Top 5 Network Marketing Earners In India


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Network marketing is a way where individual distributors sell products of any company and take commissions on products they sell. They are individual contractors and don’t work in that company. Each person has a different strategy, and the sales depend on person to person.

These are India’s top 5 Network Marketing Earners

  • Sonu Sharma
  • Siddharth Singh
  • Surekha Bhargava
  • SP Bharill
  • Deepak Bajaj 

top mlm earners

Stories of these top earners are quite inspiring, but before that, let’s look into how network marketing works.

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How Does Network Marketing Works? 

Network marketing at once seems very interesting and promising, but before diving into that, we must understand its basics.

As you can guess from the name, this is some marketing linked with the network. To define network marketing, we can say that it deals with a person – to – personal sales.

It works in two ways: selling products and earning a commission. The second is to recruit more people who will sell more products and then make a commission on marketing

However, network marketers earn using both ways and in this way, they can make a significant amount of money.

In the network marketing business model, we can see a tier–wise chain. This chain starts with the founder of the company, who then not only sells the products but also adds new salespeople.

Those salespersons, in turn, sell the products and recruit more people for the same forming upline of recruiters and a downline of recruited people. Whenever salespeople in the downline sell products, the upline salespeople earn a commission.

That makes the top recruiters and the recruiters in the middle – tier or the following tiers earn extra.

However, it is more challenging than it sounds. Network marketing requires people with unlimited enthusiasm and with brilliant sales skills.

It is not easy to influence people to buy any product, let alone to make them share the same boat with you. Strategic planning and excellent tactics are ladders to climbing up the chain of network marketing.

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5 Top Network Marketing Earners in India

Now, without any delays, let’s start with our top network marketing earners in India and their journey.

Sonu Sharma

Among the top marketing earners in India, the first is Sonu Sharma, who has achieved this position with his hard work and intelligence.

Mr. Sonu Sharma is the founder and head of the Dynamic India Group and is an author, business advisor, and educator. He is a leading figure in the motivational speaking field and inspires people to realize their true potential.

His motivational speeches motivate people to participate in network marketing actively.sonu sharma

He has been working in this field of direct sales business for more than two decades. During this time, he has successfully gotten over 90 lakh subscribers on YouTube, more than 90 lakh followers on Facebook, and 20 lakh followers on Instagram worldwide.

His career took a breakthrough when he left Naswiz Retails Private Limited in 2019 and joined Vestige. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and inspired millions to recognize their true potential.

Siddharth Singh

Mr. Siddharth Singh has secured the second position among the top MLM earners. He started his career in the year 1999 along with his mother.

In the initial phase of his career, he faced many setbacks. However, he continued to work diligently, and his hard work paid off.

He faced another major hurdle in his journey in 2000; his downline was falling apart. However, Siddharth and his mother refused to give up and continued their work.siddharth singh

Soon their determination was giving them results, and they were doing well in their network marketing. This journey was further enhanced when he joined Vestige.

Vestige is a network marketing company started by Gautam Bali, Kanwarbir Singh, Deepak Sood, and Siddharth. He was one of the earliest leaders of the company, and with his leadership skills, he achieved the high rank of Vestige Director.

Surekha Bhargava

This is a true story of a housewife who aspires to fly high in the sky, which was once restricted to men only. Talking about her qualifications, she had completed her MPhil and Ph.D. and was married to a C . A.

However, they were a struggling couple, and she was busy taking care of her household. But something was missing, and that was her dream of flying high.surekha bhargav

This opportunity came front of her in the year 1996 when she joined ModiCare Limited. After it, there was no going back for her, and she started climbing the ladder of network marketing.

Since then, she has been with ModiCare and achieved the Global Black Diamond Director rank. She is one of the successful MLM women leaders and an author.

SP Bharill

The next name on our list is Mr. Shuddhatm Prakash Bharill or more popularly known as SP Bharill. His name is worthy because of his ideology, inspiring millions of people.

He had a humble start to his career and tried various jobs and businesses. However, he wanted more from all of them and was changing from one line to another.sp bharill

This ended in the year 1999 when he came to know about the direct selling business. What attracted him the most towards MLM business is that it can increase the workforce.

Not only workforce but if appropriately handled then can result in the development of a community. A community that works together and grows together, making their dreams come true.

First, he was with Amway, and however, he wanted more. So he left it and joined Vestige and is currently the company’s top leader.

Deepak Bajaj

Deepak Bajaj is a leading name in the field of motivational speech videos on YouTube. He is an excellent network marketing leader inspiring many people to join the area.

He encourages people to join network marketing through his motivational speech videos on YouTube. In his career of 17 years, he has trained more than 8 lakh people in network marketing.deepak bajaj

Not only this, but he is the author of two bestselling books that encourage people to identify their potential and work hard for their dreams.

He is an MLM trainer, business trainer, and life coach helping others to grow through network marketing.

Points to Ponder Over

The stories of top network marketing earners in India are indeed inspiring. If you are inspired by these leaders and want to launch your network marketing career, here is something for you.

Before making any decision, keep in mind the below-mentioned points,

  •  As the popularity of network marketing is increasing, various new companies are mushrooming. However, not all of them are genuine and aware of scammers.
  • If the company is genuine, check its founder’s track record. Research them thoroughly.
  • While researching the company and its founders, pay attention to its policies and products. Try to be calculative and analyze the entire work of the company.

If the company is true to its core and has a knack for growth through network marketing, you are good to go with the flow.

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Can network marketing help people become wealthy?

Network marketing is a great career path that can help earn up to 6 or 7 digits. However, this is a gradual transition, and you must work hard to reach such a high ladder.

How can a student start network marketing?

If you are willing to start your career in network marketing, research the market and the ongoing trends. Then identify your target audience and the best suitable company. The rest is how you make connections, sell the products, and inspire more people to join hands with you.


In recent years, network marketing is emerging as one of the fastest-developing employing sectors. Network marketing has many benefits; however, there are some setbacks too.

Not only do you have to be careful of fraud, but you also have to research well about the company you will join. If the company’s policies align with your goals and expectations, you can follow them.

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