Top 6 LinkedIn posting ideas that you can steal now!

Linkedin Posting Ideas

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for professionals to get jobs, connect and strengthen their professional relationships, boost brand marketing, and learn new skills. In this article we’ll look at some LinkedIn posting ideas to help you know more about making your content unique and eye-catching.

You must constantly post quality content to grow your connections and build a robust profile. Being personable is essential to success on LinkedIn and often goes viral. Engaging with others on LinkedIn is simple, and growing an audience is simple. What’s the hard part? Content. Finding a stand-out post is similar to taking a Maggie strand out of a Maggie bowl when you find yourself entangled in the massive crowd of LinkedIn.

Some LinkedIn posting ideas that you can implement to create your LinkedIn posts are:

  • Experimenting with original long-form content
  • Making lists
  • Keeping up with the most recent and exciting trends
  • Promotion of free stuff
  • Looking for hints, tips, and how-to’s
  • Telling about the lessons that you have learned.

Keep on reading to improve your LinkedIn profile using these effective methods.

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What should you put on LinkedIn?

You may choose to upload material on LinkedIn from various post kinds and content formats. Though LinkedIn’s post types constantly change, some of the most popular ones function well on the platform.

  •  Posting in a text (including hashtags, emojis, and links)
  •  Post image(s)
  •  Posting a native video
  •  Post article poll on Linkedin
  •  Posting on the Carousel

Consistency is crucial, as any content marketer will tell you. It’s pointless to post anything now and then while you’re feeling creative. Social media management tools are a big help in helping to improve content and marketing for a company. Click here to know more.linkedin

We’ve compiled a list of LinkedIn posting ideas to help you fill your social media calendar while providing fresh and creative content. Some are about your background, others about industry trends, and others are encouraging remarks.

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1. Experiment with Original Long-Form Content

LinkedIn makes it simple to create and share your unique content. When you log into your account, it’s there at the top. Publishing unique content on LinkedIn, similar to a blog, is a terrific way to gain exposure for yourself and your company. Writing articles allows you to reach out to large and engaged content consumers with LinkedIn Carousel Ads.

SEO also contributes to better content. When you sit down to compose an article, you’ll have a lot of possibilities. You don’t have to spend hours writing original material. Add these to a running list of LinkedIn post ideas when attending conferences, having fascinating discussions, or interacting with your community. To know more about SEO and how to implement it, click here.

long form content

 This method can help you gain recognition as a subject matter expert and improve your professional reputation. By writing on LinkedIn, you may contribute your voice to a network of people already listening. Keep in mind that building a following and establishing yourself as an authority can take a long. It’s never too early to begin.

2. Make lists

The traditional blog-style articles with paragraphs of details and information can only go so far. After a while, the same style gets boring, and retaining clients or engagement proves complicated. Venturing out of the same pattern into something more exciting or concise can be fun for readers and give your brand a unique edge. Lists of pros and cons, or dos and don’ts, are also unique ideas. These lists can include the top 10 articles where you can list ten reasons why your brand should be preferred, things the company has learned, advice to people wanting to join your industry, and even suggestions by the employees to improve the brand.

make lists

Researching the areas gaining more traction and making lists based on them will ensure newer people find your LinkedIn post and brand. The lists should be attractive while adhering to your brands’ industry trends. To know more about writing strategies, click here.

 3. Keep up with the most recent and exciting trends

This is one of the most effective LinkedIn posting ideas. Buzzsumo looked through 10 million LinkedIn headlines. According to the study, industry trends were among the top two categories of content shared. So, suppose you’re already having trouble. In that case, LinkedIn post ideas can include providing the content of your evaluation when you submit it if you have fantastic stuff to give that resonates with your sector.

LinkedIn post ideas should always include timely, relevant content. Share new blog entries, industry journal articles, or anything else that’s current and relevant to you, your industry, or your network of followers.

keeping up with trends

Sharing trends and staying current on research can help you establish yourself as a thought leader within your network. It portrays you as a knowledgeable professional who is always up-to-date. Everyone enjoys reading about what other people think, whether they agree or disagree, and it assists them in forming an opinion and informs them about current events.

4. Promotion of Free Stuff:

We all love free things. When we receive a free item from someone, we feel obligated to return the favor somehow, which is the principle of reciprocity.

But remember, don’t share stuff that won’t help people. Instead, share things that can help people level up their game. For example, you can share an SEO checklist, a video explaining the basics of graphic designing, or a guide to social media marketing. This is an intelligent way to get leads for your product.

promotion of free stuff

Tell an engaging story to make people sign up for your newsletter or a free guide. Tell me why you are sharing that particular stuff for free. This will help you to build trust and boost your engagement.

 5. Look for hints, tips, and how-to’s

You can’t go wrong with publishing information meant to instruct, whether your audience comprises like-minded people in your sector, prior clients, or a combination of both. Lists, best practices, and how-to manuals appeal to us. Maybe that’s how you found your way to this page in the first place! 

Content that falls within these categories frequently receives a lot of attention. Share material that benefits your audience, whether or not they are in the middle of a sales cycle with you. It’s a technique to come off as someone who wants to help rather than sell.

hints, tips and how to's

Some Last-Minute Resources

You now have enough content to post on LinkedIn for nearly three months. Even with these suggestions to consider, you may still have a few more concerns before blogging. So here are some additional resources to assist you.

When is the optimum time to submit a LinkedIn status update? 

According to new research, the best days to upload content on LinkedIn are Tuesday through Thursday, either early in the morning, lunchtime, or early evening, with a different sweet spot on Tuesday between 10 am and 11 am.

6. Tell about the lessons that you have learned

 The last important point on LinkedIn posting ideas is that no matter what industry you work in, you must have learned something, and your lessons can guide other people to the path of success. 

It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. Sometimes, small things that you have learned might be a big thing for someone else.

tell about the lessons that you have learned

The main goal here is that you don’t complicate things for others. Instead, be crisp and to the point. 

Readers should instantly understand how you are helping them. This allows you to connect with the people and become a valuable mentor emotionally.


So, these are six LinkedIn posting ideas for your LinkedIn profile. I hope you are ready to start creating engaging LinkedIn content. The key here is to tell a story and give a human touch to it. 

Remember, LinkedIn is not just a platform to promote your product. Try to help people, and you will automatically see more engagement in your post.

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What are promoted posts on LinkedIn?

Companies can choose to promote certain LinkedIn posts directly on the platform. This is LinkedIn’s form of paid advertisement or promotion.

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With DocHipo’s free LinkedIn Post maker, you can create stunning LinkedIn Posts in minutes. No design skills are required.

Is it possible to share a LinkedIn post outside of LinkedIn?

Yes, you can share a LinkedIn Post outside of LinkedIn and they are fully viewable without a LinkedIn account.

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