12 Best SEO Rank-Tracking Software

Looking to track and improve your website’s SEO ranking? Even while going through the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is important to evaluate and keep track of it from time to time. Discover the 12 best SEO rank-tracking software options available today. A rank tracker is a tool that helps you in examining…


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Looking to track and improve your website’s SEO ranking? Even while going through the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is important to evaluate and keep track of it from time to time. Discover the 12 best SEO rank-tracking software options available today.

A rank tracker is a tool that helps you in examining the efficacy of your SEO efforts. It does so by tracking keyword rankings on Google’s SERP or Search Engine Results Page. We have mentioned 12 SEO rank-tracking software and they are Surround Sound, GrowthBar, SE Ranking, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Serp Api, Zen SERP, SEOMonitor, Accuranker, Rank Tracker, SERP Stat, and LinkResearchTools (LRT).

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By exploring these top SEO rank-tracking software options, you’ll gain valuable insights into your website’s search engine visibility and overall SEO performance. Keep reading and discover the unique features and benefits of each software.

12 Best SEO Rank-Tracking Software

In this article, let us learn more about Search Engine Optimization and its rank-tracking software. And if it interests you, you can also check out our select

Surround Sound

This software helps you in ranking web pages according to a given keyword.

surround sound

Additionally, it also helps display the websites that mention your website or your brand, which is a great and useful feature.


GrowthBar is advanced software that is of multiple uses. It provides the user with several features, such as keyword tracking, competitive analysis, keyword scores, and backlink research.


Additionally, this platform also has a feature of generating content using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

SE Ranking

SE ranking assists in website audit functionality. It helps track your keyword rams, on-page SEO analysis, and other keyword research tools. It enables backlink tracking as well.


se ranking

The SE Ranking keyword rank tracker enables you to upload keywords, and it will track the SERPs and their ranking. This platform is highly suitable if you are looking for SERP functionality and for core SEO features.


This is a very popular SEO tool and is used by many. This tracker enables you to find the precise SEO ranking. You can evaluate the position, traffic, and visibility of your website.


You may also add estimated search volumes, analytics, return rates, and additional tracking metrics along with your metrics.

Visit: Ahrefs

Google Search Console

Google search consoles measure your keyword performance, and they track the SERPs of your web pages based on the device you use and your location.

Google Search Console

It is free, provided that the data and facilities you can access are limited. However, it also helps identify your website speed, security, web page speed, data, and other crawl issues.

Visit: Google Search Console

Serp Api

Serp API is a software that enables marketers to enjoy customized use. With this tracker, you will not get any summarized metrics like SERP of rank visibility. However, it requires you to do some data processing to be able to access the same.

Serp Api

While using Serp API, you will not get blocked by Google for scraping pages, and this feature makes it highly useful. This software is very reasonable in terms of price and provides location-specific and accurate data, making it one of our picks for the best SEO rank-tracking software.


This software is another API. Zen SERP enables you to scrape the results provided by search engines. Similar to what we previously saw, this does not by itself provide you with features like position tracking and summary metrics.


However, it is very affordable and customizable. For instance, this rank-tracking software includes several APIs such as Bing, Google, Youtube, etc.


SEO Monitor is an all-in-one SEO software marketed toward agencies. It includes a rank tracker, organic traffic analytics and dashboards, SEO forecasting, and keyword research tools. They also have agency-specific features, such as dashboards and client reporting tools.

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seo monitor

Why we like it: SEO Monitor has a powerful and comprehensive set of tools, but its focus on agencies makes it stand apart. Many products lean more towards a specific feature set and have more customizable and powerful features. Still, SEO Monitor offers a great solution for the specific things SEO agencies tend to care about.


This is an excellent keyword-tracking tool. Accuranker provides its services in a very wide range. Moreover, it updates your ranking daily, weekly, or even on demand.


It is a real-time tracking tool that provides data regarding the SERPs and rankings.

Visit: Accuranker

Rank Tracker

Rank tracker is a tool that enables you to get a list of keywords out of a single input keyword that you provide. Additionally, this software has a project management functionality and website audit.

Rank Tracker

The software is a simple tool to access and use for tracking ranks, finding content related to keywords, or getting reports.


This tool provides backlink tracking, keyword search, competitive analysis, rank tracking, website audit, etc. SERP Stat also refers to itself as a “growth hacking tool.”


serp stat 1

This platform is known for its paid and organic search results and helps monitor traffic’s presence and distribution. It analyzes texts and contextual advertising and helps in team management, clustering, and SERP crawling.

LinkResearchTools (LRT)

LRT is also a part of the LinkAssistant package. It is considered a part of the SEO Power suite package. It facilitates SEO search and ranking, SERP crawling, backlink audit, and other automated and customizable tasks.

LinkResearchTools (LRT)

LinkResearchTools provides you with a 7-day free trial to begin with, and is a handy rank-tracking tool.


1. What is rank-tracking software?

Rank Tracking software is a great and useful tool for performing several SEO and SERP functionalities. It provides you with several features, such as keyword search, SEO ranking, competitive analysis, and distribution of traffic. You may use this software to optimize your search and promote your brand efficiently.

2. How do I track my SEO rankings?

To track your SEO position, you must first go to the platform or software through which you would like to track your ranking. Over there, type what you want results for. Under search results, you will get certain options. Under that, the right-most square displayed will depict your average position or ranking. When you scroll down further to the queries, you will find the keywords that you rank on.

3. Is there a tool to check Google ranking?

Using Google’s software to check your ranking is possible. It is very convenient. A Google Chrome extension will directly display your website’s rank, keyword, etc. For this, you should first add this software as your Chrome extension. Then access it and search for the desired keyword and get the results.

4. What does SERP mean?

SERP expands to Search Engine Results Page. It is a web page that a search engine returns to often. This occurs after a user submits their search query in the search box. Additionally, search engine results pages {SERP} generally include organic search results, paid search, and pay-per-click or PPC advertisements.


Several other tools besides the 12 best SEO rank-tracking software mentioned above exist. Software like this gives you a holistic view concerning SEO or SERP rank-tracking. These tools are usually designed in such a way that they are usually affordable and easily accessible. Here are our picks for the top 5 cheap SEO tools.

Even while going through the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process, it is essential to evaluate and keep track of it from time to time. A rank tracker is a tool that helps you examine your SEO efforts’ efficacy. It tracks keyword rankings on Google’s SERP or Search Engine Results Page. Using this with proper research and diligence will be highly useful for your brand.