a company not following this trend in 2019 would miss out on a large chunk of the target audience.

Social marketing is one of the major trends that are getting popular worldwide. It’s serving as a backbone to the major companies who can quickly contact and approach their customers easily. The ascent of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is spectacular, and its popularity is spreading more and more as new people are joining in. Every news, trending stories or buzz related to entertainment is updated beforehand to people in these platforms.

Social Marketing
Social Marketing

No wonder, the craze of logging into one’s account as soon as they wake up is a craze among people. This is also the prime reason why one mustn’t be skipping social media to create brand awareness or sell their products and expand their customer base. Also, it creates virtual interaction between companies and the audience and fulfills their needs and desires, respectively. Don’t be amazed these days when you look for one product online and it appears all over your social media accounts, be it Facebook, Instagram or any other social media website you’re currently hooked on to.

A company with social media presence would not only establish a closer connection with the customers but also get to share anything, and everything they are offering with low costs and return that will match no other form of traditional marketing when calculating the returns on investment.

An active social media page will help any company to establish a strong presence in the mind of customers. Not only does it help companies to reach a broad audience but also enables them to create a stronger connection with the existing customer base.

That is why in 2018, post, tweet, and snap about your business all over the place.

Moreover, it creates a brand identity and recognition as it is reached to millions of active audiences who engage daily. This is the best platform to engage your audience into knowing about a new brand or product.

2. Video Marketing

A picture speaks louder than words, but a moving image probably more than that!
Human beings being the visual creatures they are, they would prefer videos over large paragraphs any day. The videos create a larger impact on the customer. Videos that touch customers’ heart or strike a chord can be beneficial to business in the long run as that will stay with the customer for an extended period.

Sites like YouTube and Facebook help a company to reach a broad consumer base, and the videos created by them can reach target audience within seconds. With the attractive videos being widely curated on social media websites, video advertising helps companies to acquire a large base of consumers.

Video Marketing
Video Marketing

With the audience viewing more videos on any device available, in 2018, video advertising looks like a fruitful option for digital marketers.

Nowadays, any new video that goes out on the internet gets viral within a few days. It’s not hard to figure out how many people are always surfing on the internet and spending most of their time watching videos. With the advent of video marketing, one can give information to their audience on Youtube, Facebook story, Snapchat story, and Instagram stories.

In a recent study, 57% of people were more likely to buy the product after watching the video demonstration of it, which also shows the affect-ability of video. Most of the people will know about the brand in a short clip and will also be enticed to buy that product or know more information related to that item. Likewise, it is going to create several customers for you that would like to be familiar with the brand. Accessing video is the most natural thing on the internet and also spreading the word from one corner to another!

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketers are micro-celebrities who earn six-figure incomes! These programs collect and curate high-quality user-generated content. The two groups with the most purchasing power in the future – Millennials advancing their careers and Generation Z starting their jobs.


Today, these consumers respond to authenticity over traditional advertising models; they want reviews, ratings, and testimonials from like-minded individuals. According to Tomoson, Businesses make $6.50 for every dollar invested in influencer marketing.

4. Mobile Marketing

With mobiles that can be found on everyone’s hand instead of desktops, it is no difficult to market the desired product or launch a new product to the viewers. Marketing can be done easily through site development, Google ad words, and creating apps that are easy and reachable to all.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is also one of the significant trends that can be a stepping stone for companies to launch their products by short and quick advertisements. Furthermore, approximately half of the population of the world is engaged in the mobile, and most of the media consumption is done through video or audio streaming which is also a sign of how awareness can be created in both ways. As mostly the young audience is live on the mobiles, the companies will be easily able to target their potential customers in no time.

5. Paid Advertising

A new trend that has also been profitable for the companies to display their products to a wider audience is paid advertising. By paid advertising, the product is available to a larger audience, and people come to know about the item. The brand takes notice by many people, and an impulsive urge occurs to know about the item and the company. It also creates potential customers and converts the audience to their clients and benefit from this marketing.

Paid Advertising
Paid Advertising

Moreover, it may create success by guiding more traffic in your site in a short period compared to other ways of marketing. Facebook business ads, Google ad words, display ads, banner ads, and other online advertisements are essential tools to push sales and create a community of consumers and companies that can interact with them through these mediums.

6. Content Marketing

If one wanted to keep up with the ever-changing ways of the world, it would be content marketing. Gone were the days when the traditional methods of marketing worked wonders. Now Content marketing has substituted the former and is giving better results.

The 21st century can be titled as ‘smart century.’ Everything from day to day items, accessories, etc. is becoming smarter out of which smartphones do have a significant part to play. Happenings around the world, including the virtual world, can be carried in your pocket. Content marketing covers most of the aspects like social media, blogging, website marketing, etc. The term has a wider perspective.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are platforms. These platforms have a large number of visitors, in turn, more customers. Every information or content which is available on these platforms spreads like a forest fire.

This real trick is best where the materials or write-ups about a product or a company should be attractive and vivid. These then make their way to social media platforms. It spreads as if they got hold of a bullet train for free. Blogging and website marketing does come under content marketing. Methods like these will also help to reach a wider audience. A good company is sure to have a blogger and website in charge.

It is the only way to increase sales, attract loyal customers who would return, and also drive customer action speedily. A thing to note here though is that the content must be relevant, precise and in detail as the content itself would appeal to the customers, and there shouldn’t be any mistake that could spoil the whole work.

7. AI & Chatbots

Data is everywhere right now. Every second there is a huge amount of data comes in the market, which can be beneficial to businesses and organizations. The problem is how to get useful data out of that huge chunk of data.
This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. AI will help companies to process that large chunk of data and make it into a useful piece of information. AI not only helps understand human behavior but also analyze, segment, filter, and derive meaning from it.

Chatbots are the new way for businesses to engage customers; be the talking point between the customers and the business. Chatbots have opened new possibilities for the business on the digital platform and give the customers a much-personalized experience.

AI & Chatbots
AI & Chatbots

Since the chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) supported. They learn from past interactions and become more intelligent and interactive over time. They help the customers have a personalized chat experience with the company by the medium of the computer.

Companies like Starbucks are using chatbots inbuilt in their app for order status and total cost. Pizza Hut also uses Facebook messenger as their chatbot for order placements for delivery. Moreover, these chatbots analyze what is a customer’s favorite order and help the customers reorder the same.

According to Business Insider, 80% of companies want to integrate chatbots into their strategy by 2020. Therefore, it will be an excellent start for companies to adopt it in their business in 2019. This will help them to get the first-mover advantage in their fields.

8. Personalization

In the past, personalized emails sent to customers were the most companies did with the customization for the customers. But now customers want that personalization at all points of the journey with the company.

When a company personalizes any content for the customers; they give them a richer experience and relevant content what a customer might be looking for. The customer feels closer to the company when they personalize content for them. Netflix, a giant online streaming company, personalizes suggestions on what to watch by past viewing habits, thus making them a favorite among their customers.


In a study, 66% of the customers said that they are more likely to go for a brand where they feel like an actual person rather than just a number. To create long-lasting customer relationships and customer retention high, companies can always go for personalization as a digital marketing technique.

Final Words

So, these are the key steps that could boost sales of the product. It creates brand awareness among people, and promote business. Investing in these strategies could most likely give you profitable outcomes. But you wouldn’t find if you resort to old ways. The world communicates today on the internet, and the interaction is most found on the digital platform than anywhere else.

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