Top 8 Movies & TV Shows About Advertising That You Should Watch

Well, for any entrepreneur, time is precious. Thus, what preferred utilization of time over relaxing to something you appreciate while getting some tips? Regardless of how the network shows, contributions appear to be loaded with specialists, investigators, attorneys, and brutality. Revealed between drug dealing and old shows. Yet, some influential TV shows are talking about…


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tv shows about advertising

tv shows about advertising

Well, for any entrepreneur, time is precious. Thus, what preferred utilization of time over relaxing to something you appreciate while getting some tips? Regardless of how the network shows, contributions appear to be loaded with specialists, investigators, attorneys, and brutality. Revealed between drug dealing and old shows. Yet, some influential TV shows are talking about advertising.

Who knew TV shows about advertising offered more value than just entertainment?

You will observe that there are loads of ideas that you can integrate into your organization. On the other hand, maybe you can become familiar with some critical leadership or communication skills that will assist you with building a happier workforce. Alternatively, you can go through twelve top advertising agencies in the US that are known for their innovative advertising campaigns. 

Anything you take away from these TV shows about advertising can help you look at your business differently.

8 Best TV Shows about Advertising

While this could appear a tad unconventional, seeing how others maintain their business and the thought processes behind them tends to be helpful. These TV shows are a positive approach to reflecting on your business while resting simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at some of the best TV shows about advertising:

Emily in Paris

New to Netflix, “Emily in Paris” is the tale of a youthful American marketing chief, Emily. Emily works at an imaginative organization in Paris. She is filled with desire and is not hesitant to speak her mind. In the middle of the drama series, there are a few genuine examples we can apply to somebody working in the communications business. Emily instructs watchers that you must be determined in advertising and never be reluctant to take a leap of faith.

emily in paris
Emily in Paris

This semester working at the student agency was somewhat unique because of COVID-19 limitations. Everyone confronted numerous obstructions, including not having the option to leave campus. This meant we needed to be resilient when adjusting and looking at things from an alternate point of view. This wasn’t easy while working for off-campus clients.


Mad-Men gives a vivid encounter into the excursion of an organization. It takes you through the internal functioning of the organization’s life during the 1960s, related to the structure, how client communications are done, and the whole inventive process.

mad men

From the start, this TV show about advertising unveils the core of marketing: “making people happy.” In an age where consumerism is equivalent to satisfaction for some, this series offers terrific tips on the most proficient methods to promote marketing strategies while earning customer satisfaction.

You want to show the clients not what your product is but how it will help them and benefit their lives.

All advertisements should reflect the advantage the brand brings to its clients.

The Founder

After a fateful encounter with the McDonald brothers, struggling sales rep Ray Kroc becomes driven to change how cheeseburgers are made and sold. Kroc is a savage and cash-hungry man who took McDonald’s from the McDonald brothers and transformed it into a global corporate chain.

the founder tv shows about advertising
The Founder

Here is an example of an incredible business movie since it’s the story of capitalism at its best but is generally terrifying. Ray Kroc, a traveling salesman specializing in the eatery business, coincidentally finds McDonald’s. A family claimed and worked restaurant with an original way to deal with speed and productivity.

In this film, where Kroc’s ethical quality is lacking, the narrative has a wealth of marketing ideas and business expertise that energizes the establishment’s success.

While Kroc is a screw-up, advertisers can take away that outstanding development is possible with a steady and prolific brand. The key is maintaining a consistent look and conveying a similar client experience each time.


Succession is an American TV series that follows the Roy family, owners of media aggregate Waystar Royco. The dad who heads the business, Logan Roy, has encountered a decline in his well-being. His four youngsters – all with differing levels of connection with the organization- start preparing for a future without their dad. Each of them starts competing for significance inside the organization.


This show has a couple of key examples that can be learned. The first and most critical is that you want to closely notice and pay attention to the ongoing practices before making any extensive improvements.

The second is that Authenticity matters. If you can’t offer honest thoughts that inspire and are valid, there is no longevity to your success.

Dragon’s Den

What better way to go through your night than watching TV shows about advertising and aspiring professionals pitching their ideas to a board of successful and ruthless dragons? Also, seeing how individuals perform in their pitches is the best part of the show.

Will they remember all of their numbers? Will they be nervous and need to begin again? How might they legitimize the valuation of their business?

dragon den tv shows about advertising
Dragon’s Den

It’s a great watch. Nothing slips through the cracks by the Dragons as they examine every piece of the business on offer. This extraordinary examination can make or break entrepreneurs who get silenced and fail to remember figures.

This is a crucial business lesson, as you need to know your numbers thoroughly. You want to know how your business brings in cash and where your income comes from. Otherwise, you have no idea whether your organization is profitable.

Another incredible thing about this show is the number of creative thoughts individuals present. Astonishingly, some of these ideas haven’t yet been thought of as they are so simple. I believe that makes them extraordinary as the need might arise to foster an item/service that individuals understand, or else they won’t buy it.

The key focus is finding an issue many individuals have and then tracking down an answer.

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Suits is set in a fictional law office in New York City and observes the existence of Mike Ross, a gifted college dropout. Even after never attending law school, Mike figured out how to talk his way into a job close to a successful legal counselor, Harvey Specter.

The series follows these two primary characters as they win lawsuits and close cases while concealing Mike’s secret. The show trains marketers to be as strong and daring as Mike. He was never supposed to work at a law firm, at least not based on official accreditation.

suits tv shows about advertising

However, you can find success if you have confidence in yourself and the perfect individuals behind you. Mike and Harvey give lessons in faith and swagger and show you exactly how far you can go when you trust yourself.

There are several seasons of Suits, and each episode showcases how the characters use humor to manage challenging situations in the working environment. Other significant focuses are building a solid work culture and adding a more carefree methodology.

So take some inspiration from Suits as marketing doesn’t need to be serious constantly. Sometimes the ideal way of managing something stressful is to smile and remain positive. As basic as that would sound, getting agitated can worsen the problem and keep you from finding a solution.

The Bold Type

“The Bold Type” is a comedy TV series. It follows three young ladies working at Scarlet, a fast-paced, fashion-forward, global publication. One of the principal characters, Kat Edison, is the publication’s social media manager.

the bold type tv shows about advertising
The Bold Type

Kat is innovative and has many unpredictable ideas that drive her to progress most of the time. While posting content on Scarlet’s platforms, she here and there makes rash choices dependent solely upon transient feelings.

This is an excellent lesson. While running virtual entertainment for a business, advertising office, or any organization, ensuring each post is decisively planned and not posted impulsively is vital.

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The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is based on how people are compelled to use different technology platforms that are not aligned with social good. This narrative shows how social media controls the human mind and nurtures addiction.

the social dilemma tv shows about advertising
The Social Dilemma

This series features a teen who succumbs to social media rage and becomes addicted. Meanwhile, the plot likewise considers the perspective of social media representatives or different experts for this excessive engagement in the artificial world.

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Advantages of Film And Media Advertising

There are several advantages of film and media advertising, some of them are,

It Is Adaptable And Selective

People from all spheres of society, with varying levels of education, living standards, and other factors, make up the movie audience. However, everyone is intrigued by the advertisement’s message because it has something to offer everyone.

Widespread Exposure

This specialization is available in a movie theatre. A theatre may hold between 1000 and 3000 people for a single performance today, and this feature cannot get radio or television.


Film advertising engages audiences by bridging linguistic and literacy barriers and holding them spellbound.

Film media advertising advantages and disadvantages

Disadvantages Of Film, Media, And Advertising

The following are a few drawbacks of advertising in cinema.

It Is More Expensive

Using screens for advertising is cost-worthy. Numerous activities are included in it, like crew selection, filming, distribution, display, etc.

The Indifference Problem

Moviegoers are more engaged in feature films than in commercials. Most, if not all, of the audience found such commercial ads intrusive during the show.

It has a limited audience.

Despite being one benefit of screen advertising as a mass medium, it has a small audience. If we look at India, there are only about 6,000 towns with 15,000 theatres serving more than a billion people.

Additionally, the lifestyles featured in the commercial films are urban, and cinema is similarly popular in rural areas now.

How Does Brand Integration Work?

Brand integration enables a company to connect with consumers, and this works by incorporating the brand into media material users consume for amusement. The brand intertwines throughout the plot, highlighting its goods, capabilities, and distinctive traits.

A conventional brand advertisement is not brand integration, and it involves fascinating and compelling storytelling that seamlessly ties in the brand without coming off as a brand push.

Brand Integration

The Evolution Of Brand Integration

Since the beginning of television shows, promoting a particular brand as the show’s sponsor has been known as brand integration (also known as branded entertainment). These increased the promotion’s visibility, as it is now, and soon led to the creation of TV commercials.

Branded entertainment is still popular, though. To showcase content, brands discover new platforms and methods.

 Today’s brand/product integration is different from that of the 1950s. Despite being an hour-long advertisement, viewers continue to watch it and express a desire for more since the material is fun and engaging—the brand molds into it.

Brand Integration vs. Product Placement

Brand/product integration occurs when the entire scene centers around the brand. As in a sequence in a Domino’s outlet that revolves around a pizza, brand/product placement refers to placing a brand or a product in one or more scenes in the movie.

Why does marketing benefit from brand integration?

Brand integration can accomplish a company’s long-term and short-term goals. Brand integration aids in boosting brand equity, while product placement helps the product sell more.

Brand Integration vs product placement

The saturation and predictability of traditional promotional channels forced firms to use new, integrated content channels for marketing their goods and services. Consumers can now distinguish commercials from the rest of the material regarding traditional ad mediums. As a result, ads receive less attention, retention, and benefit relative to the cost that brands pay for them.


How does Emily in Paris relate to advertising?

Throughout the entire series, the main character Emily offers a lot of perspective on the user experience, which is essential to a campaign’s success. Similarly, Emily in Paris has numerous instances where it educates its audience on various advertising lessons. However, one of the most significant lessons learned from the program is that viewers take brand personalities on social media seriously.

What do the movies and shows about advertising teach us?

You have a fantastic opportunity to unwind and learn at the same time when you watch these kinds of movies. Good movies give viewers condensed ideas that would otherwise take hours of complex thought to reach. Therefore, if you haven’t seen them already, do so now to learn much more about the marketing industry.

What does 'The Founder' teaches us about Marketing?

The Founder is a treat for everyone looking for business advice. It offers numerous insights into the importance of innovation, proper partnerships, and the qualities of curiosity and exploration for any business.

Summing Up

Advertisers can gain some helpful knowledge from TV shows and films. Everything from how to work on your performance to what not to do if you desire to sleep at night.

But on a serious note, TV and films are often a stereotypical reflection of how society sees advertising. The truth of the matter is it’s entertaining to watch. However, if you see tv shows about advertising closely, you might learn a couple of things that can take your performance to the next level.