Why Are There So Many Ads on YouTube in 2024? 

YouTube ads annoy all of us, as we want an uninterrupted viewing experience. But what to do? Why are there so many Ads on YouTube? All these questions run through our minds, and this specific article will answer all your questions regarding Youtube ads. To your question about why are there so many ads on…


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YouTube ads annoy all of us, as we want an uninterrupted viewing experience. But what to do? Why are there so many Ads on YouTube? All these questions run through our minds, and this specific article will answer all your questions regarding Youtube ads.

To your question about why are there so many ads on YouTube, there are six reasons; reasons are Monetization for creators, Revenue for YouTube, Advertiser demand, Content Hosting Cost, and Target advertising.

Let’s dive deep into YouTube ads and why are there so many ads on YouTube.

Why Are There So Many Ads on YouTube in 2024? Core Concept

Youtube ads or advertising is a form of advertisement only confined to the free social media Youtube. Google owns Youtube, and it’s a free social media application that is available on all devices.

Youtube is a social platform for sharing video content. You can reach the world through Youtube without extra cost. The Youtube ads are either in the form of video or display ads. 

Moreover, as Google owns Youtube, the process of creating ads can be done from Google ads itself. The advertisers can also target their ads based on demographics, search behaviors, interests, etc.

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Types of Youtube Ads

There are majorly six types of Youtube ads, and we will discuss them below:

TrueView In-Stream Ads

These ads are small videos and appear before, during, or after the main video. They are skippable too, and viewers can skip it after 5 seconds. The advertisers will be charged only when the viewers watch or interact with the ads for 30 seconds minimum. 

true view in stream ads

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

The viewers cannot skip this ad type and must watch the full video ad. The video ads can last from 15 to 20 seconds. 

non-skippable ads

Bumper Ads

These ads usually contain an impactful message and are designed to deliver quickly. The length of this type of ad is short, around 6 seconds or so, but they are also non-skippable.  

bumper YT ads

Display Ads

Display ads are static or animated forms of image ads. They appear on the side of the video player or video suggestions or the homepage of Youtube.

display ads

Overlay Ads

These are just transparent overlay ads and can be closed by viewers. These ads are text or images at the bottom of the main video. 

overlay ads

Sponsored Cards

Sponsored are entirely different kinds of advertisement. These usually contain information about products, images, texts, and external links. They are small, interactive, and related to the main video you are watching.

sponsored cards

Why are there so many Ads on Youtube ?

  • Monetization for creators

Monetization is a highly vital element for YouTube creators and the ecosystem. The creators earn from the videos by implementing ads in between. The ads act as a primary revenue for the creators. 


When the creators can monetize their content, they will also increase their production quality. The creators will invest in high-quality equipment to produce high-quality content for your viewers. 

Lastly, monetization will motivate the creators to pursue their passion, dedication, and creativity to build a firm career. 

  • Revenue for YouTube

The ads on Youtube can generate a reliant portion of revenue which will support the infrastructure, advertiser, and development of the platform. Ads on Youtube draw a massive number of users, boost their targeting capabilities, and assists in reaching out to the potential audience. 

ads revenue

The revenue allows Youtube to incorporate new features, content collaboration, and improvising user experience. This system supports the free content available on Youtube. The revenue also contributes to the sustainability and growth of the platform by benefiting the viewers and the content creators.

  • Advertiser demand

Youtube is a social media platform that attracts a wide variety of audiences, thus making it the most prominent advertising platform. Advertisers state Youtube as the best platform because it can quickly reach and advertise to the targeted audience.

Youtube advertises its ads by targeting specific demographics, user behavior, and interests to enhance its reach to the right audience. Moreover, the platform also offers a variety of ad formats suitable for all types of marketing objectives and budgets.

The platform has become the most effective form of advertising and benefits businesses on a bigger scale. 

  •  Content Hosting Costs

Content Hosting costs are a certain amount of expense that Youtube has to spend. This spending is a must because Youtube is a free platform, and millions can access it as a viewer or a creator. 

Youtube has to store, deliver and stream video content to millions of users. To make this happen, high infrastructure and resources are required. Content hosting costs, the costing that includes being for storage, data centers, bandwidth, CDNs, etc.

Thus, the ad revenues significantly fulfill these expenses and enable Youtube to provide an excellent hosting infrastructure.

  •  Targeted advertising

Youtube’s most significant advantage is your advertising according to your targetted audience.

The platform uses several algorithms and user-related data to deliver more personalized ads.

youtube ad teargeting

They analyze user engagement, search histories, and preferences to tailor the ads.

This targeted advertisement benefits the advertisers by increasing engagement, conversion, and return on investment (ROI). The personalized ads also help the viewers and do not bore them while interrupting the main video, as they align with their interests and are relevant to them.

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How to stop getting Youtube Ads

If YouTube ads are annoying you and you want to stop getting them, then this is how:

YouTube Premium

If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can watch YouTube completely ad-free. There are certain benefits, too, like offline playback, YouTube Originals, etc., but all this will come at a monthly fee. 


You can install ad-blockers to stop viewing ads not only on YouTube but on other applications, also. However, some ad-blockers can go against the terms and services of YouTube and may impact the content creators’ revenue. 

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Skip or Close ads

While watching YouTube, you might get some skippable ads, and you can skip them by clicking the “Skip ad” button. However, there are non-skippable ads, too, which you must see before resuming the main video.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a version of YouTube which is child friendly with a filtered environment. It offers kids-appropriate videos and comparatively fewer ads.


Why are there so many Ads on YouTube?

YouTube ads are significant for both content creators and YouTube itself. Ads generate revenue that supports the creator and covers the operational charges of YouTube. Mainly because YouTube is a free accessible platform.

Can I still support creators without watching ads?

Yes, you can support creators without ads also by engaging with their content, liking their content, sharing them, and subscribing to their channels.

Are YouTube ads based on my personal information?

Yes, YouTube ads are personalized according to your preferences, search histories, interaction on various websites, etc.

Can I use ad-blockers on my mobile?

Yes, multiple ad-blocker ads are available in the market. They can block ads on YouTube and other websites also.


YouTube might become annoying, and we might end up whining, asking why there are so many ads on YouTube. YouTube is a significant part of our daily routine and in the ecosystem of the metaverse too. However, the platform is free, and neither viewers nor the content creators have to pay any money to have aces to YouTube. 

When a platform is free, they have to generate revenue from somewhere, and these ads are the source of income. The revenue they generate goes to the creators and YouTube itself. This revenue will only be beneficial for the viewers in the end.

We hope we have answered your query about why there are so many ads on YouTube in this article and hope it satisfies you. 

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