Top 6 Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies for Better Reach

Mobile marketing is becoming unavoidable as the number of mobile phone users grows daily. What is mobile marketing? It makes use of a variety of platforms for product display to coincide with the needs of your target market. This article will explain the six types of mobile marketing strategies. Some of the most important types…


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types of mobile marketing

types of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming unavoidable as the number of mobile phone users grows daily. What is mobile marketing? It makes use of a variety of platforms for product display to coincide with the needs of your target market. This article will explain the six types of mobile marketing strategies.

Some of the most important types of mobile marketing you should be aware of for a successful outcome are as follows: SMS marketing, Social Media, Location-based marketing, Mobile Website, App-based marketing, and Mobile Email to reach your potential consumers.

This article guides you to reach your potential customers using effective marketing strategies. 

Top 6 Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies

Following are the top 6 mobile marketing strategies you must know.

SMS Marketing

With the increase in the number of SMS users in the USA, It is one of the often sort after-marketing strategies with the most effective, direct, and cost-effective ways to attract the target audience with just a 160-character text message.

SMS marketing is an easy technique to improve visibility and establish strong relationships with clients. The text message involves promotion for a product, welcome offers, Flash sales with the catchy heading, alert notifications, deals, offers, and many more.

sms usage growth

Both small and large enterprises can use this advertisement to communicate effectively with their target market.

You can add direct links to your text message for the detailed product description or further details related to your business. 


  • Deliver on time.
  • Increase the number of clicks through.
  • Increase engagement with consumers.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to increase brand recognition among consumers. As we all know, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Tik Tok are powerful apps with many people as their users.

Thus by not spending a lot of money, these platforms allow users to expand their brands and products. Facebook and Instagram users use various strategies to enhance brand value, including paid and unpaid contexts.

social media marketing

Similarly, YouTube increases sales through various promotional videos that let users interact with customers.

Users can use social media to promote their businesses by including links to the company’s website or blogs in their posts.


  • Cost Effective
  • Brand Awareness
  • Connectivity
  • Enables sharing
  • Drives Traffic


  • Limited to platforms
  • Negative Feedback
  • Focus on sales

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Location Based Marketing

We all use Google Maps at least once a week to find a specific location, but have you ever considered the marketing tactics involved?

Simple Google Maps methods include enabling your location and setting up your company profile with optimal keywords to increase foot traffic.

location based marketing

Like this, LMS, or location marketing, utilizes the users’ location to notify them of deals and discounts they discover at nearby stores. Text message alerts are received from specific stores about sales or promotions that increase the number of visitors.

There are different types of Location-based marketing, such as IP Address, GPS Marketing, Proximity, Blueprints Location-Based Marketing.


  • Low cost 
  • Boost Business
  • Easier engagement 
  • Improves connectivity


  • Security
  • Irrelevant ads

Mobile E-mail Marketing

According to online statistics, the average email open rate increased to 21.33%. Because of the widespread use of convenient mobile devices, desktop email campaigns gave way to mobile email campaigns. In general, email writing uses captivating and interesting subject lines to boost click-through rates.

mobile email marketing

 Popular e-commerce websites and food delivery applications employ email writing as one of these service providers for mobile-friendly campaign mail and to boost their online sales and engagement.


  • Increase sales
  • Low cost
  • Scalable
  • Time-Saving option


  • Spams messages

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 Mobile Website Marketing 

Mobile websites have important roles when it comes to advertising. Many well-known brands and e-commerce websites depend on mobile websites to sell their products. The optimized website with relevant content allows the audience to find the information they searched for.

mobile website marketing

You should have an SEO (search engine optimization) skilled writer to increase traffic to rank at the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., which is crucial nowadays to promote your brand name.


  • Increase Brand awareness
  • Connectivity
  • Trust
  • Engage audience


  • Demand for writer
  • Cost money

You can also explore an experimental marketing technique, which is proximity marketing. 

In-App Advertising

Living in the era of a fast-moving digital world, as a fellow marketer, you are supposed to be aware of in-app marketing. Popular apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Facebook act as channels marketers or brands pay to advertise their products and capture the target audience’s attention.

The advertisement can be embedded in a video or as an image designed to fit below the fold on the phone’s screen. To promote a brand, YouTube frequently channels an ad video before the beginning of the video and in between the videos. 

inapp advertising

With features like “push notifications,” where the message or notification pops up on the screen to let their main target audience know about their recent updates and promotions. It plays a significant role in helping them improve audience engagement.

The apps also use location to deliver relevant advertisements to their users.


  • Brand awareness
  • Active engagement


  • Irrelevant Ads
  • Inappriorate Ad videos

Here are some of the FAQs about the 6 types of mobile marketing strategies.

As a bonus, we have added a guide explaining the  what is a Boilerplate in marketing and how a well-crafted boilerplate succinctly communicates your brand’s message and ensures consistency across various marketing channels, enhancing brand recognition and credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are mobile marketing strategies?

Mobile marketing strategies are part of digital marketing, which acts as the channel to display the product and attract the primary target audience to buy their products through mobile apps, emails, location, SMS, etc.

What are the four types of marketing tools?

There are different types of marketing tools to promote the brand. A few commonly used marketing tools are SMS text, in-app marketing, mobile email marketing, and location-based marketing.

What are examples of mobile marketing?

In-app brand advertising, promotional text via SMS text, seasonal sales via email, or mobile websites are some examples of mobile marketing.

What is the most successful marketing strategy?

Know your audience. Marketing is about the audience, so your primary focus should be on their preferences. A marketer should know current trends, values, and customer needs, which must be met at the appropriate time.


On an overall basis, though it sounds like a cost-effective option, certain features cost money for better reach. With the combination of the right marketing plan and relevant content, you can achieve the target audience’s attention.