What is Digital Marketing Cost in India? 2024 Insights

Wondering what is digital marketing prices in India? Digital marketing uses online marketing and promotion techniques to expand a business. In this article, we will provide insights into the digital marketing prices in India, helping you understand and make informed decisions for your business.

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Digital marketing agencies in India can charge anything from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 lakh per month, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Digital marketing is incredibly affordable in India, especially when contrasted with the price of conventional marketing strategies. The digital marketing cost in India varies in complexity and duration.

We will discuss various digital marketing packages in India by delving into the details of digital marketing prices in India. Don’t miss out on this valuable information that can allow you to grow your business in digital marketing.

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How Do You Pick the Appropriate Pricing Package for Your Company?

The first step in choosing the finest digital marketing package for your business is determining your goals.

What objectives do you have for your digital marketing plan?

Are you aiming to increase leads, raise brand awareness, boost sales, or boost sales? Shortlisting packages that include the required services is possible.

appropriate cost

Comparing costs is the second step in selecting the best digital marketing bundle for your company. Choose a bundle that meets your budget because different packages come at different price points.

Knowing that the least expensive or most affordable alternative is essential. Before choosing, you should evaluate the features and advantages of each bundle.

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What Kinds of Digital Marketing Pricing Packages Are There in India?

The three main types of digital marketing pricing in India are hourly, project-based, and retainer-based.

Hourly rates

The most common form of digital marketing pricing in India is hourly rates. Small projects that only need a little time or resources can use this billing style. Hourly rates can be used as a starting point to determine the scope of larger projects.

Project-based pricing

Digital marketing pricing based on reaching predetermined milestones is known as project-based pricing. This billing is appropriate for medium-sized to large projects that need a lot of time and resources. With project-based pricing, companies can stretch out the expense of a project across time.

Retainer-based pricing

Pricing for ongoing services is based on a monthly retainer in digital marketing. Businesses that need a consistent flow of leads or sales should choose this billing method. 

Companies can set a monthly budget for their marketing expenses thanks to retainer-based pricing.

Prices for digital marketing in India vary widely, and the size and scope of the project determine the pricing structure that is best for the company. 

Businesses should choose from various digital marketing cost in India options that fit their demands and budget.

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How much do digital marketing services in India typically cost?

If you work in online marketing, there is no chance that you are not aware of the services it provides. Online marketing is a broad industry that comprises several services, including SEO, SMO, PPC, and others. 


The varied charges of online marketing services in India are highlighted here. For a peek at them, scroll down.

SEO Strategies

The SEO market is enormous and offers a variety of products. There are so many packages available for a reason: customers can select one based on their preferences and needs. The list of various SEO packages available to your company is provided below.

  • The entry-level SEO packages cost 9k, not including service fees. This is for tiny enterprises and satisfies the fundamental requirements to improve website outcomes.
  • The regular SEO package, which starts at 18k plus additional taxes and fees, is an alternative. This plan has more features than the small services because it is primarily for medium-sized organizations.
  • The most expensive plan, for obvious reasons, is the final one, which addresses SEO for e-commerce. This plan’s starting price, before taxes and other fees, is 45k. The majority of the services required to advance your business are included in this bundle.

Pay-Per-Click Strategy

Plans and bundles for pay-per-click are similar. Only the pricing and the features or services will change; the basic structure of the packages will not. A few informational elements regarding the PPC bundles are in the list below.

  • The cost of a basic PPC plan, which includes the fundamental services, is $7,500, minus tax and charges.
  • Standard PPC begins at 15% and includes a few extra services compared to the other programs.
  • The E-commerce PPC plan, one of the last packages, is pricey but includes all the services a website may need.

Packages for web design and development

This is the most time-intensive process ever applied to a website. This is how you may grow your website. Everything that needs to advance your company will be including in the packages.

  • The entry-level PPC package costs 16k, plus additional service fees.
  • The ordinary will have costs starting at 32,000, excluding taxes and other costs.
  • The high-level services are included in the Ecommerce PPC plan, with a starting price of 62k. The benefits you will experience will undoubtedly outweigh the cost.


Is Indian digital marketing profitable?

A Goldman Sachs analysis predicts that by 2025, digital marketing cost in India will have more than tripled in value in the internet market, reaching a value of US$160 billion. We now have a better idea of the reach of digital marketing in India and the profession's expanding appeal.

Can I travel overseas once I finish digital marketing?

In almost every industry segment, digital marketing is becoming a demanding strategy. The digital marketing sector is booming domestically and internationally, and there are numerous career prospects in digital marketing abroad.

How broad is digital marketing?

Businesses can utilize data from digital marketing to target customers based on characteristics like gender, age, geography, interests, and education. Using various techniques and messages for each group, businesses may also retarget potential clients already familiar with their brand.


Therefore, this has enabled you to learn as much as possible about the price of online marketing services. Therefore, create your firm or appoint some services today while bearing these charges.

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