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How much do Pinterest Ads Cost in 2023? 

April 17, 2023 in Social Media Marketing

Pinterest is a social media platform and visual search engine allowing users to discover, share, and bookmark inspirational ideas on virtual corkboards called “boards.” The platform offers businesses various advertising options, such as sponsored and promoted video pins. Furthermore, Pinterest ads utilize pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements where advertisers can promote their pins to a larger audience by paying for clicks.

These alternatives can enhance their visibility and increase traffic to their websites.

Advertisers on Pinterest have a variety of ad formats, such as standard pins, video pin ads, and carousel advertising. These options allow advertisers to tailor their campaigns to target specific geographic locations, such as user feeds or search results.

The cost of running ads on Pinterest depends on factors such as the ad structure, targeting choices, bid amount, competition level in the market space, and ad placement.

How much do Pinterest ads cost? Cost Factors

The cost of Pinterest ads might vary depending on several variables, such as:

Ad Format

Promoted pins, promoted video pins, and enabled carousel advertisements are just a few of the ad forms that Pinterest provides to businesses. Each ad style has unique capabilities and features that might change how much it costs. Each ad format has a different price based on how complicated it is and how much engagement it can produce.

Promoted video pins and elevated carousel advertising are the most common. However, the level of attention that these forms can create might make the extra expense worthwhile.

Overall, companies have a variety of alternatives to market their goods or services to a larger audience, thanks to Pinterest’s multiple ad styles. Businesses may boost their visibility on Pinterest and drive more visitors to their website by choosing the best ad format for their requirements and budget.


Audience Target

Targeting a specific audience using a variety of criteria is one of the benefits of Pinterest ads. Advertisers may target the correct audience for their goods or services using targeting options: location, gender, hobbies, and keywords.

By deploying their ads on specific locations such as search results, home feeds, or category feeds, advertisers can aim to attract more user interactions and engagement.

As a marketing platform, Pinterest presents marketers with an ad management tool that lets them track their advertising performance allowing for adjustments in targeting and budget optimization in line with achieving maximum impact from the advertisements.

Advertisers empower with several choices of targeting options and ad placements that will allow them to increase the likelihood of establishing connections with potential consumers.

Ad Placement

ad placement

The choices for ad placement on Pinterest include search results, home feeds, category feeds, and promoted video placements. Advertisers can choose where their advertising will display to reach their target demographic most efficiently.

Ad placement can also affect how much an advertisement costs. For instance, promoted pins at the top of search results may cost more than those on a user’s home feed. Search result placements are frequently more focused and might increase clicks and conversions. Additionally, the ad management tool on Pinterest offers insightful information about the optimal ad placements for each campaign.

Overall, advertisers have a variety of alternatives to Pinterest’s ad placement options to ensure the correct people see their ads. Advertisers may improve their exposure and drive more website visitors by choosing the best ad placements for their campaigns.

Bid Amount

Advertisers can specify a maximum bid for their ad placement in the auction-based Pinterest ad system. For their adverts, advertisers can place bids based on either the cost-per-click (CPC) or the cost-per-impression (CPI). The amount of the proposal, coupled with the relevancy and quality of the advertisement, affects whether the target audience will see it.

Additionally, marketers can modify the number of their bids based on the competition level for the target audience. Additionally, advertisers can employ bid strategy options like target cost bidding or maximum conversion bidding to enhance the effectiveness of their ads and accomplish their marketing objectives.

Overall, the bid amount greatly influences a Pinterest ad campaign’s success. Advertisers may boost the exposure of their advertising, drive more traffic to their website, and ultimately increase conversions and revenue by carefully establishing and modifying the bid price.



The size and diversity of Pinterest’s user base can make it a very competitive platform for advertisers. The cost of the advertisement may rise if there is intense competition for the specified keywords, interests, or demographics.

Advertisers should consider the competition level when deciding their bid size and budget for their advertising campaigns. For the ad to be seen by the intended audience, a more significant bid amount may be necessary for highly competitive keywords or interests. Advertisers may remain ahead of the curve and ensure their advertisements perform at their peak levels by keeping up with the competition.

Additionally, Pinterest provides a variety of targeting options. Advertisers can use keywords to target individuals actively looking for specific goods or services or target particular demographics.

Cost Estimates Related to the Ads

Data recorded in 2023 showed that CPCs for Pinterest advertisements tend to fall within the $0.10-$1.50. In contrast, on average, CPMs were reported to be between $2 and $5 per thousand impressions. It can vary depending on different factors as well.

To maintain active advertisements, however, advertisers would need a minimum daily budget totaling at least five dollars. To know other costs of social media advertising, Visit: Social Media Advertising Costs in the UK


What kinds of ad formats are there on Pinterest?

Businesses can choose from several ad forms that Pinterest offers, such as sponsored pins, promoted video pins, and promoted carousel ads.

What is the targeting process for Pinterest ads?

Advertisers can target users on Pinterest using various criteria, including location, gender, interests, and keywords. Advertisers can also pick where their ads will display to increase the likelihood of interaction and conversion, such as in search results, home feeds, or category feeds.

What impact does ad placement have on Pinterest ad prices?

On Pinterest, the location of ads can impact their price, with ads that appear at the top of search results costing more than those in a user's home feed. The ad management tool on Pinterest offers information on the best ad placements for each campaign.

What effect does the competition have on Pinterest ad prices?

Due to the scale and diversity of its user base, Pinterest may be a challenging platform for advertisers, with fierce competition for particular keywords, interests, or demographics having the potential to increase advertising costs. The targeting capabilities on Pinterest can help advertisers narrow their focus and lessen competition.


The expense of advertising on Pinterest varies depending on multiple components. Formatting criteria, bid amounts, audience selection alternatives, level of competition in the market sphere, and geographical location, to name a few. Most Pinterest advertisements range from anywhere between $0.10 -$1.50 per click generated via CPC, with an average CPM costing approximately $2-$5 per thousand impressions delivered by advertisers’ content campaign budgets.

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