Top 7 Characteristics Of Digital Marketing To Know

characteristics of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a way to promote brands to link with customers using the Internet and digital communication. Every kind of marketing strategy now incorporates digital marketing as a crucial component. It is essential to apply a digital marketing strategy to maintain brand awareness.

Here are the top 7 characteristics of digital marketing that one should know

  • Measurability
  • Segmentation
  • Target effort
  • Social media presence
  • Cost-effective
  • Personalization
  • Profitability 

Let’s understand more about digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, to put it simply, is marketing done through digital channels or platforms like websites and social media.

Digital marketing includes things like when browsing a website or webpage, when a pop-up ad for a product appears, or when you see adverts on different websites and applications. Therefore, digital networks are a tool that all of these brands employ for marketing communication.

digital marketing

The characteristics of digital marketing have everything with technicality, if not social media presence. Today, a video or ad campaign can blow up within hours. This is where features of digital marketing play a significant role. 

Implementing all the aspects in one platform is what makes digital marketing a pro-marketing strategy. Making everyone aware of the brand or product is the main motto of digital marketing

7 Best Characteristics of Digital Marketing 


Measurability is one of the crucial characteristics of digital marketing. The term “digital” contains the word “digit.” Therefore, you should be able to gather the reach of these advertisements and reactions quantitatively, whether you are posting a social media ad or asking customers to an offline event to experiment with the installation. 


Digital marketing makes it easier to gather this data, which is helpful for following marketing initiatives. Knowing which audience you can target, how effective your material was, and which strategies have succeeded or failed in the past will help.

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Digital marketing studies social media user behavior regarding choices and preferences, concentrating on a more specialized strategy. Based on certain target demographics, the ad is tailored to specific audience segments.


With a few clicks, digital marketing enables a firm or organization to promote its goods or services internationally. A PPC ad campaign, for instance, can quickly target a specific city, state, or country around the globe.

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A targeted digital marketing effort is necessary for success. Your presentation’s material should be centered on a particular group of people. They are sometimes described as Personas with particular personalities. The target audience should explicitly receive a helpful message from the content. The target audience may become more interested as a result.


The message can be effectively communicated when the content appeals to the intended audience. Imagine a businesswoman who is organizing her next getaway. One day, she will be glad to read along, whether it is an organic or sponsored narrative when she is perusing the timeline on Facebook and comes across content regarding holiday packages from an airline.

Strong media presence 

Startups value social media because it gives them a direct, quick way to connect with the general public. It expedites the process of establishing brand equity by, in a sense, cutting out the middleman.

strong media presence characteristics of digital marketing

Social networking improves your attempts to provide excellent customer service, adds credibility, and allows you to hear what customers have to say. Although you don’t have to overdo it with your social media presence, you should create compelling profiles on essential platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Hence, a strong media presence is one of the critical characteristics of digital marketing.

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Accurate information can be published online for a relatively low cost, and products can be sold directly to customers, shortening the distribution chain. Additionally, since anyone can access the information independently and expand the sale, this reduces the need for advertising and helps keep costs down. The majority of visitors are very interested in these products.

Since the audience is precise, unnecessary information transfers are avoided, which can help reduce costs.

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When the copy you use for digital marketing is quantifiable, you can keep tabs on your audience’s purchasing patterns, most-viewed goods, and preferences. It enables you to tailor product recommendations for every customer and suggest relevant products or services. 

personalized characteristics of digital marketing

Personalized, one-time-use discount coupons can also be sent to users based on their “Watch list” or “wish list,” which they are unable to share with anyone else. Because you can meet customer needs online, digital marketing is both cost-effective and user-friendly.


Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing offers far better measurement. All social networking and corporate websites today employ tools and plugins to track users, identify what they were looking for when they visited, and monitor their behavior.

Google offers a service called Google Analytics as well for monitoring general consumer behavior. By evaluating the effectiveness of a specific advertisement or marketing strategy, digital marketing can give you enough information about your target audience. So, profitability stands as one of the characteristics of digital marketing that is measurable.


Who is the Father of Digital Marketing?

It's common to refer to Philip Kotler as the ‘father of digital marketing.’ He is an American professor who is known for creating marketing as a field of study and has published at least 60 books under his expertise. Kotler's books give detailed definitions of all the characteristics of online marketing.

What is the Primary Benefit of Digital Marketing?

The reach you can accomplish with digital marketing is enormous because it takes place online. Through online marketing, it is easier to set up small online stores and retail products for millions of people all over the world. With traditional marketing, it would be both expensive and pretty much impossible to achieve. It's all because of the internet and online marketing that business has access to the world and a big marketplace.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Option?

Digital marketing is expanding at a 25–30% yearly rate and is not showing any signs of slowing down. Digital marketing now accounts for a sizable amount of the marketing expenditures of large multinational corporations like Unilever and P&G and e-commerce sites like Amazon and Ebay.

What are Digital Marketing Strategies?

A digital marketing strategy is a targeted plan for creating an online presence using tools like social media, paid search, organic search, and other web-based platforms like your website. This plan exposes your brand info to millions of people using social media.


The features of digital marketing cover all those aspects of media tactics that can help a brand or website to grow organically. Even if we consider traditional marketing useful, it doesn’t reach the audience like digital marketing. This is due to the impact of social media on the world. 

These characteristics of digital marketing mentioned above carry a broad spectrum of tactics, ideas, and plans. Moreover, it opens various opportunities in the field. Henceforth, it proves that digital marketing is the key to any brand’s success in a competitive market, no matter what they sell or provide. 

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