Email Marketing for Insurance Agents | 5 Actionable Tips

email marketing for insurance agents

Email marketing for insurance agents has been proved an excellent choice that gained the interest of potential customers, resulting in increased insurance sales. It is an affordable marketing method that lets you communicate with your customers and targeted audience and assist you with sales referrals.

A large part of customers prefers to receive insurance marketing emails instead of getting direct mails and calls. Suppose you are not using marketing emails for your insurance marketing. In that case, you are making a huge mistake as it is an affordable way to gain customers and get referrals for your business.

If you don’t know much about email marketing and want to excel at it, then don’t worry. We have provided you with a list of helpful email marketing tips to help you write clarified messages, eventually gaining more customers and referrals for your insurance business. So, let’s get started with these email marketing tips.

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process that most businesses use to send creative and professional emails. This is to develop a connection with the present and future customers by promoting the products and services they offer.

email marketing

The mail is sent electronically instead of using a postal service.

Types of emails

Here are some forms of e-mails that can be used by different businesses enlisted below.

Greeting Emails 

Greeting emails are the first email you should send to your customers after they sign up for your services or to get regular updates. These emails are an excellent way to express gratefulness to your clients for the time and wealth they have invested in contributing to your business. 

Greeting emails consist of welcoming and thank you emails. You can send these emails separately or can send them combined. Thank You Emails are used to acknowledge your audience. While welcome emails are used to familiarize your audiences with your business.

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Informational Emails

A massive competition in the market making equal claims like your insurance company requires more than promotional emails to make you a unique choice to attract the targeted customers. 

informational emails

Sending creative, most pleasing, and informational emails is an excellent strategy to create a deep connection with your targeted audience, resulting in a valuable experience they will await with pleasure.

Post-marketing Email 

Once your client buys insurance from you, don’t end your relationship with your customer there. You should engage with your client even after they bought the insurance as it will help you to get a referral. You should send well-created post-marketing emails to your clients to ensure better customer relations, loyalty, renewals, more referrals, etc.

Feedback Emails

These types of emails are a great way to know what your customers want and provide them with a high-quality experience by effectively addressing their issues.

feedback mails

You can gather Feedback emails at different times in the client’s journey. It can be just after they bought an insurance or client service interaction.

Renewal Reminder Emails 

Renewal reminder emails are an excellent way to establish a long-lived connection with your current customers. Most people forget to renew their policies, so it is a great idea to send renewal reminder emails to remind the customers that their renewal date is nearby. Sending these reminder emails will help you to avoid losing your precious customers.

New product updates and offer emails

Product update emails effectively create a fascinating connection with new and existing users about a new service or product that will soon be launched. With the help of these emails, you can show your customers the product you have created, why they need it, and how it will solve their problems. 

product launch emails

Your product update email should include the name, feature, and expected range of the product or service you are about to launch.

Occasional emails

Occasional emails are a great way to show how precious your clients are to you. Sending personalized emails on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries wishing you health and luck or sending fun messages to celebrate your partnership anniversary shows how much you appreciate them for being a consistent client with your business.

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Best Email Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

We discuss some of the most useful tips for email marketing for insurance agents in the next section.

Unique over Common

It looks alluring to send a standard email to most of your customers. Still, you should know that losing your customers is the easiest way, and your insurance company’s sales will be negatively affected. 

unique e-mails

You should divide the email marketing data into categories so that you only send a particular message along with an offer or update to a specified group of clients.

You should keep your emails unique, focused, and to the point because if the emails don’t concern or attract the customers, there are scarce chances that the customers will look at your email, even if you add their names at the beginning of the mail, it will be useless.

Keep the communication open

Not being in touch with your customers can be a wrong option that will eventually lead to losing your valuable customers. It is not about sending daily or weekly emails. This can turn them off, but emailing them biweekly or monthly can help. It also helps to remind them that you are the insurance agent they choose, and they can seek your help if anything arises.

The marketing emails can contain information about what is happening in the industries, health plans that concern them, share information about a new product or services you provide, blogs, etc. 

It is possible that your customers will be more willing to agree with you if you approach them with a pleasant and enlightening email marketing channel instead of a profit approach. 

Know your targeted customers

Knowing your audience is the crucial step applied to every marketing type. Today we have access to a lot of data, thanks to technology. But the goal is not to gather all this data and then send it to everyone on your email list. 

target audience
Target Audience

As an insurance agent, you should know your customers and only send specific emails that are relevant to them. Before sending out emails, you should consider factors like age, estimated income, gender, lifestyle interests, etc., of your customers.

Email marketing for insurance agents should be considered successful if it guarantees that you get information that will help you know your targeted audience. And also give you the information that will help you to understand your audience.

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Keep an updated email list

People change their emails once every three to four years on average. So it should be best if you keep your list updated as there might be many clients that you regularly interact with but don’t have updated emails on your database.

There is no need to worry as you don’t have to do this process manually. You can use email append services to help add these updated emails to your database. The email append service is beneficial as it will take your clients through a verification and recognition process. It will help you ensure that the emails are distributed to the vast majority of the audience.

Opt for good email marketing software

Selecting software that will be beneficial to email marketing for insurance agents is a must. You should look out for it to help you with email list division and customization. This softwares enable you to write clarified emails that look professional. And also, let your emails move past the customer’s spam folder. 

email marketing softwares
Email Marketing Softwares

This softwares also lets you test various versions of a single mail and set a timer for sending emails. It also traces the open rates and automates the process of sending mails, etc.

Many email marketing softwares are available in the market. For instance, Mailchimp, Drip, Hubspot, etc. You should always go with software that is easy to set up and use, flexible, mobile-friendly, etc.


How do you write a professional marketing email?

To write a professional email, add a catchy subject and make sure your email is clear, short, pleasant, and relevant. You should mention some benefits of the products/services you provide instead of writing the features.

How to convince someone to buy insurance?

You can convince your client to buy insurance by conversing with your client naturally without using any script. Use their names while addressing them, and show them the benefits of your product and positive product feedback.

What are some best email marketing softwares?

Various softwares are best on their own. If you want the best software, then you should go with Mailchimp. If you wish for user-friendly software, then MailerLite is a perfect choice. Hubspot if you want compact software. ActiveCampaign if you wish an automated one, and Drip if you want E-commerce.

Is email marketing Easy?

You can say that email marketing is an easy process. Still, it requires enormous trials to find an effective way to communicate with your customers that should be favorable for your business and your customers.

Does Email Marketing still work?

Yes, email marketing still works despite having its competition in the market. It is a great way to communicate with your customers, generate sales, attract new customers, etc.

What is the best strategy for email marketing?

Always give a personal touch to your messages after dividing them based on your customer interest. You can automate the task of sending a series of emails instead of doing it manually. Always test the button and make sure your emails are user-friendly.

The Bottom Line

Email marketing for insurance agents is a great way to gain, communicate, and keep their customers. Also, it increases their business sales and helps them to reach their business goals. 

As an insurance agent, you should know that success is not overnight; you must be patient to see the results. You can benefit your business greatly if you implement a well email marketing campaign. Write clear and catchy emails, and make sure to add a share button because there are chances that your customers will share these emails with their family and friends if they find these emails beneficial.  

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