Social Selling Entrepreneur: 10 Top MLM Companies


Today, social media platforms have transformed the way businesses captivate their customers. And social selling is one of the best ways to make the most of social media. Social selling is leveraging your social media network to convert your connections into valuable customers.

Entrepreneurs must engage with social selling as it helps them to build up a successful business by generating more leads and building genuine relationships with their customers. To help entrepreneurs in social selling, top  MLM companies, i.e., Multi-level Marketing Companies, can be game-changers. MLM companies are businesses that exchange products through a distributor’s network.

What is MLM? Top MLM Companies

To help entrepreneurs in social selling, MLM, i.e., top  Multi-level Marketing Companies, can be a game-changer. MLM companies are businesses that exchange products through a distributor’s network. These companies offer the opportunity to entrepreneurs to start a business from the ground level with the support of a successful company standing behind them. Also, they give them the prospect of creating a business without any huge investment. Isn’t it helpful?

Yes? In this article, you will comprehend the top 10 MLM companies that help social selling entrepreneurs. So, let’s look at them individually, but before that, let’s know about the criteria used to evaluate MLM companies for the list of the top ones.

Criteria for Top MLM Companies

Here is a list of a few criteria used to evaluate MLM companies for the list of the top MLM companies. The requirements are:-

Longevity in the industry

The first criterion is the longevity of the company in the industry.

Longevity in the industry

The new MLM companies face some bugs in their operations, while the old companies have overcome those bugs and have experience carrying out different functions.  

Product Quality

Secondly, the evaluation is done based on the company’s product quality.

Product Quality

Every company considers its products as the most amazing ones. But you must try it yourself and decide whether they are overblown or excellent. 

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Compensation plan

Another criterion is the compensation plan.

Compensation plan

Top MLM companies have effective compensation plans that recognize, incentivize, and reward the distributors. The most common compensation plan is the Binary, also known as the two-legged plan. 

Training and Support

To be recognized as a top MLM company, it is essential to provide excellent training and support to its agents.

Training and Support

The effectiveness of its training and support system needs evaluation. 


Lastly, the top MLM company should have good fame in the market.


It is essential because no individual will prefer to opt for a company that does not have a good reputation. Also, the company must have an excellent social media presence. 

Top MLM Companies for Social Selling Entrepreneurs

Based on the above criteria, here is a list of the top 10 MLM companies. The companies that the article outlines in the list of top MLM companies are:-


It is one of the excellent, well-established MLM companies that deal in various health and wellness products. Amway offers free education courses to its distributors so they can learn at their own pace.

Amway top MLM companies

The company has an Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan that equips you with the ability to generate income by selling the company’s products.


Herbalife is a top MLM company that offers different health and wellness products, including protein shakes and weight loss supplements. The company offers a unique compensation plan to its distributors, along with a few ways to earn money, such as bonuses, retail profits, wholesale commissions, etc.

Herbalife top MLM companies


The earning potential depends on the distributor’s efforts in building their business. Additionally, the company offers training and support systems to them, including webinars, in-person events, etc.

Mary Kay

The company deals in various beauty products, including skincare and makeup products. It also offers a compensation plan to social selling entrepreneurs. The earning potential depends on the sales volume of the consultant, i.e., the more they sell, the more they earn.

Mary Kay top MLM companies

You can make your sales as well as your team member’s sales. Besides this, the company provides extensive training and support to its consultants with access to a wide range of resources, such as product information, marketing materials, sales tools, etc. 

Young Living

It is another top MLM company specializing in essential oils and other wellness products. The company’s comprehensive compensation plan rewards its members for their dedication and hard work. With this plan, the members also get the chance to generate a significant income.

Young Living top MLM companies

There is no limit on the member’s earning potential as they can make limitless depending on their efforts. Young Living also equips them with regular training sessions, conferences, and webinars to enhance their knowledge and skills.


Avon deals in numerous beauty products, such as makeup, skincare, etc. 

The company’s compensation plan depends entirely on the representative’s sales performance. The more products that a representative sells, the more its commission will be. With it, individuals can decide their earning potential.

Avon top MLM companies

Also, the company provides them with online and offline training resources, such as marketing materials, webinars, and product guides. Additionally, they also get mentorship and coaching programs. 


It is also a top MLM company that provides various kitchen and storage solutions. With the company’s compensation plan, the consultants can leverage their earning potential through incentives, commission on sales, and bonuses.

Tupperware top MLM companies

There is no such limit on their earning potential. Along with all these, Tupperware also equips its consultants with training and online resources. Also, they get a supportive community of fellow consultants. 


Isagenix is another top MLM company that deals in health and wellness products. The company has a robust compensation plan that gives individuals the potential to earn through the sale of the products. Also, they can earn bonuses for building and leading a team of individuals.

Isagenix top MLM companies

The company also focuses on the training and support of its consultants by giving them online training, one-to-one mentorship, webinars, and a comprehensive support system. 


It is a renowned company that offers an excellent compensation plan to its distributors. The company primarily deals in home fragrance products, such as diffusers, wax melts, etc. It is a direct-selling company that offers an excellent compensation plan that allows its consultants to earn income in several ways.

Scentsy top MLM companies

By joining the company as a consultant, you can earn commissions on team sales, personal sales, and bonuses depending on the ranks. The company also provides them with training and support to help its consultants build their businesses and achieve their goals. The company’s training and support program includes regional events, online training, and access to the community of expert consultants. 


Another top MLM company is Plexus, which deals in health-related products. The company also has a compensation plan for social selling entrepreneurs that gives them different ways to generate income. Individuals can generate revenue through bonuses, retail profits, commissions, and team building.

Plexus top MLM companies

The company’s training and support system helps them learn new skills and build knowledge to establish a successful business. 


It is also a top MLM company specializing in beauty, skincare, and makeup products. Younique has an excellent compensation plan for entrepreneurs to reward their sales efforts and ability to build and learn. The individuals can increase their earning potential by building customer relationships, promoting the company’s products, and establishing a team of entrepreneurs.

Younique top MLM companies

In addition to the compensation plan, the company gives its distributors the necessary training and resources to leverage their learning. 


Which MLM company is No 1 in the world?

Among the above companies, the top MLM company is Amway. Following this, other companies exist, such as Avon, Herbalife, Young Living, etc.

Is MLM good for the future?

Direct selling and network marketing businesses are emerging as profitable ones. So, we can say that MLM is good for the future, as this sector offers various job opportunities.

Do MLM companies offer training and support to entrepreneurs?

Yes, all the top MLM companies primarily provide comprehensive training and support to their fellow entrepreneurs. But some companies do not do so. In such a case, you can research and choose the one offering training and support.


In conclusion, social selling has become a radical change for entrepreneurs. Along with this, the MLM companies are just like the cherry on the cake. The top MLM companies for social selling entrepreneurs offer them a range of products, training, and support to help them achieve their financial freedom with their innovative business models. As a social selling entrepreneur, you should engage with top MLM companies to get valuable opportunities and build a successful business. 

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