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It’s been years since marketing has been taken over by the Internet. Marketing through the internet is known as Digital Marketing. Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for digital marketing, and in this article, we will be talking about successful email marketing. Digital Marketing helps business owners create an online presence about their products and services that allow consumers to reach out to the best product and service provider near their area. Undoubtedly, Digital marketing is helping both a business owner and a customer for so many years now. Before you start any email marketing campaign, it is necessary to clean your email list with online e-mail verification tools. 

And today, we are here to discuss Email Marketing, one of the effective marketing strategies of digital marketing. More than 50% of digital marketers consider this strategy as one of the effective and one of the most straightforward tasks to execute. Getting customer’s contact details is common among businesses nowadays, especially email addresses.

Even customers are also comfortable sharing their email ID instead of a contact number because they want to be notified of all the new updates for their favorite brands and don’t want to get disturbed by promotional calls and messages on their contact numbers. 

Are Emails Dying?

Do you think Email is dead? Have you stopped reading your Emails? No, Right. So, the answer is a big NO, and Email is not dying. But even Email is started considering as one of the “hot news ways” to reach out to their list of customers. Email Marketing is a potential return on investment (ROI) provider and provided 4400% ROI until now

Email is just not remained a marketing strategy to reach out to their customers. But it has become a part of our lives. We can’t even live a day without reading our emails. But still, some research has been done on email as a dying marketing strategy because of the new generation of communication tools. But because of the average age and high school students who are not even composing an email, Email is dead or not can be judged. 

email marketing guide
Email Marketing Guide

I want to share some real-time Email Marketing Statistics that will make you trust that is Email is not going anywhere. It will be going to stay for so long. Every year, starters sent 102.6 trillion, which is expected to increase by up to 126.7 trillion by 2022

What Is Email Marketing?

From successful email marketing, splitting these two words, “Email” and “Marketing,” the definition is entirely understood for all. Email Marketing means marketing a brand (products and services) through an Email. Along with promoting a business, it is also coming into use for retaining a customer. It helps create a valuable relationship with loyal and potential customers by sending an email to keep them updated with ongoing discounts and offers.

Along with promoting a business, Email is used to do two-way communication, provide information, etc.  

Benefits Of Email Marketing?

As discussed above, email marketing is still alive and even growing at a reasonable level. Though there are many benefits of running email marketing campaigns, the following five benefits will make you understand that “Why email marketing works.”

It Allows Targeting The Desired Audience.

Email marketing is the platform that helps to create different audience segments to target according to their requirement. You can send personalized as well as preferred content in the Email. 

target desired audience
Target Desired Audience

And if you are running an email marketing campaign and not sending the preferable content to viewers, then trust me, you are missing an opportunity to reach your valuable customer. So always try to adjust your content according to their different audiences.

It Creates Credibility

Unfortunately, your emails cannot be read by everyone and cannot provide happiness to everyone because some will read and feel happy, while some will delete the emails. 

creates credibility
Creates Credibility

If you are sending an email according to your reader requirements, you might be moving a step ahead towards creating the credibility of your brand. Whether your customer will open your Email or not will depend on the content written on the Email. 

Boosts Sales

Every marketer runs different campaigns, marketing strategies, etc., for one purpose, i.e., sales. Though email marketing is a slow process to boost sales, when it works, it works for a long time. 

boost sales
Boost Sales

By following these three simple steps while drafting an email, you can boost your sales. 

  • Make sure you add the considered products for the customer
  • Make sure you add the list of items that are similar to the customer’s past purchase 
  • Don’t forget to mention the discount and cashback offers on the listed item

Build A Strong Customer Relationship

If you can send informetrics and a knowledgeable email to your readers, they will appreciate it. However, always remember that your customers want to get updated with all your business activities and how they can be involved.

good customer relationship
Good Customer Relationship

 Your customers, and not even you, can reach every customer in person or over the phone. But email marketing creates a bridge between you and your consumer. You can contact your users from anywhere in the world, as it is a process that is connected to the internet. So if you are connected to the internet, then you can connect to Email too. 

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Email Marketing Works Under Your Time And Budget  

Time and Budgeting are the most common issues faced by businesses, especially small businesses, as they cannot manage marketing their products in every kind of time and budget. Even designing and printing a flyer can be costly for them, and then spending money on the distribution of the flyers. And still, the revenue generation is not sure to come. 

works under budget & time
Works Under Budget & Time

While email marketing works under your time and budget, several free and paid email campaign runners are available in the market, such as MailerLite, ConverKit, Drip, etc. So you can spend your desired Budget along with the desired time on email marketing. 

Ways To Effective Email Marketing

Write effective emails by the following steps :

  • Whether you are a digital marketer or a person handling a digital marketer, you have to know how to do Email Marketing. In addition, you have to be known for all the successful email marketing campaigns and email marketing tricks.
  • It is essential to know your audience and the purpose of sending an email. Then you should select the email marketing templates. Finally, there are a few steps that one should follow to run a successful and effective email marketing campaign. 
  • The first and foremost step is to build a subscriber list to whom you would like to send an email and those who would like to receive your emails.
  • Make your content in a way that can encourage your readers to reply
  • Try to create an email that can help your readers to feel personal, don’t forget to add your customer’s name along with “Hi” or “Dear.” 
  • Make sure your emails are always out of spam folders
  • Make sure you keep your emails short, crisp, point-to-point, and most importantly, clean 
  • Always try to add an interesting link to read more about that topic on which you’ve sent an email. Always hyperlink the links
  • Don’t forget to add the unsubscribe button, and you should also make the unsubscribe easy for your viewers
  • Your Email should look friendly on all the devices, including mobile, PC’s, and tabs
  • Don’t forget to test your email before sending it to your list of subscribers, as it increases the perfection of your email marketing campaign

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Draft An Email For Email Marketing?

The following email marketing tips will give you a brief idea about the tips and tricks to successful email marketing. If you are required to write a promotional email, the following steps are needed to be followed. 

A Subject Or A Header Has To Be Attractive

Your subject of an email should speak about the mentioned content in the Email. It is one of the easiest ways to creating attention among users and providing new alerts to readers of what you are offering. Therefore, it has to be crisp and straightforward. 

subject and heading is important
Subject And Heading Is Important

For example, you are sending a welcome email to your user- A warm welcome from XYZ. 

Your subject should speak about your objective of sending an email.  

Inside The Email

Emails are known to be an active mode for client retaining and an information provider. Make sure to add free discount offers, cashback, and referral programs. Your content can help to convert up to 28% more than your usual websites.

To create your content more effective and professional, you can add different links to surveys and blogs.

A Dedicated Landing Page Has To Be Added

Your discount offers, cashback points, and referral programs are required to have an individual landing page. It helps a reader to trust in your provided suggestions and increases the conversion rates by 43%.

include dedicated landing page
Include Dedicated Landing Page

You can also add an official social media page such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.    

Don’t Write Long Emails

We all wanted to provide as much information and knowledge through emails, and sometimes we do it too. But we shouldn’t because it’s tough to read long emails. So instead, the email content should be short, crisp, and straightforward. 


I hope you can find all the reasons that “Why Email Marketing still exists to be in 2024.” Email marketing is not a process that allows you to send informative and required emails, and it also boosts sales. It creates a customer relationship that helps to retain them and establish credibility. You need to master successful email marketing.

Especially when you are a small business when you have no credibility and time and budget constraints, email marketing worked as an efficient marketing strategy to reach out to business goals.   



Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Yes, It’s permission-based, customizable, measurable, and has the most significant reach.

Social Media vs. Email marketing: Which is more effective?

Email marketing is still the preferred method for promotions and has a much higher conversion rate than social media

How often should I send emails?

For some companies, this might look like once a week; for others, they can send daily emails while maintaining high engagement levels.


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