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How To Do LinkedIn Ads Management Properly?

August 11, 2022 in Social Media

Are you trying to connect your brand to the world? Or have a target audience but are unable to target them? Don’t know what content to use to gain recognition? Or how to properly advertise your schemes, products, or services on LinkedIn? Well, then you are in the right place. 

With the increasing growth of social media, revenue generation is also expected to grow. LinkedIn, the platform that connects the world’s professionals, has grown to be a valuable source for networking with unanimous people. But not just that, it also serves the purpose of an inbound marketing platform with powerful ads. 

LinkedIn has better capabilities for advertising but might not be suitable for everyone’s business which can be a tough choice. It can, at times, not be the right place to advertise, as it is a platform for people looking for benefits and updates in their particular industries. But yes, LinkedIn is more likely to bring you advertising success than any other advertising platform. All one needs to do is work on LinkedIn ADs management properly. 

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Steps and tips for LinkedIn Ads Management 

Here is the complete guide on how to do LinkedIn ads management for a better reach of your product or service to the target audience.

Define an objective 

Every Ad needs to have an objective, which is the essential subject to create awareness or build consideration for the product. The advertiser must select if the ad is meant to create awareness, consideration, or conversion. 

define an objective -linkedin ads management

Defining an objective will help in the optimization of results and impact the performance of the concerned campaign. 

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Ad formatting 

Shouldn’t it be eye-catching before you click a link to make you stop scrolling? To make it appealing to look at, the ad formatting is an essential factor in LinkedIn Ads management. There are a variety of formats available for advertisements. One can select from the wide range of single image ads, video ads, carousel ads, event ads, and more, depending on the need. 

ad formatting - linkedin ads management

Make sure to use PNG or JPG file format for images instead of uploading a PDF or any other complicated file format. 

Target the audience 

Select the parameters for the target audience to help them fulfill the objective of your campaign. The more refine and particular the target audience is, the more relevant it would be for the ad to perform. targeting audience -linkedIn ads management

One doesn’t need to target the entire community on LinkedIn but be specific with the criteria while selecting the audience, and you can expect better ROI post-selection. 

Budgeting and scheduling 

After targeting the correct audience, expenditure and budgeting are essential. You must set up a daily or weekly budget keeping the company’s marketing budget in mind, before spending on only one campaign. A campaign must be tested and measured for its success and variation before burning unnecessary holes in your pocket. 

LinkedIn Ads are most suitable for targeting specific niche markets due to the targeting opportunities that it brings along. 

But precautions can be helpful. Investing money in a campaign is good when you see it performing well. There are three options to select from: 

  • Cost per send: To work on LinkedIn Ads Management, The company only needs to pay for delivered messages. 
  • Cost per click: This option is suitable for campaigns that focus on lead generation or event registration. 
  • Cost per impression: CPM is for those who tend to create brand awareness with their ads.  

A campaign must be considered in the brewing stage in an initial couple of weeks to know what works best. After selecting the right option, another option will prompt you to choose the suggested bid, start date, end date, and the campaign’s budget. No matter what the end date is, the campaign can terminate at any point in time.

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Measuring the performance and optimization 

To know the performance of your campaign, the advertiser must track the impressions, clicks, social actions, and budget input. Once you use campaign manager to track your performance, you’ll see several performance metrics and demographics on the reporting dashboard and visit the same place for conversion tracking. 

measuring the performance and optimization -linkedin ads management

You’re done with your hard work and investment in attracting the audience to interact with your ad or website. This will ensure that your efforts are not in vain and that the end product or service is consumer-friendly. Keeping track of your ad campaign shows what works and what doesn’t and what will help you grow your activity. 

Learn from the results 

Every campaign need not be successful or positively resulting. It is okay; others might work well. This is where you need to begin counting. Start analyzing the results of the campaign, irrespective of the performance. What job community or industry professional engaged with the post most, in which part of the world clicked the most, where the most conversions were gained, and more. 

You must note down the conclusions of the performance of every campaign. Unfortunately, LinkedIn won’t give demographics for <10 clicks. Do not panic; if you also see a lot of ‘0’s at the start, that might be because of a new campaign initiative. But you’ll see growing numbers very soon. 


How do I manage my LinkedIn ads?

You can go to the ads settings under your LinkedIn ads account and use the campaign manager to set advertising preferences and to manage your data.

What is LinkedIn Campaign Manager?

LinkedIn ads can be managed and maintained using Campaign Manager. It allows users to create and understand the performance of their ads on LinkedIn. The manager also allows advertisers to set up campaigns online in 23 languages.

Is LinkedIn Campaign Manager worth it?

Although it is slightly more expensive, if you can maintain the budget recommended to you and generate a good ROI, LinkedIn ads can be quite worth the money you put into it.

How do I give access to LinkedIn ads Manager?

You can give a new user access to LinkedIn ads manager by going to Edit in the Manage access window. Go to the User Permissions and select +Add user to account. Submit the name or LinkedIn profile of the user you want and select them from the list that pops up. You can then subsequently assign their role as well.

Summing Up

To conclude, you might be ready with a few positive result-building strategies by the end of this article. So you need the right amount of patience and LinkedIn ad management strategy to make a difference in the industry and achieve marketing success. No doubt, LinkedIn works as the best marketing, and advertising platform, so better one should not think of quitting this in the start with a few negative or downsloping numbers. 

A well-versed and researched campaign is more likely to perform well and contain the potential to generate hundreds and thousands of sales and leads. Consider your goals while deciding, as content ads can blend well with the audience and existing users. Make sure that the campaign is pocket-friendly and specific results from an existing user to potential customers to lead to the target audience. 

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