How much do Sponsors Pay for YouTube videos?

Wondering how much do sponsors pay YouTubers? Well, they get paid on the basis of the views generated on a particular video. Now this can vary from $10 to $50 for every 1000 views and can easily go up to $50000 if the video has over 1 million views. YouTubers can earn around $0.15 for…


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Wondering how much do sponsors pay YouTubers? Well, they get paid on the basis of the views generated on a particular video. Now this can vary from $10 to $50 for every 1000 views and can easily go up to $50000 if the video has over 1 million views.

how much do sponsors pay youtubers

YouTubers can earn around $0.15 for each view. This amount highly depends upon which industry is investing in the YouTube channel. This amount can be calculated using the CPM formula which you’ll get to know more about as you read further. To know how much do sponsors pay YouTubers, you must first understand how sponsorship works for YouTubers.

In this article we will be talking about what youtube sponsorship is, how it works, how much do sponsors pay YouTubers, factors considered during sponsorship, how to attract the sponsors and much more. We will discuss the different types of sponsors, for example website and application sponsors. If you wish, you can also reach out to different organizations in your sector to build your channel further.

What is Youtube Sponsorship?

Many big brands pay content creators on YouTube to appear in their videos, and it helps them reach out to a vast audience from a different spectrum. The sponsoring company pays the creator some percentage of revenue on the sales generated through the video. They also pay a specific amount based on the number of views per video. 

how much do sponsors pay youtubers

An example of Youtube Sponsorship is the Gaming company EA which sponsors gamers to play their games or give a review of them. The whole contract and agreement vary from brand to brand as, in some cases, they get paid when some user applies a particular coupon code. 

There are two ways to get sponsorship as a creator, and they are listed below:

YouTube Partnership

YouTube Partnership uses Google AdSense to monetize videos. As a user, you need an AdSense account to get a sponsorship.

Sponsorship from outside

If your channel is big enough and has millions of subscribers, you can also try for some outside sponsorships. In this case, the brands might ask you to include details or some links to your video. 

How much do sponsors pay for YouTube?

Let’s get straight to the answer. There is no fixed amount that sponsors pay to YouTubers or creators; it varies from $10 to $50 per 1000 views and can go upto $10,000 to $50,000 if the video crosses 1 million views. In a recent survey done by the blog myworkfromhomemoney, it was found that YouTubers earn $0.035 to $0.15 per view with a median of $0.089 per view. Further, it also differs from niche to niche. A health or investing channel might get a higher price for its videos than a real estate or tech channel.

cpm-How much do sponsors pay YouTubers?

To explain it in-depth, we will have to go through the definition of a CPM term. CPM, or Cost per Mile, is the cost creators get for every 1000 clicks on their videos. To calculate CPM, you must divide the cost of producing the video advertisement and the total number of clicks on the video. After that, you have to multiply it by 100. The formula is given below:

CPM = (cost of producing the video advert/total number of impressions) x 1000

This CPM is different for different sponsors and brands. Some brands might offer you more CPM based on the content of your video or how big your channel is.

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Factors sponsors consider during the sponsorship

Getting sponsorship for your video isn’t easy, as sponsors consider some factors before agreeing to be a part of your video. Some factors that sponsors consider are given below:

YouTube’s legal policies

If your videos contain copyrighted images, logos, or other illegal stuff, sponsors don’t consider it. YouTube believes these things are unlawful and might send you a notice.

No violent content

Sponsors don’t like videos with violent content or something that promotes violence, and examples of it include hate speeches, harassment, and cyberbullying. So, as a creator, you should keep these things in your mind.

No sensitive content

You should always avoid using sensitive content like suicide, self-harm, or other graphic images as a content creator. Further, you can’t use these as your thumbnails as well. You might get a strike on your video, and sponsors don’t love it.

Number of subscribers

The most crucial factor that sponsors look out for is the number of subscribers on your channel. Having more subscribers means more customers for their products. So if you have a loyal fan base and good traffic, then sponsors will consider you for advertisements. 

Number of views

A considerable number of subscribers is not enough sometimes for some sponsors. They also check the number of views on your videos.


For this, they either check the average number of views on your channel or see the pictures on your channel’s last 10 or 15 videos. It gives them ideas about how active your subscribers are and how much profit they will eventually make from it.

Average video watch time

Average video watch time gives sponsors insight into how interactive your videos are. If your average watch time is longer, more subscribers go through your videos until the end. Sponsors generally prefer creators to have a long average watch time.

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How to attract sponsors as YouTubers?

Getting sponsorships on YouTube sounds like a daunting task for a newbie, but you can get them quickly if you are on the right path. Several things attract sponsors to a YouTube channel, and some of these are mentioned below:


As we all know, content is King on YouTube. A video with great content and presentation attracts more viewers to the channel, attracting sponsors for collaboration. Always research the trending topics or questions before making a video and try to include them in your content, and it will increase the traffic to your channel. 

how to attract sponsors

If you are looking for a sponsor from a particular domain, you should try to include something related to it in your video. For example, if you are looking out for sponsors from a gaming niche, then you can try to build your content around games.

Add details and contacts

Before uploading a video, always try to include your contact info or email ids in the description box. It can be a direct way of communication between you and the sponsors. Also, check if your details are correct and are related to your official accounts only.


This tip is beneficial for those creators who don’t have a large number of subscribers. If you don’t have many subscribers, then the comment section is where you should focus. Always try to make your comments section more engaging. You can ask your subscribers a question or feedback about the video. You have a loyal fan base if your comments section has enough engagement. Once you get enough attention, your channel will automatically attract sponsors automaticalating any Terms and Conditions.

YouTube has a list of rules and regulations that creators should consider before uploading a video. If you violate any one of them, your video might face a strike. Never use derogatory terms, racial slurs, hate speech, self-harm, or illegal things in your video. As a sponsor, they won’t want your video removed at some point. So keeping all the terms and conditions in your mind is a must.

Posting regular contents

Posting regular videos indicates that you are consistent, and sponsors love consistent creators.

How much do sponsors pay YouTubers?

As a YouTuber, you should always upload new content as soon as possible, as it helps maintain a loyal fan base and further helps YouTube’s algorithm increases your visibility index.


Sponsors don’t like repetitive videos or follow the same method as other videos. Try to make it unique, original, and something different. This is where your creative skills will help you. Sometimes audience gets fed up with content that has brand promotions in it. An excellent innovative video will easily accommodate sponsors so that it won’t feel like a paid video to the audience.

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Application and website sponsorships

Following are some application and website sponsorships.


By establishing connections with other video producers and encouraging collaboration, Grin. Grin focuses on assisting you in expanding your YouTube channel. Although it hasn’t yet worked with advertisers, doing so will allow it to learn from and influence other YouTube content makers while waiting for the sponsor to agree to collaborate.


Grin assists you in connecting with sponsors because creating your own YouTube channel and brand is distinctive.

Famebit and Grapevine

The most well-liked method for increasing YouTube’s sponsorship of smaller channels is thought to be through apps like Famebit and Grapevine. Even if they are not perfect solutions, they function exceptionally effectively.

You can still utilize websites that only want the first few advertising offers, like modest YouTube viewers, even if you are a well-known YouTube video provider. Product marketing and affiliate sponsorship are used to support these smaller YouTube channels. 

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Locate your sponsors

Here are two strategies for getting top sponsors for your YouTube channel in the same niche.

Reach out to organizations in your sector

The ideal way to obtain sponsorship, particularly when evaluating products, is to speak directly with the company or brand to see how the two parties can work together.

Please be aware that this necessitates an abundance of high-quality content. Please go back to the prerequisites before beginning if you want them to cooperate with you.

Concentrating on building a good channel 

Traffic is what draws sponsors and brands, and traffic is what pushes quality. When you reach a specific size, brands and businesses will start contacting you via Facebook and email to ask you to sponsor them.


Even if the phrase “Build it, they will come” is taken from a stupid movie (you shouldn’t use it as your main form of communication), if it happens to you, you are doing something excellent.

Acquire YouTube sponsorships for gaming

Creators should produce a professional channel, broadcast and post exciting gaming material, develop a community of viewers, and engage with subscribers, applying the advice mentioned above to get sponsored on your gaming YouTube channel.

Utilize our ready-to-use YouTube gaming video templates to make a polished game video right away.

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Who receives sponsorships on YouTube?

Any creator can secure a YouTube sponsorship or commercial partnership.

Many creators make the error of getting started too soon, and you cannot produce three videos and anticipate interest from a payment business.

That seems logical, no?

A business requires a track record. A specific specialty and an understanding of your target audience are requirements for potential YouTube advertisers. Are they your audience and vice versa? Do you have a sizable enough audience for the business to see the benefit of the outlet and enjoy a profitable investment?

Whether there are 1,000 subscribers or 10,000+, the response to this question varies depending on the creator and niche.

Do some research on channels related to your niche for a few hours. Because you can view years’ worth of videos, your rivals created publicly on YouTube. You may observe their actions in detail and use this to study and better comprehend the opposition and increase your chances of being compensated by a YouTube advertiser.

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How YouTube videos are sponsored?

Similar to Instagram sponsored videos, a company pays for YouTube sponsorships using cash or products. Because YouTubers can work with businesses that suit the genre, themes, and personal interests of their channels, sponsored material is appealing to viewers and target markets.

How do I find a sponsor?

1.Describe the essential elements of your event.

2.Examine the reasons why businesses support events.

3.Define the requirements for sponsorship.

4.Find out which businesses have funded similar events.

5.To discover possible sponsors, use an internet marketplace.

How many subscribers do you need to get sponsored?

Ads are only one of the numerous ways that YouTubers may monetize their channels. YouTube producers must have more than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of video seen in the past year to get compensated for their advertisements. In other words, before approaching businesses for sponsorship, you need to have at least 1,000 YouTube followers.


YouTube sponsorship helps your channel grow and establish a good relationship with your audience, and it also allows you to earn revenue and get free products. This article explains, “How much do sponsors pay YouTubers?” We also highlighted some factors sponsors look at before sponsoring your video and how you can attract sponsors. With the content of this article, we hope that you will be able to get sponsors for your videos soon! 

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