What Is A Boilerplate In Marketing? Definition & How To Write One?

Press releases are an essential tool in marketing communication. A brand issues these and informs the media about newsworthy events involving the brand—for instance, a change in the board of directors. Many elements define a press release. Which ultimately raises the question, “What is a boilerplate?” It is a standard, concise, yet communicative paragraph that…


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what is a boilerplate

what is a boilerplate

Press releases are an essential tool in marketing communication. A brand issues these and informs the media about newsworthy events involving the brand—for instance, a change in the board of directors. Many elements define a press release. Which ultimately raises the question, “What is a boilerplate?”

It is a standard, concise, yet communicative paragraph that provides information about the brand issuing the press release. It informs the reader – the journalist or the target consumer – about the brand’s legacy and values. Primarily, it helps establish a consistent brand identity and serves the purpose of mass marketing, and also explores the functions of marketing. 

This article outlines all instructions if your business is new or wishes to revamp your boilerplate. Do read on to learn how to write an effective boilerplate for marketing. 

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What are the components of a boilerplate in a press release?

A press release is an organic marketing method wherein a business provides media with information for the wider public. After knowing what is a boilerplate, let us identify the key components that make up the boilerplates found in a press release: 

what to include in a boilerplate

  • Company Name: The full, official name of the company by which it is registered. 
  • Tagline: A crips and compelling sentence that sums up the USP of the business.
  • History: A brief overview of the company’s establishment and any significant milestones.
  • Mission Statement: Information about the company’s purpose, values, and goals. If your brand practices ethical marketing, make sure to highlight that. 
  • Contact Information: This contains the phone number and email address for questions from the media or other specifics. 

Additionally, you may include the industry in which the company operates, its headquarters, locations of franchises, and awards and recognition. 

Why is a boilerplate necessary?

A boilerplate is essential in marketing for several reasons. Firstly, it provides for consistency in communicating with the target audience. This ensures that the core message about a brand, its products, and its services reinforces its identity. 

cvs boilerplate

Secondarily, it is an effective form of media relations. What is a boilerplate in a PR story? It aids journalists by offering a quick overview that can be incorporated into news reports. The boilerplate also facilitates B2B marketing campaigns – other businesses may connect with you after reading about you in the news. 

Furthermore, the boilerplate helps a brand maintain compliance with industrial standards by including the necessary regulatory information about the business. This is particularly true of brands in the finance and healthcare industries. 

How to write a boilerplate in a press release

What is the function of a boilerplate paragraph in a press release? It is to provide journalists with legitimate knowledge about the company. Conciseness and consistency define a boilerplate. Let us look at how to write a boilerplate in a press release. 

Align the boilerplate with your employer’s brand: Start by defining the identity and essence of your employer’s brand. Examine the mission, values, and unique selling propositions of the business. Make use of terminology that is consistent with the brand’s personality and tone.

Craft a strong business paragraph: Give a brief overview of your business’s history, areas of focus, and accomplishments. Emphasize significant achievements that demonstrate the company’s experience and reliability. After reading this text, the reader should feel confident in the company’s ability.

writing company boilerplate in a press release

Encourage viewers to interact with the brand: Include a CTA (Call-to-Action) that invites readers to interact with your brand in one way or another. For example, readers can visit your website and follow your social media accounts. 

Offer business-to-consumer communication: Show how valuable your business is to its customers. Focus on customer-focused initiatives and reviews highlighting how your products or services benefit your customers.

Remember: In the digital world, boilerplates are no longer limited to a press release. They are also incorporated into the brand’s webpage. What is a boilerplate on a webpage? It is nothing but the ‘About Us’ section! As part of mobile marketing, ensure your website is optimized to carry the boilerplate. 

Best Boilerplate Examples for Inspiration

Firstly, a well-crafted boilerplate resonates with the audience. Secondly, it leaves a positive impression on the organization. Below are some of the best boilerplate examples for you to turn to and seek inspiration from. 


Written succinctly in 45 words, Slack’s boilerplate does not repeat explaining each of its products’ functions. What it does instead is provide a broad summary of how people around the world use its hub. 

slack website

Elements from Slack’s boilerplate that you can borrow include listing the practicalities. For instance, ‘connect their teams’ and ‘unify their systems.’ 

Visit: Slack


Being purpose-driven is fundamental to TOMS® identity. Thus, they ensured their boilerplate captured this brand value rather than discussing the products. After all, emotions triumph over dry facts in appealing to humans. 

toms website

The most significant element from TOMS’s boilerplate that you can borrow is the inclusion of its grassroots marketing efforts, which is the ‘One for One’ model. The brand qualifies why its shoes are “something special” in the consequent lines, which leaves a lasting impression. 

Visit: TOMS®

American Migraine Foundation

The AMF’s boilerplate effectively tells why it exists by providing insights into the nature of migraine, its prevalence, and its impact on life. This approach aids in advancing the organization’s mission of increasing awareness about migraines. 

american migraine foundation

The inclusion of statistics such as “39 million men, women, and children” and commitment to cause are elements that you can take inspiration from. 

Visit: American Migraine Foundation

Yakkety Yak

Yakkety Yak’s boilerplate is all comprehensive. It accurately captures what the brand stands for and how its services benefit other businesses. 

yakkety yak

The most distinct feature of Yakkety Yak’s boilerplate is their choice of language. Phrases such as “high-impact stories,” “purpose-driven brands,” and “kickass storytelling” create a sense of credibility and authority. 

Visit: Yakkety Yak


Parent of WeWork, the We Company’s boilerplate goes beyond marketing the literal renting of real estate; it is aspirational and talks instead of the impact they want to have on their customers. 


This is precisely what you can borrow from them – the focus on what your brand stands for and how it adds meaning to your customers’ lives. 

Visit: WeWork


Subway’s boilerplate captures the brand’s relevance by highlighting the customers’ demand for sandwiches, wraps, salads, and bowls. The brand’s reach and its mission make the boilerplate engaging and efficient. 


Elements to take inspiration from are the brand’s positioning – “world’s largest quick-service restaurant brands” and the mission statement – “delivering the best guest experience.” 

Visit: Subway


While the Software as service (SaaS) sector is rapidly developing, it is a challenge in explaining the functionality of the offering. Fundbox uses third-person language to facilitate easy reading and understanding of their boilerplate. 


Using the third-person by Fundbox brings objectivity and cements the brand’s dominion over the SaaS Sector. This is something to take note of. 

Visit: Fundbox

Tervis Tumbler Company

The Tervis Tumbler Company’s boilerplate emphasizes the products’ lifetime guarantee, double-wall insulation, diverse selection of colors, and, last but not least, that it is made in America!tervis tumbler company

The mention of legacy, such as “third-generation” and nativeness in “American-owned and -operated,” is a crucial takeaway from the Tervis Tumbler Company.

Visit: Tervis Tumbler Company

The Asian Art Museum

A boilerplate is just as necessary for a cultural institution as any other business. This standardized text found at the end of every document by the Asian Art Museum draws attention to its rich history, continuous legacy, and how it can enrich visitors’ lives. 

asian art museum

Carving a niche for your establishment within the more significant industry – “premier arts institutions”- is one element that you can borrow. Another noteworthy element is the anaphora, using “new” at the start of each consecutive phrase. 

Visit: The Asian Art Museum

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What does the term boilerplate initially mean?

Boilerplate originally referred to the metal printing plates carrying typeset text distributed to local newspapers as advertisements.

What is a boilerplate in business writing?

A boilerplate is a sentence or two that summarizes a company’s primary business points after a press release.

What is a boilerplate example?

Here is an example of a boilerplate from Subway: ‘As one of the world’s largest quick-service restaurant brands, Subway serves freshly made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, salads and bowls to millions of guests, across more than 100 countries in nearly 37,000 restaurants every day.’

What is the difference between a template and a boilerplate?

A boilerplate is a standard text that conveys a company’s values and is found at the end of a press release. On the other hand, a template offers a layout and structure for a piece of content.


To summarize what is a boilerplate in marketing, it is a well-crafted, consistent and compelling snapshot of a company’s identity.

Found at the end of a press release, a boilerplate is an invaluable tool in marketing and public relations. It enhances brand recognition and communicates essential information to the target audience.

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