19 Best MLM Companies To Join in 2024

19 best mlm companies to join in 2022 Main

Are you looking to join a multi-level marketing (MLM) company in 2024? Well, then, stop looking because we have got you all covered in this article; we will discuss the 19 best MLM companies that you can consider joining.

The 19 MLM companies we have mentioned in this article are Amway, Herba Life, Natura, Vorwerk, Infinitus, exp Realty, Avon, Coway, Primerica, Melaleuca, Nu Skin, Mary Kay, Young Living, Forever Living Products, DoTerra, Atomy, Tupperware, Jeunesse, and DXN.

By delving into this article, you’ll gain valuable insights into each MLM company’s unique offerings and market presence, making it easy for you to decide. By joining the best MLM company, you can launch your own business from anywhere with a little initial investment and enjoy a lucrative opportunity for success. Additionally, network marketing and eCommerce are thriving despite the Covid-19 pandemic, making MLM a wise choice in 2024. 

MLM Business Advantages

MLM business has immense opportunities and advantages that can lead you to progress. Check below the advantages that MLM business opportunities can offer:

  • Traditional franchises or other opportunities based on tested business models have startup costs that range from $10,000 to more than $10,000,000, which is unrealistic. Top MLM companies have meager startup costs (2-4 figures) but enormous profit potential. Most network marketing companies require between $100 and $500 to launch, and almost all new MLMs require less than $1,000 to sign up. New MLM distributors frequently receive free network marketing training from the company and your upline mentor.
  • Without significant training, expertise, and financial resources, few company possibilities allow you to become a millionaire within a few years. You can get that possibility from the ideal MLM business.
  • If you exercise common sense and establish an MLM firm in 2024, your financial risk will be significantly smaller than it would be to launch a more conventional business. You should only lose a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in an MLM endeavor, even if it fails. It happens occasionally, but those people need to be educated about money matters and shouldn’t ever own or manage any business.
  •  If you start a conventional, non-MLM business, you could lose everything you possess and tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars very rapidly. On the other hand, if you promptly discover your mistake and choose the correct MLM firm, you may only lose a few hundred dollars.
  • There aren’t as many severe disruptions to the supply chain, labor shortages, or inflation in MLM. More digital than ever before, network marketing can protect you from 2024s typical economic instability.

A Big Business With Low-Risk MLM On A Tight Budget In Any Economy

With a tested business strategy and a little initial investment, network marketing offers an almost unmatched lucrative opportunity to launch your own company from anywhere. When alternative beginning possibilities aren’t feasible in a 2024 economic downturn or depression, a new MLM firm with cheap launch costs and risks is alluring.


As a result, MLM is a wise option in 2022, given that the worldwide Covid-19 recession and the Coronavirus epidemic are limiting loans and lowering the possibility of income for most industries. Although restaurants and stores are failing, network marketing and eCommerce are booming. MLM companies continue to expand more robustly and faster while some traditional business models attempt to reopen or “build back better.” The finest MLM organizations are becoming even more organized and successful in 2024 as the vaccination rollout continues and a large portion of the workforce arrives at their place of employment chaotically.

Select The Best MLM Company 

While there are always some dubious MLM businesses and dishonest network marketers around (as there are in all sectors), there are also fantastic brand-new network marketing company prospects. Since new network marketers are earning more this year, the top MLM companies and direct-selling businesses we’ve analyzed and ranked below will continue to grow.

The best MLM companies on the updated list below are ranked according to various criteria, including income creation, growth potential, product offering, industry trends, financial security, number of distributors, global expansion, and avoidance of legal trouble mention a few.

Best MLM Companies To Try


Amway is a family-owned consumer products supplier and direct selling company headquartered in Ada, Michigan, dedicated to assisting people in living better, healthier lifestyles. It is one of the best MLM companies. Nutrilite vitamin, mineral, and nutritional supplements, Artistry skincare and color cosmetics, eSpring utilities, and XS energy drinks are among Amway’s best-selling products, all of which are legally sold by independent Amway Company Owners.


Amway was founded when its founders decided to start their very own multi-level marketing strategy (MLM Company). They left Nutrilite to find Amway, which stands for American Way. The business took off almost immediately and became a worldwide phenomenon.

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Herba Life

As a Herbalife Nutrition distribution company, you will purchase and resell health products at a lower price. Your earning potential is determined by whatever you sell, but you can also receive bonus payments based on the sales of our recruitment agencies and the members they bring in. 


In 2020, the corporation had approximately 191,000 active resellers in the United States alone (via Herbalife Nutrition). Nearly 15,000 distributors earned more than $201 monthly in their first year of work. Only 1% earned more than $5,900 monthly, and 10% earned more than $1,246 monthly. More experienced people made from $264 to $16,213 per month.


Natura is a multi-level marketing (MLM) business headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Antonio Luiz Seabra started the company in 1969. Their product line is primarily comprised of personal care product items. In 1974, they switched to a direct marketing business model. They employ over 1.7 million consulting firms worldwide.


Natura goods are divided into three product lines: Avon, Body Shop, and Natura. The company is dedicated to developing cruelty-free products not tested on animals. This is particularly correct for the Body Shop product line. All the products are available for purchase online and through a Consultant.


Vorwerk has been a domestic product and cosmetics retailer for over a hundred years! The company as a business is legitimate.


Is Vorwerk, however, an MLM? It is, indeed, one of the best MLM companies. And a genuine one at that. It is, in fact, one of the most morally acceptable direct sales organizations.


Infinitus is an Asian multi-networking renowned company for its herbal health care products. It is the parent organization of the Lee Kum Kee company, one of the world’s most-founded and best-known cooking brands.


 It is heavily promoting its goods in over 100 countries through many members, and it will keep expanding globally in the future. Customers benefit from the company’s wide variety of products and steady income. With headquarters located in Hong Kong.

exp Realty

exp Realty is a real estate MLM company. The firm bills itself as “the first cloud-based brokerage.”

exp reality

expRealty’s realtors are not being deceived into impossible income promises with little effort. They are given a genuine, valid possibility to have a long, affluent, and influential career in real estate.


Avon Products Inc., also known as ‘AVON,’ is a Multi-Level Marketing company selling cosmetics, perfumes, and skincare products. It is a British marketing agency headquartered in London, England. With roughly 6.4 million actively operating representatives, it is one of the most significant beauty and cosmetic establishments.


Avon trades their products through traditional store methods and dedicated sales representatives. The company provides salespeople with training; some centers have a small retail segment where they can practice selling goods.


The Coway product is one of the finest air purifier products in the United States. The Coway air filter was the company’s flagship model, with a 40% market share. This air purifier has received numerous international awards. Since 2015, the brand has strong a consistent annual revenue of $2 billion.


Coway’s diverse product line includes air purifiers, water filtration, cushions, kitchen equipment, and food processors. For example, the Coway Airmega 400 Air Purifier has one of the highest ratings for air purifiers.


Primerica is a life insurance corporation based in Duluth, Georgia that utilizes multi-level marketing to increase its market share and working population.


It focuses on level life insurance, targets middle-class family members as its primary demographic, and tries to offer insurance but also hires them to be sales agents.


Melaleuca is a well-being business that professes to be North America’s most prominent web wellness shopping club.


It makes and markets a comprehensive line of over 400 global fitness products, fortified foods, and nutrient-rich and functional foods that help people lose weight and improve their nutrition so that they can live healthier lives.

They have complete control over the recipes used in their goods, and the time between production and your use is short.

Nu Skin

Nu Skin Enterprises is a multilevel marketing company based in the United States that creates and sells skincare goods and nutritional supplements under the Nu Skin and Pharmanex brands. It was established in Provo, Utah, in 1984.

nu skin

The company was founded in the United States and launched its first international function in Canada in 1990.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Inc. is an individually held multi-level marketing firm based in the United States. As per Direct Selling News, this was the world’s 6th largest multi-level marketing business in 2018, with a reselling volume of $3.25 billion. It is headquartered in Addison, Texas.

mary kay

Mary Kay Ash started the company in 1963. It is an excellent choice if you are searching for one of the best network marketing companies.

Young Living

The generous payout plan offered by Young Living empowers you to take charge of your future and create a business that will transform your life everlastingly.

young living

Becoming a Young Living Brand Partner entails more than running a successful business. In addition, you will benefit from comprehensive professional networking, unique hands-on feelings, and a sense of common purpose. All these factors make it one of the best MLM companies.

Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products International, Inc. is a private American multi-level branding company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona t, that manufactures and sells aloe-vera-based beverages, bee-derived beauty products, and nutritional supplements care products. CEO Rex Maughan started the business in 1978.

forever living

Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, two dermatologists, founded this company. In 1995, they established proactive acne treatment solutions and a San Francisco-based MLM company. In 2002, they initiated their cosmetics product.

Despite being promoted by Estee Lauder, the Rodan +fields label was not commercially successful. In 2007, the two dermatologists withheld their corporation from Estee Lauder to create an MLM business. In 2016, the company had approximately 287,000 consultants and its increasing affiliate marketing business.


Do you want an improved way to earn a living and live a healthy lifestyle? Building a doTERRA business allows you to work from grandma’s house and have a lot of flexibility while creating a secure economic future and impacting the community.


The generous compensation package is a tried and true method for generating long-term extra income. Learn about the advantages of collaborating with doTERRA and what establishing a doTERRA company can do for you.

You can earn extra money while working at home with doTERRA. This means you’ll have more time with life and friends, be your leader, and pursue your dreams. Learn how doTERRA can assist you.


In the case of Atomy, it began in South Korea. It moved to the United States the following year, a tricky business for any Multilevel marketing or Network Marketing firm. Since then, it has launched in 18 more nations and plans to launch in 30 in the next five years. 


Its clear perspective demonstrates Atomy’s vision and people’s trust in the corporation. Atomy’s main selling point is its R&D and valuable goods in the Natural remedy and personal care products grooming categories, such as Hemo Him and Probiotic. It is one of the best multilevel marketing companies.


It is commonly stated that with big names come significant responsibilities. Centered on uplifting women to live the lives they desire. Tupperware is one of the best MLM and fastest internet marketing companies, with a substantial turnover and member status. 


It’s market is spread over 100 countries. This company aims to reduce plastic pollution by eliminating the use of single-use plastic packaging and using alternative packaging made up of compostable material. The home product line includes interior and home preparedness, storage, and going-to-serve products.


Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009 in Lake Mary, Florida, United States of America. They are one of the top MLM companies currently today all over the world.


Some of their specializations include extremely appealing products packaged in eye-catching packaging. They also offer glitzy promotional materials with inspirational stories from their successful distribution companies.


DXN is a Malaysian multilevel marketing company. Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin founded DXN in 1993 to produce and market dietary supplements comprising Ganoderma or Lingzhi mushrooms.


Affiliated companies Daehsan, Ltd. market DXN products.


Can MLM make you rich?

The simple answer is yes, but only a few representatives achieve the high earnings promised in MLM advertising material and meetings. Some individuals make no money, while others lose a lot of money.

Is MLM safe?

Many multi-level marketing firms have been declared illegal after victims of MLM fraud and MLM scams decided to bring the companies' illegal activities to the attention of authorities.

What percentage of MLM make money?

MLM failure and loss prices are not significant compared to good smaller companies, which have been discovered to be profitable 39% of the time over the life of a business, whereas less than 1% of MLM members profit.

Who is the father of MLM

Mr. Earl Silas Tupper founded it in 1948. It's also listed as a Fortune 500 company. It began selling beauty goods for women through direct marketing.


Consumer satisfaction is a key goal for the majority of network marketing firms. So we can conclude that the future of network marketing is bright, and this industry will provide numerous job opportunities. You can earn extra money by joining any of the best direct marketing companies.

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