Burger King’s Marketing Strategy and Branding [Case Study]

Burger King’s Marketing strategy has made them a huge success. To this day, a large fast food chain restaurant that never fails to maintain its top position as one of the best fast food restaurants in the world has millions of visitors every day. Discover how Burger King has become a renowned fast-food chain, from…


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burger's king marketing strategy

burger’s king marketing strategy

Burger King’s Marketing strategy has made them a huge success. To this day, a large fast food chain restaurant that never fails to maintain its top position as one of the best fast food restaurants in the world has millions of visitors every day. Discover how Burger King has become a renowned fast-food chain, from its mission statement to its innovative marketing campaigns.

The fast-food restaurant first laid its foundation in Florida in 1954. It has been known as the “Original Home of the Whopper” by James W. McLamore and David Edgarton in Maimi. Sources state that Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns are the people who founded Burger King and called it Insta-Burger King. 

burger king advertising

Burger King’s mission statement centers around providing high-quality, affordable, and delicious fast food while prioritizing customer satisfaction. This case study will explore the key elements contributing to Burger King’s success in the fast food industry. Burger King is known for its excellent marketing campaigns. The business always astounds its customers and opponents with its distinctive strategy plan, even when facing equal competition. 

Keep reading to delve deeper into the details of its marketing strategies and customer engagement ideas and understand how Burger King continues to be one of the most renowned fast-food chains.

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Burger King’s Marketing Strategy: Logo Rebranding

After doing business for about 65 years, it rebranded its logo after 20 years in 2020, with colors inspired by the Burger King menu and designed by John Knowles Ritchie from a creative agency.

The logo gives the impression that it will stay true to its heritage and serve the audience simple, delicious, and high-quality food. Burger King hopes that the new look indicates confidence for the future.

burger king logo

Even though the brand logo appears simple and similar to the 1999s, they announced that the logo expresses their improvements in taste and quality. They insist on serving the food with no added coloring and presentative to demonstrate that they care about the health of their customers.

Simple yet Effective Advertising Campaigns

Burger King has critical components for its advertising campaign, and Burger King advertisements use a distinct strategy to distinguish themselves from competitors. In particular, the advertisement released in the year 2020, which features “Moldy Whooper,” may have noticed that this was a clever way to get the audience’s attention. 

They focused on gaining customers’ trust and relying on them to taste the healthiest burgers their competitors failed to produce.

burger king campaign

Burger King’s Whooper Secret, released in 2019, was considered one of the best ads.

Their unique billboard presentation is also one of the reasons for their audience reach. The wittiest and most amusing one appeared on October 2022 at metro and bus stations and features “smart people have their apps,” an indication to download their app.

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Sticking to the Signature Menu

Burger King knows that time efficiency is essential for the business. While their competitor introduced different food options in their menu card to stay stable in the market, Burger King instead focused on serving a diverse menu and wasting time preparing burgers. They eliminated a dozen items and presented only Whooper as their signature menu.

signature menu

The whopper is presented as the main dish, from television advertising to social media posts. As expected, the whooper strategy never let them down on the sales chart; instead, it peaked. It was possible because of their trust and ability to analyze the customer well. They also profited by following the Whopper formula.

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Innovative Ideas

The outbreak of the pandemic resulted in several businesses experiencing difficulties. However, with its innovative mind, Burger Kings decided to take a chance and launch untouchable stores to address the problem. This has resulted in the company’s profit of over $800 million. 

innovative ideas

This innovative Burger King Marketing strategy has helped them to rise from the pandemic.

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Modern Advertising

Burger King also actively engages with their customers on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. They also use various tactics to create brand awareness. For example, they collaborated on season 3 of Netflix’s Stranger Things promotions.

They have a playful website design to attract more visitors. With their excellent mobile marketing, they drive more traffic to their official website and rank first in search engines like Google.

mobile advertisement

They also launched a geo-location stunt in 2018 as a whopper detour campaign involving using their mobile app to get the burger. It helped them to double their sales.

Burger King aims to serve customers at affordable prices. Their pricing strategy is considered, as they price their food items based on market conditions. They occasionally give various deals and offers to draw attention to the store. One of the reasons Burger King is so famous is that they have always served flame-grilled whoppers to their customers. 

Thus Burger King’s Marketing strategy has evolved and has helped to make burger king a top brand.

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How does Burger King promote itself?

The largest food chain follows an effective strategy. They never fail to explore various advertising campaigns or change accordingly, like mobile marketing and their social media campaigns.

What is the burger's tagline?

Burger King’s old tagline, Have it your way, changed into the new tagline, Be Your Way.

Who is the CEO of Burger King?

The current CEO of Burger King is Jose Cial, who was appointed as the chief executive officer in 2019.

What is Burger King's mission statement?

Their mission is to serve food quickly and offer their customers tasty, quality food at reasonable prices in attractive, clean surroundings.


The secret to Burger King’s success is simple and inspiring: they prioritize the audience’s needs and never hesitate to take risks in taking their business to the level some lack. They can differentiate themselves from the competition and develop innovative strategies for brand promotion. This Burger King’s Marketing strategy has proved right to them.

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