9 Different Types of Marketing Channels

The pathways a product takes from when it is imagined to when it is in a customer’s hands are called marketing channels. There are a variety of marketing channels available. In this article, we will explore different types of marketing channels that businesses can leverage to reach their target markets.  Marketing channels play a vital…


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types of marketing channels

Types of Marketing Channels

The pathways a product takes from when it is imagined to when it is in a customer’s hands are called marketing channels. There are a variety of marketing channels available. In this article, we will explore different types of marketing channels that businesses can leverage to reach their target markets. 

Marketing channels play a vital role in distributing and promoting products or services. They are the avenues businesses reach and connect with their target audiences, deliver their value propositions, and generate sales. With the evolution of technology and changing consumer behaviors, various marketing channels have emerged, offering businesses various options to engage customers and drive business growth effectively. There are several marketing channels types:

  • Reverse Marketing
  • Direct Selling
  • Dual Distribution
  • Selling Products via Intermediaries
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Podcast Marketing
  • Events

So put your marketing caps on and continue reading because this will A/B test your brain!

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Types of Marketing Channels- 9 Different Ones You Should Know

Enlisted below are 9 different marketing channels one must be aware of. It might also be beneficial to sharpen your concepts of what Channel marketing is before diving into the different types of Marketing channels!

Reverse Marketing

“Reverse marketing” is a marketing channel that encourages customers to find a business or product independently rather than having a company try to sell them anything. 

There are many different ways that businesses do this, but the most popular one is by giving customers helpful information without soliciting a purchase.

reverse marketing
Reverse Marketing

You can use reverse marketing tactics in a variety of ways, but they all adhere to the same basic principles:

  • Know what matters to your consumers.
  • Give the client an excellent reason to choose you.
  • Before attempting to complete the transaction, give the consumer something of value.
  • The fundamental principle of reverse marketing is creating value.

Direct Selling

You may expand a flexible, low-cost firm through direct selling, a marketing channel that is efficient in forging long-lasting relationships with customers. Instead of using retail establishments, independent salespeople utilize direct selling to market their goods. 

They also use services to clients face-to-face in settings including homes, workplaces, and coffee shops.

direct selling
Direct Selling

Direct selling enables you to operate your enterprises more adaptable without paying high overhead charges. Customers gain from the ease and individualized service provided by natural salesmen.

Dual Distribution as Types of Marketing Channels

A dual distribution marketing channel manufacturer relies on two or more channel partners to meet demand. The company may decide to open a location and handle sales while concurrently leasing out specific areas to franchisees so they may drive sales. 

Dual or multi-channel distribution helps businesses increase their market reach.

dual distribution
Dual Distribution

Hybrid, multi-channel, or multiple market governance are other terms for dual distribution channels. A company may implement several methods and adapt ways to ensure that their product is delivered to clients without incident. 

They could rely on shops, distributors, agents, brokers, mediators, wholesalers, digital media and the Internet, sales teams, resellers, etc.

Selling Products via Intermediaries

Many manufacturers hire marketing intermediates to carry out various essential tasks to get the product to the ultimate user rather than selling goods or services directly to customers. 

The marketing channel comprises intermediaries, such as middlemen (wholesalers, retailers, agents, and brokers), distributors, or financial intermediaries. These intermediaries generally enter into longer-term obligations with the manufacturer. 


Manufacturers use raw materials to create completed goods sent directly to the merchant or, less frequently, to the customer. However, finished items typically go from the producer through one or more wholesalers before they are delivered to the store and then to the customer.

Till now, we have discussed the basic types of marketing channels. 

Email Marketing

You may efficiently reach your target demographic with your advertising message through email marketing.

email marketing
Email Marketing

You may inform customers about promotions and discounts, advertise loyalty and referral programs, and provide instructional resources through email campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

You may collaborate with thought leaders from similar fields through this marketing channel. As a marketer, you provide influencers with stuff to share to advertise your business’s goods. You’ll produce high-quality website traffic after adopting influencer marketing

influencer marketing
Influencer Marketing

Additionally, opinion leaders communicate social proof to many followers and increase brand exposure. You should consider this channel since people are more likely to follow the advice of authoritative leaders than marketers.

Social Media as different Types of Marketing Channels

Utilize various social media platforms per your target market and corporate objectives. With social media, you may promote interaction and stay up to date on brand happenings. You can also provide behind-the-scenes information, offer assistance, and highlight the product’s advantages. 

social media 
Social Media

By providing details, photographs, videos, testimonials, etc., to subscribers through this marketing channel, you may educate them about the product and make a direct sale.

Podcast Marketing

Statistics show that 41% of Americans listen to podcasts regularly. In other words, you can consider podcasts as one of your marketing platforms for product promotion, as there is a growing need for audio material. 

podcast marketing
Podcast Marketing

Using audio material, marketers promote their goods and businesses through podcast marketing. In addition, friendly hosts and engaging episodes will do their jobs to build trust and brand recognition among your audience.

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Doing both online and physical events is a brilliant idea to engage with your target market. Think of the debut of a new product or range


You may produce webinars to instruct people online about subjects, disseminate worthwhile material, and provide your subscribers with fresh expertise and facts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the correct types of marketing channels?

Typically, businesses begin with a channel plan for their whole market or distribution channels. In other words, they experiment with everything to discover what works.

Why are marketing channels important?

When a firm is ready to sell its products and services and introduce them to the market, it must utilize various marketing channels to advertise its offerings and build an efficient market presentation of its products and services. The four Ps of marketing — product, pricing, place, and promotion — make up the most successful marketing mix.

What is a multi-channel strategy?

Multiple marketing channels are used in a multi-channel plan, which you have chosen based on your budget and the demands of your target audience. They can help you connect with both current and future consumers.

What are digital marketing channels?

You may utilize digital marketing channels as venues to tell your target market about your company, your goods or services, or both.

How does influencer marketing work?

An influencer is compensated for recommending a brand’s merchandise in the context of influencer marketing on social media. Payments might be made through free goods, cash, or discounts on pricey goods. Instagram is the most widely used platform for influencer marketing, with 67 percent of firms using it.

Is email marketing still effective?

Absolutely! It is more critical than ever right now. Despite the rise in popularity of social media and other messaging platforms, research demonstrates that email is still the most effective way to communicate with people. It still outperforms other channels. The number of email users is expected to increase.

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Different marketing channels have distinct advantages, but most companies may employ a variety of channels in their marketing plans to achieve their objectives.

Since your audience is probably varied and dispersed, employing several channels can establish many points of contact, and more importantly, this will aid in nurturing leads and boosting conversions.