How To Write a Press Release in 2024

how to write a press release

This article has all the answers to your questions about writing a press release for your business. One of the oldest ways to market your business, brand, or product is to write press releases to relevant media and publications. And it will work if it’s done right. In this post, we will build upon how to write a press release. By providing examples, templates, and best practices that you can use in this in-depth essay.

So, let’s get this party started. 

What is a Press Release?

A press release is an official communication from your company to journalists, members, and the media. It is a one- or two-page document highlighting essential developments in your business, such as a new product launch, successful fundraising round, latest research or academic publication, or trade association news.

how to write a press release
Press Release

During the press release writing, an official statement is issued on behalf of your business that will be picked up by the relevant media and journalists and used in your stories and publications. Because of their relationships with influential journalists, innovative companies gain positive media influence and information over time.

Moreover, your press release is for journalists, not customers. Thus, journalists from other media will cover your PR campaign in their stories if it is relevant to get the attention you want. So it is essential that you learn how to write a press release.

Benefits of Learning How to Write A Press Release

What are press releases used for? Can you still use it in 2024? So, they have!

A well-written press release is significant in start-ups’ PR and forms an integral part of PR services. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to market your start-up, brand, product, or anything else you want to make your business stand out. Learning How To Write a Press Release won’t get you on CNN or the cover of Time magazine right away, but if you stick with them, it will benefit your business in many ways.

There are several benefits to using press releases.

Brand Awareness

To build brand awareness, start-ups need to get media attention and traction from the start. Writing press releases will help you achieve this by connecting you with the mainstream media who follow exciting stories. Even if only one or two large posts cover your business, smaller posts will follow.

Company Updates

Are you looking to improve your business’s public image by fostering a top-notch partnership or hiring an industry leader? Prepare a press release writing that emphasizes the importance of the event and distribute it to critical journalists in your network.

Search Engine Optimization

Digital PR has some indirect SEO effects. If you’re in the internet space, you know how important Search Engine Optimization is. For example, learning how to write a press release may appear in search results for relevant search terms freely distributed on press release pages. Likewise, journalists looking for the latest happenings in a particular industry or brand may find public relations in search results.


This is also useful when eliminating lousy search results when people search for your brand using different keywords. Your website gets valuable backlinks and media presence when an influential newspaper picks up your PR and publishes it in an article, leading to many opportunities—more link-building association.

However, writing press releases doesn’t help with on-page SEO but improves search rankings and backlink profiles.

Media Relations

When a journalist chooses one of their press releases, they have the opportunity to build long-term relationships with the media to help them market their business.

How To Write a Press Release?

If you want to know how to write a press release, then follow the below-mentioned steps –

Evaluate The Topic

The first step is to determine if the topic or point of the press release is relevant to the target media. Is this the kind of story that reporters cover regularly? Do the journalist’s readers benefit from knowing this information?

Press release examples include new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, enhancements, events, grand openings, new alliances, rebranding, promotion/executive hiring, industry awards, and other topics.

A Clear Headline

The press release headlines are what you want to see on the front page of a news agency. Therefore, the title should be simple, catchy, free of technical jargon, and focus on the gist of the point you want to get across.

Journalists (and readers) can only understand the word by looking at the title. The primary purpose of the holder is to highlight the unique selling point of the brand. As a result, the message can be successfully delivered even if readers don’t click on the news without reading further.

Critical Information in the First Paragraph

After the title, the first paragraph of the press release should contain the questions 5W + 1H: who, what, where, when, why, and how. Today, the average person’s attention span is only about eight seconds. Therefore, it is essential to provide all the necessary information as soon as possible. Moreover, readers are more likely to miss critical information when standing behind this area (e.g., buried lead). In short, the idea of ​​an “inverted pyramid” should guide the flow of your press release.

Add a Press Release Summary

It would be best to put key bullets before the first paragraph is a great way to get journalists’ attention. Shells are used to summarize information. When reporters are busy watching you, they can quickly grasp all the key points of the release and decide whether to continue with the story. You should include all required dates and numbers in this area, as bullets will help readers navigate quickly. It’s one of the more parts of learning How To Write a Press Release.

Insert quotes

A good press release always contains relevant and meaningful quotes from the speakers. The general media always wants to hear information from celebrities, experts, reputable organizations, or business leaders. Be sure to include quotes from respected brand representatives to show that your messages are authentic.

When posting business updates, capitalize on them by emphasizing the presence of at least one business executive. In the meantime, when announcing a new partnership with other parties, ideally, all key players should also bid.

Use Data

Add general information on the topic to make your press release more attractive. You can save the journalist half the effort by providing the industry overview. It’s easy to miss this detail, but it’s one of the easiest ways to make your output more informed and less ad hoc.

So let’s take a press release example. When launching a new child food product, consider adolescent eating habits, market potential, and typical parenting challenges.

press release
Press Release Example

Another way to add value to your press release is to “derive it from the story” or link it to the story.

Some more Press Release Examples

Learning How To Write a Press Release can be beneficial for businesses and brands that need to communicate with the public through the media. They inform the public about a brand’s latest business activities, especially those that affect the company and consumers.

Product Launches

New product launch announcements are one of the most common reasons for a press release. Since this type of post aims to create excitement and promote its latest product, it usually has an upbeat tone.

Product specifications, application, and, of course, customer interests are included in the product launch press release.

Product Upgrades

Software and solution updates are standard, and major changes often require a press release. Like product launches, product updates must contain important information about new and improved features and benefits for consumers.

Oracle, the software giant, has released Java 17, a comprehensive update to the popular programming language. The version highlights the advantages of the current version, especially in software development. This shows that the press release knows its target audience: IT professionals who read technology-related magazines.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are large business transactions that require public disclosure through a press release. As they are regularly monitored by competitors, industry players, and market analysts, they are carefully crafted to ensure accuracy and transparency. So, it’s really important to learn How To Write a Press Release.

press release structure
Press Release Structure

Moreover, companies can choose to provide all or part of their financial information about their mergers and acquisitions. In addition, this explanation explains how mergers and acquisitions will affect the company’s operations while strengthening the market for goods and services.


The establishment of a new meaningful connection is another reason for the official announcement. These are critical business indicators that will help a company position itself in the market. Again, partnership announcements should highlight the type of business, product, or service two or more businesses will be working together.

Awards and Recognitions

For companies, winning an award is a source of pride. Awards recognize the brilliance of a brand. This can be a valid reason for a business to issue a press release related to the promotion of its services.


The organizers typically send out press releases weekly before an event to draw attention and encourage people to participate. This is especially important for public affairs, as to break even, organizers must sell a certain number of tickets.


What is Press Release?

A press release is an enterprise's official and unfiltered (written or recorded) statement to the news media and beyond.

How to Write a 2024 Press Release?

Find a newsworthy angle.

Craft an eye-catching press release headline.

Summarize the story.

Introduce essential and supporting information to the context.

End with a boilerplate statement.

What Makes a Good Press Release?

To make your Press realese more attractive to the audience, you must think of an appealing headline. The story must resonate with the readers, and there must be high-quality media along with your best distribution strategy.


This article might have helped you with how to write a press release. Thus, writing a press release for your business is not as complicated or time-consuming as some think, as demonstrated in this article.

Thus, if you follow the instructions in this article, and take inspiration from the press release examples provided above, you can quickly write a Press release that will stand out from the crowd and help you capture media attention for your businesses.

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