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6 Lead-Generating B2B Marketing Strategies (2021)

June 10, 2021 in Online Marketing

As the name suggests, a B2B strategy is used by a company while selling its products/ services to other businesses or organizations, which is different from selling to consumers, known as B2C. The B2B marketing strategy is more informative and straightforward as opposed to the B2C strategies. 

In a B2B marketing strategy, direct and outbound techniques are commonly used. The other party is often a prospective buyer which you have identified or a client. Hence, the goal of the strategy is basically to be persuasive and compelling enough that it results in a sale. During such a sale, the business purchase decisions are based on revenue impact, unlike consumers’. 

marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy

The primary focus for corporate decision-makers is the return of investment (ROI), expertise, and efficiency. Therefore, the B2B marketers often deal with buying committees that consist of various key stakeholders in the modern environment. To ease the process of reaching buyers with relevant and personalized information, the data sources are becoming more robust, improved, and accurate. 

Essential B2B Marketing Strategies

Today’s hyper-competitive environment calls for effective and relevant strategies that will help you keep your firm afloat and succeed as well. Therefore, we have enlisted six essential B2B marketing strategies that are absolutely fundamental. 


Different types of research are important in B2B marketing strategies, namely, research about one’s clients, brand research, and market research. Client-based research helps to serve them better as you get to know your clients in a better manner. 

do a research
Do A Research

Market research helps develop an understanding of which aspects are performing well and which services you should offer. 

Research aids one in making an informed decision and provides valuable baselines to measure your results. 

Systematic research of the prospects and clients assists in a better perspective and plan your marketing strategies informatively that translates to success for the company. 

Developing Your Branding

Branding does not just mean the logo, signage, or the fonts and colors used. In addition to it, a total of all the experiences a person has with your company are also included in the branding. 

The brand constitutes all the experiences, whether planned or unplanned, in the office or the market, between the buyer and the seller. Hence, branding consists of perceiving the buyer’s form in their mind about your business after the interaction. 

develop your brand
Develop Your Brand

Thus, one needs to be particular and intentional about every interaction with the customer, bearing in mind the need for the experience to have a good and lasting effect on their mind. The branding should grab people’s hearts and not let go. 

Plan Strategies According To Your Niche

In the case of B2C, the markets are wider and have a more general audience. However, for B2B, it is very important to chalk out your audience and plan accordingly. AsB2B has a distinct set of audiences, their requirements and needs must be recognized and satisfied to establish a successful business.

Creating a specialization for a carefully targeted niche makes marketing easier and assists in growing one’s company faster. Specialization aids in distinguishing you from the competition and get the upper hand in business. 

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Make A Formal Marketing Plan

According to a research report in 2021, 66% of the B2B marketers have reported using a formal marketing plan to take a strategic and proactive approach. 

make a formal marketing plan
Make A Formal Marketing Plan

The first step towards a strategic marketing plan is to identify your top five-ten competitors with the help of a marketing agency or internal committee. Then, outline the whitespace by comparing the analysis of the companies, chalk out what the market is lacking and define the strengths that only your company brings to the table. 

Advertising and marketing those strengths will help your company gain a foothold in the market and develop a brand strategy. 

High-Performance Website

As the power of the internet grows, the company’s website becomes a crucial asset. The website should be a hub of an information-rich projection and highlight the expertise the company offers.

high performing website
High Performing Website

Nowadays, clients search for service providers online, and the company’s website must attract clients to gain their business. Based on a research survey, 80% of people check out the company’s website, making it the most commonly used source of information thus far. 

Hence, it is important to build a strong website with all the features of the company summarized and important information provided to gain visibility in the marketplace.  

Use Retainer Contracts

The digital marketing programs are here to stay in the long run. The majority of the companies are outsourcing their marketing requirements and using retainers instead of project contracts. 

The company’s marketing requirements need constant attention and updates regularly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website optimization, link building, keyword research tactics require ongoing attention and maintenance. 

keyword research becomes important
Keyword Research Becomes Important

It is convenient to have a retainer contract to implement such marketing programs wherein digital presence needs to be highlighted to gain an audience.

 6 Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies To Succeed

These are the six marketing strategies essential in 2021 for B2B companies to succeed :

In today’s market, there is no time for companies to stand still and get comfortable. To remain in the competition, companies constantly need to study, improvise and find new strategies to stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

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Account-Based Marketing Will Be Crucial

Marketers today need to know their customers or consumers and their needs and expectations. Account-based marketing does; it helps the marketers research their customers and segregate them according to their needs. This makes it simpler for marketers to sell their products to those customers.

account based marketing
Account-Based Marketing

Who matters by creating a focused growth strategy. A study conducted in 2019 among B2B marketers stated that 71% of companies invested in account-based marketing reported a higher ROI (return on investment) than other marketing strategies. 

Hiring Specialized Content Marketers Team

 Content marketing not only focuses on the content on social media or digital media, but it also focuses on the needs and expectations of the customers. First, the content marketing team studies what the customer wants and their reviews after using their product. Then, the team changes its marketing strategy and product after researching every aspect of the customers. This, in turn, helps the businesses to grow and flourish in the market.

Focusing More On Making Video Content

Nowadays, people are more interested in watching the content than reading about it. To engage the audiences in their product, the marketers need to focus more on video content and strategize accordingly. Video content engages the audience more as compared to emails and infographics.

focus on video content
Focus On Video Content

Creating interesting video content has a lasting impact on B2B customers. As compared to the other type of content, as per the studies shown.

Organic Marketing

 During this pandemic, lots of companies were doomed. They didn’t gain enough profit and suffered a huge loss. To start afresh, organic marketing would be an ideal option for these companies or new startup companies. It does not rely on paid marketing. Organic marketing is a long process.

importance to organic marketing
Importance To Organic Marketing

But it will yield more reliable and authentic customer engagement and exact SEO (search engine optimization) for B2B marketers. Moreover, it will help the B2B marketers to gain accurate knowledge about their genuine customers, unlike paid marketing.

Increasing Use Of Artificial Intelligence

 Due to the vast reach of artificial intelligence, it can easily collect a huge amount of data from various websites, social media channels, etc. AI has the potential to identify the best business-to-business targets for inward and outward marketing initiatives.

use of ai
Use Of AI

AI can fill the gap between the sales team and the consumers. As soon as AI is added into a sales process, it can help increase the quality and quantity of the leads, shortening the person-hours spent on these repetitive tasks.

So, this will allow marketers to focus more on productive tasks, which demands higher concentration. They can accurately and efficiently manage the increase in sales based on the data received with AI.

Effective Use Of Social Media Platforms

 Information on the internet spreads like wildfire. This is a great platform for B2B marketers to advertise their products and engage consumers. It is essential to have a proper marketing strategy to use any social media platform for the businesses to grow.

proper use of social media
Proper Use Of Social Media

During the lockdown, the number of social media users increased effectively, and so does the growing business opportunities. Social media platform allows the B2B marketers to engage their audiences. Through various videos, pictures, offers, etc., to grow in the market.


So, that was all about essential B2B Marketing Strategies to be used by companies to succeed. Hope it was helpful!

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