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Online learning platforms: In the era of technological advancements that we live in, the modernization of the solutions to human needs in almost all fields continues in leaps and bounds. A similar field is education, where technology, particularly in the last few years, has taken a modern shift and has made a change in traditional learning and the emergence of online learning platforms.

online education
Online Education

With the coronavirus now extending its worldwide effect as a pandemic for over a year, the emphasis on online learning platforms as the preferred option has grown significantly. As a result, the outlook towards modern education has been shot up drastically by online learning platforms. Also, view some other online education providing platforms.

Top Online Learning Platforms In 2024

With the increasing realization of the various advantages of online learning platforms, institutions worldwide add it to their course offerings. In addition to this, several online learning platforms have also come up and have taken the learners’ convenience to another level. Here, we have a look at the best 8 such platforms in 2024.

Skillshare Online Learning Platform

Skillshare is one of the most widely known online learning platforms. It is on the learning approach inclination towards being less formal and improving the creative skills of the learners. Any institution does not accredit the courses given, neither do they provide a certificate of completion. However, it is an exceptional platform for those looking to add to their skill sets and knowledge base.


While business and marketing classes are also put up, many of the courses belong to creative fields. These include photography, film, animation, visual arts, writing, and interior design. However, Skillshare remains on focus assisting the learners in the development of their practical knowledge and skills. It further encourages them to apply those to their own projects. Practice assignments follow the study material and visual lessons.


Udacity is most popular as a platform for learning relevant skills and enjoys the highest demand from recruiters. Its Nanodegree programs are the ones that have brought a tremendous rise in interest among learners. These programs are center around skill development and practical projects. Each of the Nanodegree programs consists of some courses on Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Robotics, Data Science, Mobile Programming, and Business. Can complete most of the subjects in a span of 3 to 6 months. In addition, individual technical mentorship is available to all Nanodegree students.


Talking about the pricing, Udacity comes at a premium in comparison to its counterparts. The average cost for a Nanodegree program falls in the range of $1200 to $2400. However, can avail discounts if the payment for a few months is made upfront.

Nanodegree Programs – $399/month 

Single Courses – Free

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Futurelearn is an online learning platform offering hundreds of educational courses from the leading universities worldwide. The number of unpaid courses at Futurelearn is considerably higher than those at several other platforms. 

In addition to the free courses, several premium courses are also available for a fee. The premium courses are perfect for those who prefer learning in small groups of people and are ready to progress in their professional lives. Want to advance their careers.

There is also no limit subscription which can be bought for $249,99 annually. It includes access to over 600 compact courses.


edX is one of the finest education platforms when it comes to providing high-quality courses free of cost. A notable positive of edX is the fact that the courses are of university level. The learning materials and lessons have been designed admirably well.


To join a course without making any payment, the enrollment has to be for the Audit Track. This grants learners access to the entire course material. It comprises lectures, videos, ungraded assignments, and written content. Assignments and certificates of completion are not part of the free courses. Paid courses are the ones that have these available. Can add certificates from edX to the resume or LinkedIn profile of the learner. While the biggest attraction towards edX is that most of their courses are free, the option of a “verified certificate” costs about $49 per class.


Udemy has made a name for its vast skills and subjects it most informally. However, this platform is better known as a portal or repository, where learners can access tens of thousands of courses on every topic imaginable.


For instance, courses ranging from language, arts, and music to programming and IT, business skills, and productivity are available. A point worth mentioning is that there are courses available in English and Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Spanish, and various other languages.

The format for a course is not on a standard note. Instead, it allows instructors to design multimedia lectures with audio, video, and text elements in addition to quizzes and other activities. Udemy has an option for students to preview classes first and does offer a 30-day refund.

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Coursera is an online educator providing online learning platforms for graduate-level courses and certification programs. The instructors at Coursera include alumni and professors from top universities such as Stanford, Yale, and Princeton.


Individual courses are priced in the range of $29 to $99. However, there are thousands of other courses that can access for free. As in almost all the other platforms, graded assignments and certificates are not offered in these courses. 

Coursera also has learning materials available in languages other than English. Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Russian, Chinese, German, Korean, and Japanese ara few. Topics of some of the courses include Arts and Humanities, Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Information Technology, Health, and Personal Development. The completion of each course takes nearly 4 to 6 weeks. 


The masterClass is a learning platform that has been in discussion for quite some time now. The fact that world-famous experts and celebrities teach the courses here has helped it make its own reputation. It allows learning from Natalie Portman, filmmaking from Martin Scorsese, singing from Christina Aguilera, and cooking from Gordon Ramsay. The list of celebrity educators goes on.


No limit access to all classes begins at $15 a month. Every course consists of an average of 20 lessons, and each of those lessons lasts nearly 10 minutes long. 

Another reason why learners like MasterClass is that the courses don’t have any deadlines. This lets them decide their own pace. Moreover, can download all the video lessons for offline viewing using a mobile app.

 LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning when LinkedIn acquired Lynda a few years ago Linkedin Learning was born. All the content was then taken to its own platform known as LinkedIn Learning. As a result, the company now offers tens of thousands of quality courses for levels ranging from beginners to advanced. The array of subjects covered is vast. They include Web Development, Software Programming, and Business Management, to name a few. 

linkedin learning
Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning charges a monthly subscription fee to grant access to the entire content that is available. The courses are made up of small modules that are informative and to the point. 

LinkedIn Learning also has the option of allowing learners to download the desired course for offline viewing. However,  the certificates of this platform can be put up to the LinkedIn profile and are recognized professionally.


Is online education as effective as face-to-face instruction?

Online education may seem relatively new, but years of research suggest it can be just as effective as traditional coursework.

Do employers accept online degrees?

Yes, online learning is also increasingly prevalent in the workplace as more companies invest in web-based employee training and development programs.

How do I know if online education is right for me?

Online course demos and trials can also be helpful, particularly if they are offered by schools of interest.

Do online schools offer the same student support services as traditional colleges?

Yes, they do offer financial support to the needy and bright students.


This was all about all the emerging online learning platforms. We have listed the best online learning platforms available. So go, pick yours!

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