How Much Do Apps Make From Ads? The Full Guide


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Doesn’t the question: How much do apps get paid for ads, pop on your mind? Well these apps generate an average revenue of $0.60 to $1.20 per app that gets downloaded. The longer the ads, the higher is their revenue. At times such ads earn between $5 to
$10 per ad.

Mere app downloads do not bring much revenue to these app creators. The application must be constantly used and advertisements should be displayed. By following ad monetization strategy, you can earn money. Apps generally earn in the range of $10 to $200. If a user clicks on an ad to download the app then the app owners are reimbursed.

This article discusses in depth the various ways and sources of income for apps. Be it their monetisation strategy or other monetization techniques such as affiliate, subscription and sponsorship models.

How much do apps make from ads?

The typical daily earnings from ads for apps range from $10 to $200. The majority of the time, app owners are compensated when users hit or click on an ad or when they use an ad to download the app. 

The process is not as simple as it may seem, though. As a result, this article will go into more detail regarding ad monetization strategies that can help you if you want to create an app and earn money from it.

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What is in-app advertising?

App developers frequently use in-app advertising as a form of revenue to place advertisements within their apps. These can be anything from a banner or automated video in a game to a sponsored post or tweet on a social media platform.

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How to use your app to make money with ads?

There are a number of things to take into account that can all have a significant impact on how well your app’s adverts perform. You can increase your revenue while expanding your user base by combining in-app advertising with other tactics, like subscriptions.

make money with ads
Use your app to make money with ads.

Additionally, partnering with the ideal ad network can simplify the process of generating revenue for mobile apps. You, as the publisher, will benefit significantly from selecting an ad network that pays you using a CPM model because your payment is not based on how well the campaign performs. 

We’ll look more closely at several ad monetization strategies now that you understand how and how much money apps make from ads.

Ad monetization Strategies

Ad monetization strategy is a method to generate or boost your ad revenue from a particular audience or content on a certain platform. Some of the most popular strategies are listed below.

Native Ads

Native adverts are displayed along with the content, unlike typical advertisements, which appear as a banner or box on a page’s top or side. These adverts are supposed to look more like content rather than actual ads to perform better. 

Over time, native advertisements have become more and more prevalent. Compared to traditional ads, they have a substantially greater click-through rate.

The native adverts, which may include sponsored articles or videos, are integrated into the app’s design and do not obstruct the user experience.

Overall, native ads can increase the likelihood that consumers will continue interacting with your app by offering a streamlined, non-disruptive experience.

Video ads

The two categories of video ads are in-stream and out-stream. In-stream videos play before, afterward, or in the middle of other video content and take up the entire screen.

However, any other area of an app may have out-stream advertisements. This genre of advertisements also includes rewarding video adverts, where the app user receives a reward for watching a whole advertisement.

video ads
Video Ads

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Banner advertisements are already outperformed by video ads in terms of conversion, with mobile video ads performing the best. The advertisements can be overpowering, but if done well, they can engage users at a level that is not feasible with conventional banner ads.

How much do apps make from Banner Ads?

Although the oldest kind of advertising, Banner advertising is very common on mobile apps. This is due to the simplicity of using mobile banner advertisements to monetize apps.

Besides that, banner adverts may obstruct the user experience of your app and become obtrusive. They could also be static or include UI-integrated animations.

Moreover, the question about “how much do apps make from banner ads” has been circulating around the web. So, the majority of app banner ads produce between $0.50 and $1.20 for every 1,000 provided impressions, according to the statistics.

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Offerwall ads

Offerwalls are a fantastic way to monetize any micro-payment freemium website or app. The main goal of an offerwall is to increase user engagement and to employ “freemiums” to monetize non-paying users. Offerwalls produce a situation where everyone benefits overall.


When appropriately used, offerwalls can significantly increase your app engagement and income. Additionally, they have a variety of options, like paying for the advantages or completing an advertisement-based offer for them.

Interstitial ads

Full-screen advertisements known as interstitials may appear in your app. They frequently take the form of rich media and may include text, graphics, or videos.

Moreover, Interstitial advertising has substantially better profits per impression (eCPM) than, say, banner ads, which are more readily disregarded due to the high engagement.

Other App Monetization techniques

Other not-so-popular yet effective strategies are given below:

Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing may be quite lucrative, but it functions best when you have a sizable user base that believes in your app. Many businesses provide affiliate programs that let you include specific links in your content or advertisements. You receive a commission if your users click on those links, visit the business’ website, and make a purchase.

Subscription Model

With this tactic, the app is made available for free download with constrained access to the given content or services. The users then have a limited amount of time to use all or a portion of the app’s capabilities. After this time, they will have to continue using the app by paying a regular cost.

subscription model
Subscription Model

This can be a huge benefit to you as you start to gather users and grow that user base into paying app subscribers.

Sponsorship Model

Customers and organizations alike can greatly benefit from having a partner or network of partners. And there’s a good probability that if your partner includes adverts for your apps, their consumers will click that ad and go directly to your app.

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How much do apps make from ads per hit?

When they include ad placements in their app or game, app developers can make up to $0.25 per user each day for customers in the US. The smallest payment from a banner ad is $0.10. An interstitial advertisement has a modest income potential of $1 to $3. The most profitable type of advertising, with $5 to $10, is video.

How much do gaming apps make per day from ads?

You should expect to pay between $0.01 to $1 per day for a normal game with few downloads. However, when it comes to advertisements, games make an average of $0.16 each completion for interstitials and $2.50 for offer walls.

How can you monetize without ads?

In the app market, advertising is frequently one of the most well-liked and effective strategies. Nevertheless, depending on the sort of app, various revenue methods may be beneficial. In-Game Purchases, Subscriptions, Sponsorships, Rewarded Videos, and Surveys are just a few of the tried-and-true monetization strategies available to monetize an app without ads.

How do free apps make money?

While every app is different, most free apps generate revenue by allowing advertising. Free apps are designed to draw you in so that, once you’ve grown accustomed to them, you’ll start paying for them. Furthermore, some apps use advertising or sponsorships to display advertisements, and others utilize affiliate marketing links to create income by driving traffic to websites that offer commissions on sales.


More people than ever are using ad monetization strategies. Native advertisements frequently offer the best user experience. The legitimate business, though, might also benefit from the other approaches. So use these methods for monetizing your mobile app, and watch as your company starts to earn more money from apps than before.

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