Best LinkedIn Carousel Ads | Top 9 Practices For More Traffic

LinkedIn Carousel ads are an advertising format available on the LinkedIn platform. These ads can inform people about the services and products delivered by your brand, increase the website visit and engagement rate, collect leads, and direct the audience to a particular website of your brand. These ads will allow you to display up to…


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LinkedIn Carousel ads are an advertising format available on the LinkedIn platform. These ads can inform people about the services and products delivered by your brand, increase the website visit and engagement rate, collect leads, and direct the audience to a particular website of your brand. These ads will allow you to display up to 10 cards that you can use to attract the audience’s attention.

The best practices we can follow while developing LinkedIn Carousel ads to drive website clicks and conversions are:

  • Using a descriptive ad headline
  • Using catchy images and texts
  • Using previous ad campaigns
  • Switching the order of the slides
  • Testing the conversion rate

Let’s dive into the details and learn more about these LinkedIn Carousel ads.

 Top 9 Categories of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Carousel ads, if used effectively, can be a great tool to increase engagement on your website. Let’s then get to it and ensure your website performs better than your competitors.

Use an explanatory and clear ad headline

Use of ads


Your ad headline should be clear and concise. The ad headline should be under 150 characters and specify what the ad is about. The ad headline should let the user know whether they are interested in the product.

This ensures a better CTA(call-to-action) as your audience knows what they are getting into and interacting with. This further increases engagement as the audience knows what they are interested in. Unique post ideas to grab the attention of your audience.

Make the cards catchy


Linkedin ads

LinkedIn Carousel ads allow us to use up to 10 cards to develop the ad. The fact that should be kept in mind is that the audience only sees the first and half of the second card at first sight.

We need to use bold, graphic, and catchy texts and images to intrigue the audience at first sight. Only then can we ensure that the user clicks on the following cards.

Make good use of the cards

You can use multiple cards for better marketing strategies. The multiple cards can portray multiple products or services your brand provides. They can be used to describe a single product or service in great detail and how the service stands out from the rest.

You can make use of the numerous cards to tell a tale. You can also use multiple slides to highlight specific details of the product or service that you’re promoting.

Save the best for the last

While making use of the LinkedIn carousel ads, we need to make sure to keep the audience engaged. When you tell a story through a series of slides, keep the audience engaged at every single slide. You can do this by cutting and stretching a single image throughout all the cards or mentioning one feature at a time.

Further, you should save the best slide for the last. The best slide refers to the call-to-action text or website link that makes users swipe through the cards to reach them.

Grasp the attention at the first slide itself

linkedin ads


The first slide should be a lens to what lies inside the carousel. Make sure to make the first card intriguing. You can use pictures of previous references, testimonials of past clients, catchy phrases, and images to engage the audience. Also, hint at the last slide in the first slide, making the audience skim through all the slides.

Use previous campaigns

Another great way of driving traffic to your website and ensuring clicks and conversions through LinkedIn carousel ads can be the usage of previous campaigns that have worked out in the past. You can pick 4-5 single image ads of a similar theme with a reasonable engagement rate and compile them into a single carousel ad.

This ensures that the carousel ad will work well and helps bring back traffic to old services and products.

Switch the order of the slides

LINKEDIN carousel ads


Always switch the order of the slides. You should switch different images on the first two slides and mix and match the order of the rest of the slides. While doing this, you should keep track of impressions, clicks, and engagement with each card with the help of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

After viewing the engagement rate of each slide, you should use an order that gives the highest engagement rate as the final one.

Be specific with ad-targeting



LinkedIn Carousel ads allow you to link websites to the cards. Be very specific while linking the websites. Do not generalize and link the cards to the homepage of your website.

Instead, link the cards to specific targeted products and services as suggested by the card itself. When the audience land on the right page that is relevant to the card, that further increases the lead conversion rate.

But, take special care not to narrow your target audience often while ad-targeting. The ads should attract a greater audience, but they should narrow down the options the viewer sees to ensure a lead conversion. 

Take note of the LinkedIn carousel ad specs

LinkedIn does not allow all sizes of images to be used in the carousel ads. It has specific dimensions prescribed for such ads. Further, using certain dimensions boosts the reach of your ads leading to greater engagement.

  • The ad name should be within 255 characters.
  • The ad headline should be within 150 characters.
  • A minimum of 2 and 10 cards can be used in a single carousel ad.
  • Each card should be within a maximum of 10 Mb.
  • Each image should be within 4320X4320 px. But, I prefer to use 1080X1080 px with a 1:1 aspect ratio to ensure maximum reach and better visibility.
  • The URLs should be within 45 characters if leading to an external website.


Are carousel ads effective?

Yes, carousel ads are very effective. In the beta testing of carousel ads, LinkedIn mentioned that 75% of over 300 advertisers said they would use carousel ads for their marketing.

Can we add videos to carousel ads?

No, you cannot add videos to carousel ads.

Are carousel ads better than single-image ads?

Yes, carousel ads are better than single-image ads as they present more products together in a single ad. Their engagement rate is also almost 4 times higher than single engagement ads. According to a researcher, a single-image ad generates an engagement rate of 6.67%, while a carousel ad generates an engagement rate of 24.42%.

How many images can we add to carousel ads?

We can add from 2-10 images in a single carousel ad.

Summing Up

This is how you can ensure the direction of maximum traffic to your website through LinkedIn Carousel ads. This also ensures these ads lead to lead conversions on your website. LinkedIn carousel ads are way more effective than traditional single-image or video ads.  This is because they have a higher engagement and conversion rate. You can use this well and make your website reachable to a broader audience.

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