Herbalife vs. Amway: Which one Should you Register With?

Two well-known multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations, Herbalife and Amway, allow people to launch businesses and make money through direct selling. If you consider joining the MLM industry, you might wonder if Herbalife or Amway would be a better fit. So let’s see who wins in Herbalife vs. Amway competition. Herbalife is a superior choice if…


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herbalife vs. amway

herbalife vs. amway

Two well-known multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations, Herbalife and Amway, allow people to launch businesses and make money through direct selling. If you consider joining the MLM industry, you might wonder if Herbalife or Amway would be a better fit. So let’s see who wins in Herbalife vs. Amway competition.

Herbalife is a superior choice if you want to make money. However, if you prioritize your health and wish to consume a variety of high-quality goods, Amway should be the best choice for you. Both Herbalife and Amway products have side effects. To determine which one to choose, one should have detailed information about both organizations. 

This post will evaluate essential aspects of Herbalife and Amway, including their product portfolios, pay structures, and general reputations. To determine which company best matches you, let us examine the similarities and differences between Herbalife and Amway.

amway vs herbalife

If you want to earn money, Herbalife is a better option. However, Amway should be the right fit for you if you prioritize your health and want to consume various high-quality products. 

Joining Herbalife or Amway can be a great way to make money and improve your health. But, before you make your decision, it’s should understand the difference between the companies.

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Herbalife vs. Amway: Who wins? 

Here are a few points to differentiate between Herbalife vs. Amway

Herbalife vs. Amway: Money-making 

Herbalife is an MLM company and has a powerful marketing strategy. If you join Herbalife, you have to recruit participants and sell products. It follows a pyramid scheme, and participants earn on their sales. Another advantage of joining Herbalife is that you will not have to pay any fee to enter the program. money

You will also receive a 25% discount on your purchases from Herbalife. However, the company now has separated participants who join intending to seek a business opportunity from those who become a member to get discounted products. So, if you buy discounted products, you will be ineligible to sell products and earn money. Nevertheless, the company will ship the products directly to your door steps if you become a Herbalife associate.  

Amway has been in the industry for the longest time. The company is highly experienced in its market, and Amway is a direct-selling company. If you decide to register yourself in Amway, you will have to recruit participants and sell products. 

Amway is a pyramid scheme and offers a membership-based system. To join Amway, you must pay a fee to the Brand and reward an annual membership fee if you wish to continue as a member.

Who wins? 

When it comes to money-making, Herbalife is a win because a membership system is absent. The company pays its members down the line. Although, the ultimate aim is to make money by recruiting more members.

Herbalife vs. Amway: Weightloss Programme

It would help if you opted for Herbalife, supposing you want to lose weight quickly. Herbalife is more focused on assisting people in losing weight speedily, and Herbalife will expose you to various products to help your weight loss journey.

The Brand produces to replace your meals. The shakes are prepared with a unique formula that does not make you hungry while restricting calorie intake. The Herbalife shakes will give you short-term weight loss results.  weight loss

On the other hand, Amway focuses on helping people achieve lifelong weight loss. Amway will not only give you products but also provide support for your weight loss journey. You can join the Amway Personal Achievement plan to help you achieve your goals

Amway’s Nutrilite products can help you with weight loss. The Brand produces tablets and other dietary supplements. You will feel boosted and energetic after consuming these products, and you will be able to fight your cravings and follow your diet strictly. Amway’s products are made of minerals and vitamins; therefore, they will not harm your body. 

Who wins?

Amway has produced better results than Herbalife in this criterion, so Amway scores 1 point.

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Herbalife vs. Amway: Products (Variety and Quality)  

Herbalife produces over 400 products. The products range from weight loss products to personal care products and sports supplements. Health-wise, the Herbalife formula provides nutritional minerals. 

 The company emphasizes that its products are made from organic ingredients. Do you have sensitive skin? No worries, Herbalife is the answer. Their products are also gluten-free.products

However, their customers have raised concerns about the products’ side effects. Herbalife uses a formula that is detrimental to the kidney and the liver. Herbalife doesn’t have farms but buys raw materials from local providers for production. 

On the other hand, Amway produces over 20,000 products, including toothbrushes, deodorants, and detergents. You can buy Amway’s home appliance as well as their nutrition supplements. 

The Brand is highly appreciated for its product quality. You might have seen that Amway products are costly, and this is because Amway has farmed to produce dietary goods and runs quality tests on its plants.

 The company’s network of researchers constantly works to find new and better raw materials. Amway provides different products for different gender and age groups. It focuses on building immunity, and energy levels, reducing stress, promoting healthy digestion, manage metabolism and heart health. 

Who wins?

Amway wins this round because its products are naturally produced with fewer health risks.

Herbalife vs. Amway: Pricing

Herbalife’s products are famous for using their natural and organic ingredients. The products, hence are expensive. But isn’t every price paid worth it when it is about your health? The products might be pricy, but it is affordable overall. 

Amway, on the other hand, is costlier than Herbalife. Although its supplements offer the same results, Amway overtakes Herbalife by a few dollars.pricing

 You can check out the table provided below and compare the price differences. 

Protein Drink Mix: Chocolate 870 g$81.40
Formula 1 Healthy Nutritional Mix $40.26
Fat Release: Fruit Twist (California only) $58.45
Instant Soup: Chicken and Vegetable flavor$42.65
Nutrilite Meal replacement shake$53.00
Nutrilite™ Double X™ Multivitamin – 31-Day Supply Refill$59.00
Nutrilite™ Bone Health Pack$96.00
Nutrilite™ Women’s Pack$55.00

Who wins?

Although Amway products can be afforded, they could be more overall budget-friendly. Herbalife provides the same product at a lower rate, so this round goes to Herbalife!

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Amway or Herbalife: Who's products have more side effects?

Herbalife has long-term severe health issues such as liver problems, kidney damage, increased blood pressure levels, and allergies.

Which celebrity endorses Amway?

Amway is used and endorsed by celebrities like Alan Ladd, Sandra Bullock, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kurt Warner.

Which celebrity uses Herbalife?

Christiano Ronaldo is one of the sports champions that use Herbalife products. Nowadays, prominent influencers and social media content creators also use the Brand.

Who has a better marketing strategy?

Amway’s marketing strategy is always motivational and inspiring, giving people a reason to believe in and use the products more. Amway advertises its products through famous brand ambassadors.


 Amway and Herbalife have been two multi-level home and personal care marketing companies for over 50 years. They both market themselves with the same ideology. In this article, we broke down their performances into different categories. 

After proper evaluation, we can summarize their scores as 

Herbalife: 2

Amway: 2

It looks like the scores have tied up! Herbalife vs. Amway: the debate never seems to end. However, depending on your preference and requirement, you can easily make a perfect choice.

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