What Is A TAG In Writing? Everything You Need To Know

English literature courses have been gaining momentum in recent decades. Do you know what can make you master the subject? Ask yourself this one simple question, what is a TAG in writing? The answer to this question will help you fast forward in your English literature and writing. A TAG is a simple tool in…


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what is a tag in writing


English literature courses have been gaining momentum in recent decades. Do you know what can make you master the subject? Ask yourself this one simple question, what is a TAG in writing? The answer to this question will help you fast forward in your English literature and writing.

A TAG is a simple tool in English literature that students can use to learn things quickly.

This guide will talk about TAG and how you can use it. We will look at different kinds of tags and how to use them.

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What Is a TAG In Writing?

Let’s start our guide with the most important question, what is a tag in writing? If you are an English literature student, then you already have knowledge of abbreviations commonly used in the subject.

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One of them is TAG, which stands for title, author, and genre, respectively. Tag is a very useful tool in English literature and writing that helps students to memorize important details about a text.

Each of the acronyms has its function and requires separate as well as combined study. Let’s first look at them separately.


This is the first thing that comes in any work of any language. When we are talking about English texts, titles are the most important thing and always come first.

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Only some people realize the true importance of the title of a text. To ordinary folks, it’s simply a phrase, but those who understand it know how much that simple phrase can tell you about the text.

That is why it has first place in the TAG, as it gives a rough idea about the text and what it contains. For instance, if the title of the text is ‘The History of Racism,’ it is not hard to guess what it is about.

Therefore, always focus on the title of a text you are reading or writing.


The next important thing about a text is its author or creator. Once again, this has two-fold implications.


For ordinary people, it is just a name; however, to some people, it states the text in advance, even before reading it. Why? Because every author has their point of view to see things, writing styles, and opinions.

When you know an author, you will also know what message he tries to convey through his works. And when having a work of the same author, you will know the context and understand the text.


The last component of the TAG is a genre that is for the emotion that the text contains. All of you might be aware of what a genre means and what genres are in writing.

genreSome of the common genres are historical, religious, fiction and non–fictional, biographies, and autobiographies. In addition to this, some other genres are thriller novels, psychology-related texts, and books on personal development, to just count a few.

All of the genres have their own set of rules and the nature of writing. Similarly, their reading is also different.

For instance, if you are reading a historical text, you need to picture that. However, if you are reading a thriller crime novel, what you might need most would be to pay attention to all the small details.

Therefore, each genre requires a different kind of attention, so when you know about the genre of a text, you can easily understand it.

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How to Use A TAG in Writing?

Now to understand more about what a tag is in writing, it’s time to turn on how to use the tag in writing. Well, before that, there are some points you need to remember.

You already know TAG is useful for reading English literature as it helps students to get a better picture of the text. When you know the title, author, and genre of a text and have a clear understanding of all three, then you can understand it easily and efficiently.


In addition to this, tags also help students to analyze the text. When you are an English literature student, you just can’t read a text, you need to feel it as well.

You need to understand the message directly or indirectly conveyed through the text. Also, it will help in understanding whether there are any biases or not.

Moreover, the tag is also used in writing as a well–known technique. It is used to design paragraph statements and thesis for reports, essays, etc.

TAG has a universal usage, and English literature students can use it with any kind of text and writing. Like non-fiction, fiction books, websites, articles, etc., tag thesis statements after practice and experience.

When you are using the tag in writing, then although at first, you may face some difficulties. However, with some practice and time, you can master this, as it is very easy to use. You can use this tagging technique in school and university assignments, creative writing, and other texts. Also, do take a look at some of these online study tools that might come in handy if you’re a student.

What Are the Other Types Of TAGs

To enhance our knowledge of what a TAG is, we might also need to discuss what other tags are present in the writing world. You guessed it; this is not the only TAG used in English literature and writing. Let’s take a look.

Plot TAG

In the plot tag, you need to summarize the main events in a text or story. This generally includes events happening in the beginning, middle, and at end of a narrative.book But simply summarizing these points, you are excreting the essence of the texts.

Dialogue TAG

You can use a dialogue tag to identify who the speaker is in the text.

book with table

This tag becomes important in the fictional genre when you need to follow the conversations of characters.

Setting TAG

This tag is particularly important for historical narratives when readers need to picture the plot.

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When they have to follow the time and place setting of the text to visualize the events.

Action TAG

Just like the dialogue tag, this helps the readers to identify the doer in the text.


When you are reading a fictional or thriller text, you need to follow the person doing the actions.

Character TAG

As you can guess, character TAG caters to the characters in a text.


They can be main characters as well as minor or side characters. When you know all the characters in a text, you can follow them accordingly.


Is the tag used somewhere else too?

Yes, apart from writing and reading, tags are used in many other places. For instance, they are used on social media platforms to find certain posts. Also, they are used in SEO to make search engines understand what the article or text is about.


In this text, we have discussed what a tag is in writing and how to use it. Well, whether you are an English literature student or not, you need to know about tags.

Now you already know about the tags used in English writing, and you can use them. Apart from them, there are many more examples of tags.

Some tags are used in HTML codes and some in SEO to determine the nature of the content. However, whatever sort of tag you are using, you need to use it thoughtfully.

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