What is the Marketing Strategy of Royal Enfield?


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Curious about the marketing strategy of Royal Enfield and where it is manufactured? In this article, we will discover the secrets behind the marketing strategy of Royal Enfield and discover Royal Enfield is made in which country.

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Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle companies, with a history stretching back centuries. Royal Enfield motorcycles are manufactured in India. The original Bullet model is still one of the most beloved and longest-running motorcycles, and its fame has spread across many countries. Discover the four ‘P’s of Royal Enfield’s marketing strategy in this article.

Keep reading and explore how this renowned motorcycle brand has established a strong brand image and attracted a loyal customer base.

Causes of collaboration with India

The Enfield Cycle Company Limited, founded by Albert Eadie with Robert Walker Smith, is the ancestor of the modern-day Royal Enfield. It was at Redditch in 1893 that the company’s foundations were first established. In 1901, the world saw the introduction of the first bullet motorcycle production. The Enfield Cycle Organization is credited with manufacturing and designing the original Royal Enfield model.

causes of collaboration


As a result of their collaboration, Royal Enfield and India’s Madras Motor were able to create the Enfield of India. Over the years since, Royal Enfield has grown to become one of India’s most prestigious names in high-end products. The company’s production of motorcycle spare parts in India began in 1962.

Since 1999, “Bullets” manufactured by India’s Enfield have been marketed under the “Royal Enfield” brand. Café Racers, Retros, Cruisers, and Adventure Tourers are just a few bike types that Indian manufacturers have promoted and sold.

The four ‘Ps

As part of the marketing strategy of Royal Enfield, they use the four ‘P’s of the Marketing mix framework to examine the Royal Enfield brand (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). Many businesses rely on marketing methods, including creating and releasing new products, implementing price and value-based strategies, organizing and executing campaigns, etc. These corporate approaches are grounded in the marketing mix created by Royal Enfield.

the four P's


The marketing strategy of Royal Enfield is crucial to the company’s continued growth and its namesake brand.

Let’s take a look at the marketing strategy of Royal Enfield and mix to get a better understanding of the brand’s offerings, pricing, promotions, and channels of distribution.

Product and Marketing strategy of Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield, an Indian motorbike manufacturer, is an industry giant. Royal Enfield produces a variety of motorcycle styles, including the Cruiser (Thunderbird 500, Thunderbird 350), Café Racer (Continental GT), Retro Street (Classic Desert Storm, Classic Squadron Blue, Classic Battle Green, Classic 500, Classic Chrome, Classic 350), Standard Street (Bullet 50, Bullet 500, Bullet ES), and Himalayan.

product and marketing strategy


For example, the gear ratio may change from “ideal” to “left” on Royal Enfield goods to be more suitable for riders of varying abilities. Helps them attract new customers. They successfully retain clients because they harness the potential of the motor. Because the company’s items are now influenced less by innovations and more by comprehension of customers, the market, and the competition, Royal Enfield is transitioning from a production-focused approach to a customer-centric one.

Incorporating new technologies and design aesthetics into its motorcycles, Royal Enfield has proven that it is not reluctant to evolve without compromising the ideals that made the brand famous.

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Pricing and Value strategy of Royal Enfield

As a manufacturer, Royal Enfield has a motorcycle that is especially popular with today’s young adults.

Royal Enfield’s intended market consisted of young adults and middle-aged men and women keen on hard-style motorcycles but prioritized quality above price. Since this is the case, Royal Enfield uses a premium pricing approach as part of its marketing strategy to guarantee that the prices of its products are always reasonably.

pricing and value strategy


With the motto “less is more,” Royal Enfield produces fewer models. Still, each one is of excellent quality, allowing the company to deliver a capable and attractive product under its name to its fans, who enthusiastically embrace the product despite its pricier price tag. Royal Enfield has decided to decrease pricing for their most popular models rather than raise costs across the board in preparation for the GST increases.

Site Selection and Distribution Plan for Royal Enfield Motorcycles

With its primary facility in Chennai, India, Royal Enfield is now available in more than fifty nations. Right now, marketers for Royal Enfield’s numerous export markets appoint dealers to run multi-brand outlets in various regions. Opening the new assembly factory in Chennai has helped Royal Enfield alleviate product shortages. The company can now send its wares to any country with the worker. 


There are few nations, like Brazil, where transportation is more problematic than usual due to a mishmash of rules. Therefore, Royal Enfield is looking into the idea of setting up domestic assembly and manufacturing facilities. 

site selection

Royal Enfield offers an extensive and reliable distribution network that considers the aims of retailers and dealers to ensure that all customers meet their demands. More than three hundred and fifty outlets sell Royal Enfield motorcycles in India, serving clients in both urban and rural locations.

The company caters primarily to young people, and research into their buying habits and preferences shows that urban customers are slightly favored.

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Advertising and marketing strategy of Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield has promoted chiefly their products in an all-encompassing manner. Royal Enfield has shifted its emphasis away from engineering and toward satisfying customer demand to grow its motorcycle production. They released the product that the customers demanded so that it might appeal to a larger audience. 

advertising and marketing strategy


Royal Enfield has put more of an emphasis in the past few years on digital marketing, including the introduction of several digital advertisements across various social media platforms. Its target demographic—middle-aged men—tends to acquaint themselves with using digital technologies. 

In addition, it has worked with or appeared on various TV shows to promote its brand and offerings. Royal Enfield also advertises via traditional platforms such as television, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, posters, etc. Royal Enfield’s marketing mix is complete at this point.

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To sum up, Royal Enfield is

Royal Enfield, a company based in India, has significantly impacted the automobile industry worldwide because of their motorcycles. Due to the brand’s popularity, buyers automatically associate the “Royal Enfield” with a high-quality motorcycle that combines power and style. Royal Enfield has been making reliable and classic motorcycles and cars since 1909. Their models include the Bullet, Electra, as well as Thunderbird. Royal Enfield’s emblem, featuring a cannon and the slogan “Made like a gun,” is also easily recognizable.


The mighty motorbike manufacturer is now a significant player in the market. Because of this, it’s reasonable to conclude that the majority of the company’s marketing efforts are directed toward digital mediums, with an emphasis on websites that showcase the company’s products. Thus, the bare minimum of knowledge required to begin riding a Royal Enfield is presented above.


What distinguishes Royal Enfield?

Even older than Harley-Davidson, the Royal Enfield trademark is the earliest two-wheeler brand. Due to the brand’s distinctive qualities, it has developed a cult following. Several onlookers are struck by their distinctive style, retro body design, and enduring impression of the thunderous exhaust.

What do Royal Enfield's goals entail?

These motorcycles are designed to be excellent touring/adventure/sporty motorbikes and classic, straightforward, exciting, and approachable motorbikes for the city.

What characteristics define the Royal Enfield brand?

The rugged bikes made by Royal Enfield India are renowned for their exceptional construction and retro styling. Enfield of India was established in 1955 due to a partnership between the British Enfield motorcycle company and Madras Motors, a company based in Madras, to make motorcycles for the Indian Army.

Why is Bullet the name of Enfield?

The British business that had served as a subcontractor to the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, London, is where the names Royal Enfield and Bullet originated.