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Are you a student aspiring to become a content writer? Or are you working full-time for a job and feeling your hobby of content writing getting lost in your everyday life? This article will explore the 11 best writing strategy examples you cannot miss.

11 best writing strategy examples are Engage Your Audience, Opening Paragraph Should Show A Direction, Target Audience, Outline Your Content With Examples, Inviting Discussion From The Readers, Pictures, Useful Content, Reference Your Writing, Proofreading Your Content, and Add Interesting Quotes. 

The process of writing presents different challenges to different authors. Don’t worry! We are here to help you with our article, which will guide you with the top 12 examples of writing strategies that will help to minimize the difficulties faced while writing. So let’s have a look at what this article is all about.

Here You Go With Examples Of Writing Strategies

In the world of information, it seems that it is quite easy to become a writer, especially on the internet. However, this is not the case as a proper writing strategy is very much required to keep the audience thrilled and engaged.

writing stategies

Engage Your Audience With A Bang-On Opening Sentence

 Whether you are writing a blog, essay, or book, your opening sentence must be something that catches the audience’s attention.

Example: Do you know that the planet’s average temperature has risen by 2 degrees since 1900? You can also use a quote if you like, but make sure that it should grip the reader’s attention.

The Opening Paragraph Should Show A Direction

 Since you have already captured the reader’s mind, your opening paragraph should be something that should give a complete overview of the article. 

introduction must be catchy

Example: If you are writing something on best food delivery applications, try to give an overview of the first paragraph of which companies you are covering and the parameters you will be judging.

Target Audience

 When you are writing content, make sure the interests and passion of your audience. Try to acknowledge and address them while writing the content.

find target audience

Example: Suppose you are writing content for pregnancy, try to acknowledge the feelings of the would-be mother or father like, “Hey would be moms, following are some tips you can follow to find the best child-birth class.”

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Outline Your Content With Examples Of  Writing Strategies

 You must outline your content so that the reader knows what topics you are going to cover 

Example: Suppose you are about to write a process for taking the survey of Bealls Florida, then you can outline your content like

  • Interesting coupon details of BeallsFlorida
  • Story of BeallsFlorida
  • Survey coupon details of BeallsFlorida
  • What do you require for the BeallsFlorida survey?
  • What are the rules and regulations for the survey?
  • How to complete the survey?
  • Contact Details

Inviting Discussion From The Readers

 Readers find it engaging when you invite your reader to discuss your content. This helps to address the subject from different angles and viewpoints. 

Example: These ten writing strategies are some of the bests to keep readers engaged. What is your favourite writing strategy, and do you feel that there is any other strategy? Feel free to let me know in the comments.”

Pictures Are Important

 When you are writing a blog or an essay, just long text will make it quite boring for the reader, so try to add more pictures

drawing is important

Examples: You can include pictures from Pinterest or Unsplash, which has various pictures for a different type of categorical writing.

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Write Useful Content

Always question yourself why a reader should be interested in reading your blog? What benefit he/she will receive. Try to work your content according to that. Do not try to include unnecessary information which is absolute of no use. 

content should be useful

Example: So, if you are writing 10 points on becoming a content writer, try to include solid points like one should possess sound research skills, clarity in writing, and proper grammar. Beating around the bush would not help your content to get much response.

Try To Reference Your Writing

 Content curation or referencing from other content is not plagiarism. So, if you are referencing from content, try to include it in your list of references.

For example, suppose you are writing an article on the Brexit policy; you can include the BBC OR CNBC references accordingly.

Proofreading Your Content

Before publishing your content, make sure you proofread your content by checking for grammar and punctuation errors. Also, make sure that your content is plagiarism-free. One of the main requisite to examples of writing strategies.

proofreading your content

For example; Proofreading your content through platforms like Grammarly will reduce the scope for any grammatical errors, thereby improving the credibility of your content.

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Add Interesting Quotes

Your content can be more engaging if you can add interesting quotes. Try to add quotes from famous authors. Through this, a vivid reader feels more connected to your content.

Example: Any article on climate change can quote James Hansen, “Global warming isn’t a prediction; it is happening.”


In today’s world, where the internet has become a basic necessity, SEO plays a very important role in online articles. Without the proper SEO, your articles wouldn’t be ranked in search engines and would lack reach.


Readers wouldn’t find your articles until and unless they know which website you are publishing in. And the readers would be interested in finding that only if you are a known author. So it would be much more difficult for beginner authors, but it proves to be a good example of writing strategies.

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Can creative writing be learned?

Yes, without a doubt. For college students and those who enroll in our summer courses, creative writing can be taught and is a popular subject.creative writing

To better understand the various types of writing that fall under the umbrella of creative writing, students in the subject often study a wide range of works from different historical periods. Along with a few lesser-known and upcoming authors in the field, they will become familiar with some of the most influential creative writers from the past to the present.

Students studying creative writing frequently participate in workshops and “scratch sessions” when they bring a portion of their paper to class and have it read aloud by the instructor and other students, getting ideas from what they have learned in the classroom. They’ll depart with suggestions about how to enhance their writing or input on other pieces they might wish to read to gain inspiration.

What Sorts of Writing Strategies Are There?

A strategy is an overall plan—or series of projects—you create to realize a vision. You use various methods to ensure that your work achieves the objectives you’ve set for it.

The key goal is to seize and maintain the reader’s interest. The primary purpose of your writing will decide your related purposes:

  • To sell something 
  •  To motivate the reader to take action.
  • To stir up feelings of emotion (pathos, anger, fun, etc.)

While the motivation behind your writing goal may change, the objective itself does not. And the sooner you master the 15 writing techniques listed below, the faster your readership will expand.

What Do Exercises in Creative Writing Entail?

Nobody is a “perfect” writer, and even Ernest Hemingway and Alice Walker continued to hone their craft into their later years. Professional and aspiring writers call for development, innovation, and experimentation. And successful people work hard.

This is where creative writing activities help, as they’re made to let you experiment with words in a welcoming environment.

Games and resources frequently used to “hone craft” in writing include:

  • Swift prose
  • Scheduled freewriting
  • Practice writing in the present tense
  • Mad libs and vocabulary tests

 However, writers create countless brief language workouts, like tennis players serve thousands of times during practice sessions. Writing exercises are like an athlete stretching before a game or contest to continue the sports comparison.

How Doing These Exercises Can Help You Write Better?

Writing activities may seem dull. But those who participate in them advance significantly.

 The wiring of the human brain is the first factor to consider. In essence, electrical impulses that torpedo through our neurological systems are the conduits for all of our thoughts and ideas. When we practice something, the “circuits” that go along with it develop myelin, a biological cushion that safeguards nerves. The additional shielding improves the relevant electrical paths, increasing their effectiveness.

In other words, your performance will improve the more you do it. It makes no difference if you have an IQ of 80 or 180. Results come from practice, and writing is one of those things where practice makes perfect.

Particular creative prose classes include:

  • Exercise your creative muscles.
  • Aid in vocabulary development
  • Chances to consider concepts and circumstances from various angles should be provided.
  • Resource in character, story, and concept development for writers


What are Some Examples of Writing Strategies?

Commonly used writing strategies include alliterations, similes, metaphors, sensory descriptions, onomatopoeia, etc.

What are the 5 Most Crucial Prewriting Strategies?

1. Brainstorming

2. Mind mapping

3. Freewriting

4. Outlining

5. Looping

What are the Most Effective Writing Strategies?

1. Focus on your work.

2. Listen and respond to any guidance offered.

3. Add only relevant matter.

4. Be to the point in your writing.

What are the 3 Categories of Writing Skills?

These include grammatical skills, compositional skills, and domain knowledge.


You can use some writing strategies while creating a piece of content for your essay book or web. This was all about the top 12 examples of writing strategies and examples. We discussed a few strategies which will help budding content writers to start writing their first content and the professionals to revisit the basics of content writing. We hope we could help you gain a bit of knowledge on the topic. Thanks for reading. Have a great day ahead! :)

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