17 Engaging Video Content Types People Love To Watch

engaging video content

People have been engaging with and consuming video content for a long time. Due to this, there was a massive spike in the types of videos that a viewer can enjoy in recent years. In this article, we have explored 17 different types of video content that are highly engaging.

engaging video content
Engaging Video Content

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Top 17 Engaging Video Content That People Love to Watch

So here is our roundup of what type of engaging video content people like to watch on the Internet. Pick your favorite niche and start creating now!

Music Videos

This is an excellent way for artists to obtain revenue by creating engaging Video Content and reaching a new audience. Music videos stand out because they come with a story and are usually in the movie’s style.

engaging video content
Engaging Video Content

How-To Videos

How-to videos are a remarkable way for people to learn how to try new activities and pick up a new hobby. After all, it’s incredible to acquire a new skill or learn something new that you could never have imagined. These videos intend to showcase the equipment/product/service that the content is about.

engaging video content
Engaging Video Content


Time-lapse videos are unique as they allow people to see amazing things happen in a concise amount of time. These videos have been successful for a long time, helping people see the world around them entirely differently. These videos are recorded with a camera fixed in one spot for long durations.

engaging video content
Engaging Video Content


Animation is a type of video that is great for telling a fantastic story. As you can imagine, many people love to watch these types of videos. In fact, they can use it as a standalone product or tell a story — which is why animation videos are so engaging and effective.

engaging video
Engaging Video Content


These are short-form videos that are usually personal and based on the video creator. Vlogs mean video creators typically talk about their experiences and ideas on any topic. This type of content is engaging because it usually showcases real-life events that people can relate to. Vlogs are generally very long when shot at a stretch and have to make short using a video trimmer to ensure they are engaging and not boringly long.

engaging video
Engaging Video Content

Interview Videos

If you want to make a great video, you need to know how to ask the right questions. This is why interview videos are so engaging. The best interviews are the ones that have something unique and exciting about them — which is why you should always try and make your interview video stand out from the rest.

So, if you want your interview to be engaging, it needs to be:

  • About something unique
  • Offered in an informal tone
  • Followed by a short Q&A session
engaging video
Engaging Video


Review videos are a way to show your audience your thoughts and give them a thorough overview. Because of this, reviews are usually very engaging because they provide the viewer an idea of what something is like, causing them to be more opinionated about the subject that’s being reviewed.

engaging video content
Engaging Video Content

Behind The Scenes

Behind-the-scenes or BTS videos primarily display how a particular video or film came to be. Out of the chunks of behind-the-scenes recordings, more miniature specific scenes, sometimes funny and sometimes striking, are taken using a video trimmer and joined together using transitions. These types of videos are incredibly engaging because people like to know what goes into making the big things that they enjoy, making this video format a certified hit.

engaging video content
Engaging Video Content

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

DIY videos are great if you’re trying to teach people something new. Moreover, these videos show people how to go about doing whatever it is that they’re interested in — from food hacks to home decor ideas.

engaging video content
Engaging Video Content


Gaming videos are very engaging because they let players show off their skills and talents. Some of YouTube’s highest-earning influencers make gaming-related content and let-‘s-play videos. Given this format’s popularity, it’s no wonder that gamers go all-out to produce riveting gaming content on an ongoing basis. These videos are usually created using a screen recorder and then trimming the videos only to keep specific portions for the sake of crispness. 

engaging content
Engaging Video Content


Live videos are another type of video that you can use to teach or help your audience learn something. Contrary to popular belief, they are far from boring, and instead, live videos offer something new and insightful to the viewer. Live-streaming is also a valuable and inventive way for influencers to raise awareness and money for charities and special causes. 

engaging content
Engaging Video Content


Professional video content is suitable for impressing your viewers. Moreover, professionals are known for delivering extremely engaging content — they tend to be more knowledgeable about what they’re talking about than almost anyone else on the web.

engaging content
engaging content


Explainer videos are a helpful marketing tool. As the name suggests, these short videos explain an organization’s product or service straightforwardly. They allow customers to understand a company’s offerings better and form a deeper connection with the brand. Moreover, explainer videos are an excellent way for you to teach people something new.


People are always looking for easy online guides that simplify complex activities and tasks. Instructional videos cater to these audiences. They show viewers how something works in a step-by-step format, so they’re always popular on YouTube.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are an excellent way for you to show people what your product or service is all about and how it works. It introduces audiences to a new array of products. More importantly, a well-crafted product review can boost influencers’ social ratings and popularity. As a result, you’ll find that these videos are extremely popular with viewers and YouTube stars alike.

engaging video content
Engaging Video Content


Unboxing videos are an excellent way for you to show your viewers how something was packaged and if it’s any good. Moreover, unboxing videos are highly engaging because they’re usually about finding something exciting inside the box. However, these videos should not be too long. So if you record a video that exceeds over 10-15 minutes, you must use a video trimmer to get rid of parts that are not necessary.

engaging video content
Engaging Video Content


Comedy is another type of video that has become very popular in recent years — especially on YouTube, where people can make their own comedy sketches. They consist of skits, stand-up routines, and even commentary-style videos, where creators make hilarious remarks on other media. 

engaging video content
Engaging Video Content

The Benefits Of Video Marketing

Record-high 87% of marketers believe that video directly affects sales in a good way. And 96% of marketers concur that videos can improve consumer knowledge of their goods or services. The precise description of the benefits of video marketing is:

  • 95% of the knowledge you offer through videos retain by the audience.
  • 84% of viewers of explainer videos go on to buy something.
  • Videos are 120% more successful than other types of information, according to LearnHub.

 Your audience adores video marketing, which also builds brand authority and increases revenue.

The Most Common Forms of Video Marketing for B2B Companies

When it comes to video marketing for B2B companies, there are three primary categories that you must use to establish your brand as an authority in the field and generate quality leads regularly.

Marketing Videos

Marketing videos promote your goods and services by building a rapport.

vdo marketing

The intention of these videos is not to promote a product or service. Instead, keep the essence of your brand hidden from your ideal clients, ensuring that they pick you

Main Goals of Marketing Videos

Marketing videos have several objectives. Always make sure that you have your goals in mind before beginning a video marketing campaign (or, in fact, any form of marketing plan!). Having some objectives in mind will help you feel more in control of your pace and direction, even though it is impossible to forecast how the internet and your audience will respond.

Some of the main objectives of using video marketing include:

Gaining viewers for your videos to expand the reach of your brand.

  • Encouraging viewer interaction so they will more invest in your brand.
  • Fostering loyalty by giving your audience the necessary knowledge to keep them returning for more.
  • Encouraging social media shares to expand your reach while demonstrating your authority and credibility in the field.

Educational Videos

The most effective technique to establish authority in your field is educational films.

educational videos (1)

Become a spokesperson for the most recent data, news, strategies, and suggestions in your field so that your target market is aware of your dependability.

Explainer Videos

These are the movies you use to advertise your genuine goods or services.


They showcase your product’s qualities, its advantages, and the USP that makes it unique.

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How Can Video Marketing Be More Affordable?

When it comes to investing a lot of money in video marketing, you probably feel apprehensive if you are starting. The same holds for small firms that would want to benefit from this outstanding marketing strategy but lack the funding.

Due to its affordability under these circumstances, video marketing is still a feasible option. You should be good to go as long as you can afford to buy the correct tools for filming your films and a suitable system for organising, storing, and hosting them.

Simply choose stock footage or cartoons that don’t need any special equipment to shoot if you want to reduce the expense of the process even further. Use free video marketing tools like YouTube as much as you can to reduce costs associate with hosting.

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What all are Included in Video Content Types?

Content that is presented in the form of video to the audience is included in video content types. Primary examples of this type cover music videos, reviews, interview videos, time-lapse videos, webinars, and much more.

Why are Video Content Types Becoming most Favored by the Audience?

Videos are grabbing more and more audience attention these days. Videos can easily connect emotionally with the viewers, persuading them to revisit your page or website and see more similar videos, thus increasing your reach. Videos can educate and entertain while keeping the audience engaged until the end.

What all Video Contents are in Demand on Social Media?

There is a plenty of content video types that people find most engaging. Be it lifestyle videos, educating videos, videos for beauty and fashion, live streaming of games, or vlogs, all are trending in youth. Videos of webinars, interviews, science, and travel attract professionals.


These are the 17 types of engaging content that you should consider when you want to make a video online. These types of videos are also diverse and different enough to keep people coming back for more — so you can always switch things up a bit when it comes time for your next video.

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