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Under the Leadership of Co-founder Aloukik Rathore, Cannibals Media Is Looking Towards Building a Global Brand

Incorporated in 2016 and based in Pune, India, Cannibals Media is a strategic-thinking team of inbound digital marketing experts with a creative border. The organization thrives on delivering remarkable campaigns, combined with innovative marketing, and satisfied customers. Professional marketers are passionate about doing the best for your brand and pushing new tech to its limits.

aloukik rathore-cannibals media
Aloukik Rathore, Co-founder, Cannibals Media

Cannibals Media also has its branch in Delhi. Our creatives, developers, and analysts have worked with global businesses to solve problems and drive powerful results. The professionals work fast and deliver quality with strategic thinking and efficiency within your budget management. 

In addition, we’ve used the best methods procured from our experience in many trades globally. Whether you’re managing a restaurant or a multi-million dollar newly established business, Cannibals got your marketing needs satisfied.

About Cannibals Media

Acknowledged and awarded by various authorities for outstanding services, Cannibals is not your everyday digital marketing agency. Cannibals Media has dominated the Indian marketplace for a while now. Owing to the co-founder Aloukik Rathore, the firm is achieving globalization.

“Since its inception, Cannibals Media had been emerging and is getting more reliable year on year with every product range in terms of higher quality, better work ethics, and greater operational value”, Aloukik says to the GoodFirms team in an exclusive interview.

As a co-founder at Cannibals Media, Aloukik saw a desire to become a truly globalized company. Cannibals are currently focused on establishing a footprint in more developed markets worldwide. This initiative involves accustoming to different businesses and cultural settings according to the region.

digital marketing
Digital Marketing


Besides being a co-founder, Aloukik wears multiple hats at the company. Talking about the idea behind the commencement of the business, Aloukik cites that before starting Cannibals, he was a freelance content writer & marketer serving several online companies.

“Gaining fame on UpWork, and in the blogosphere motivated me to start a content marketing agency,” says Aloukik. Eventually, we emerged into a full-fledged digital marketing firm working with prominent brands.

Aloukik outlined three core maneuverings that have helped Cannibals media establish its track record of growth, apart from the strong leadership team. The first is simply improving its existing solutions organically through advances in sales and marketing. He describes how Cannibals has built an effective sales engine past few years with broad relationships and digital marketing capabilities. 

The second strategy for Aloukik recognizes where existing product solutions can be extended to “go beyond” their current use into nearby market divisions. The final area of growth is getting new businesses and successfully integrating them into the broader Cannibals Media portfolio.

What is SEO?

Aloukik further mentions that SEO is the way to enhance the essence, specialized setup, and influence of your site. The goal is that your pages show up at the highest point of a web index result for a particular form of keyword terms.




Search Engine Optimization or SEO is as necessary as fuel for a car. You can’t walk the road if you’re not getting noticed among your competition. Cannibals’ veteran SEO team methods evolve with practical strategies for incredible growth and results.

The team specializes in up-to-date SEO techniques and offers detailed discussion, extensive keyword research, and modern solutions, keeping the market in the picture. The marketers’ team lookout for every aspect of your business and then strategize what kind of audience would maximize your revenue or sales.

Thus, backed by a team of expert marketers’ providing robust digital solutions to clients at the national and regional levels endows Cannibals Media to be one of the leading digital marketing companies in Pune at GoodFirms.



The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of services provided by Cannibals Media.

Work Flow at Cannibals Media

Furthermore, Aloukik divulges that “We’re always on the lookout for interesting organizations with a large underserved real customer base or with some unique technology that fits the needs of our clients.”

In addition to this, Aloukik also emphasizes web development services and mentions that if your company or work requires a shopper and client assistance, you need a platform where you can present your concept and services to many audiences. Therefore, our organization can be the one for you to get the website according to your idea and specifications.

We take the task as our own and produce a product that can pitch the owner’s picture and the company’s motto by their layout and content. A team of expert web developers takes a short and reasonable amount of time to generate the site, which has all your needed features and modern development and structure. The developers try to provide clients with a quick responsive website that can make the customer’s experience more delightful.

Thus, providing web solutions to you, which can adjust according to the mobile mode so the user can use it on any mobile, tablet, or computer device according to their needs. This would soon endow Cannibals to thrive as one of the leading website development service providers in Delhi at GoodFirms.


review by john ocampos
Review by John Ocampos

The review given by John Ocampos to GoodFirms proves the quality of websites developed at Cannibals Media.

Parting Words

In conclusion, Aloukik mentions that we are open to all kinds of industries. We have been working with CanvasPop for over three years now and worked with until last year. Still, in recent years, we have served 70% of our clientele from the SaaS, Home Decor, and eCommerce industries.

Further, he says that communication is the key, and we take feedback very seriously. This has been very successful in retaining some of our best customers for over 2-3 years now. I am very proud to say that all the long-term clients we operate with are 100% satisfied with our product. Besides, if there’s any scope for improvement, we’re always listening.

In short, Aloukik sees no end to the possibilities for Cannibals as it advances into a digital future. The growth maneuverings they have implemented have enabled the company’s impressively fast growth. Additionally, Aloukik emphasized that at the core of Cannibal’s success is its employees and the dedication and talent they bring to the party.

Thus, going through the information shared by Aloukik, one can also glance at the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.



What is Cannibals Media?

It consists of a team of digital marketers with a creative mind. The organization works on delivering campaigns and satisfied customers.

What are the three strategies that helped the company grow?

1.Improving it's existing solutions organically through advances in sales and marketing. 2.Recognizing where existing product solutions can be extended to go beyond their current use 3.Getting new businesses and successfully integrating them into the Cannibals Media portfolio.

What is SEO?

SEO is the way to enhance the essence, specialized setup, and influence of your site. The main idea is to make sure your website shows up at the highest rank on the search result.

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